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"Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe!

Piast Poland  
3 Jun 2011 /  #151
This should be good news for Poland. Finally our own source of energy other than coal. I worry for the environment though and if anything it will be worse in Poland.
17 Jun 2011 /  #152
Changing The Energy Game: Poland's Shale-Gas Dream 51.html
17 Jun 2011 /  #153
Yeah, America should, however, exploit their oil & gas reserves and poison the Mexican Gulf, I understand.
17 Jun 2011 /  #154
exploit their oil & gas reserves and poison the Mexican Gulf

America is doing just that. America has an "ocean" of shale gas underneath it's soil, by far largest in the world. This is just to make more money abroad. If Poland didn't want the American companies there they wouldn't be there.
17 Jun 2011 /  #155
We welcome American companies to do that in Poland.
23 Jun 2011 /  #156
Today, 2011-06-23, The Economist runs this article: Energy in Poland. Fracking heaven. Other Europeans fear fracking. Poland is steaming ahead.

3 Jul 2011 /  #157
France became the first country in the world to ban the production of shale gas through the so-called hydraulic fracturing, lawmakers give the final vote on new piece of legislation.
4 Jul 2011 /  #158
15 Jul 2011 /  #159
Polish MEPs are challenging a report drafted by German experts for the European Parliament which warns against the extraction of shale gas, an industry which Poland hopes to develop over coming years.
15 Jul 2011 /  #160
Polish MEPs are challenging a report drafted by German experts for the European Parliament which warns

If it's a toss up between Polish politicians and experts, I'll run with the experts.
15 Jul 2011 /  #161

Polish MEPs are challenging a report drafted by German experts for the European Parliament which warns against the extraction of shale gas, an industry which Poland hopes to develop over coming years.

Poles feel that the regulations suggested by the Germans for the EU would make the extraction and so-called 'fracking' of shale gas unprofitable.
It is estimated that Poland is sitting on 5.3 trillion cubic metres of shale gas, which if extracted successfully could greatly lesson its reliance on Russian gas and oil.

Boguslaw Sonik, a Polish MEP from Civic Platform, has called the survey "biased", citing that the work "could not be reliable as it was ordered from only one member state."

Sonik professed that for economic reasons, the Germans are specifically interested in seeing that shale gas is not extracted in Poland, and therefore the findings "should automatically arouse suspicion as being an assessment made to order."

MEP Lena Kolarska-Bobinska, also from Civic Platform, shared Sonik's reservations, suggesting that lobbying was rife in a bid to uphold the current energy status quo in Europe.

"Extraction of shale gas will change the whole geopolitics of Europe," said Kolarska-Bobinska in an interview with Polish Radio.
"Shale gas is needed to wean Europe off gas supplies from Russia," she argued, noting that lobbying is "immense" surrounding the issue.

Although the German assessment will ultimately count as just one of several on the subject, it was enough to irk Polish MEPs.
Talking to Polish Radio, MEP Andrzej Grzyb from the Polish Peasants Party expounded his theory of the best way forward for Poland.
"We should say to the sceptics that Polish legislation will guarantee a modern approach to the extraction of shale gas, providing continuous monitoring of the environmental impact at every stage of the project," Grzyb maintains.,Accusations-fly-against-German-shale-gas-assessment

Evil Germans at it again. Discuss.
15 Jul 2011 /  #162
There's already a thread about shale gas (and a post about this report). Maybe worth merging.
Wroclaw Boy  
16 Jul 2011 /  #164

They are 100% correct to impose the restrictions IMO. Trust the Germans to be so perfectly reasonable.

Evil Germans at it again. Discuss.

What for being aware of the dangers shale gas extraction will cause, were talking trillions of liters of water being contaminated with the most vile chemicals, then pumped straight back into our water supply through photosynthesis. Anything that involves that corrupt fcuk Dick Cheiny is not going to be realistically good for the people only his bank balance.
16 Jul 2011 /  #165
Fracking does pollute the air and water. I am glad you guys have been researching this because it concerns me a great deal.
17 Jul 2011 /  #166
But guys, what about Norway? How are they extracting their gas? And I hear they've gotten filthy rich from it. I don't trust the Gerries on this one. The Frogs too.
17 Jul 2011 /  #167
But guys, what about Norway? How are they extracting their gas? And I hear they've gotten filthy rich from it.

They have got very rich from gas, but there's is offshore because they've got a huge part of the North Sea because their country has a disproportionally large size compared with its population. They have huge offshore Oil and Gas fields. Their gas isn't Shale Gas - it's easy to extract without the dangerous and toxic fracking process.
17 Jul 2011 /  #168
Trust the Germans to be so perfectly reasonable.

Yep. Especially considering the amount of money Gazprom is investing in their politicians, experts etc.
Wroclaw Boy  
17 Jul 2011 /  #169
its a dog eat dog world mate, what do you expect.
wielki pan  
6 Oct 2011 /  #170
Interesting enough the Germans want a ban on shale gas extraction, or at least want a public hearing on the matter, I suppose when they buy/reclaim Poland they will have it on its own.
6 Oct 2011 /  #171
Germans are in Gasprom pocket. They didn't build this costly pipe under the Baltic just for fun... What is more, if I remember corectly a few big players on German energy market has some financial connections with Gasprom... It is funny and scary at the same time to observe like Greens are used by gas lobby to close energy market there (ie. closing perfectly fine nuclear plants).
3 Nov 2011 /  #172
This is what Poland has go to look forward to:

Fracking company - we caused 50 earth tremors in Blackpool:
3 Nov 2011 /  #173
Not to mention poisoning the water table, and the use of a cocktail of over a hundred lethal chemicals governed purely by the profit motive, where someone's quality of life is worth exactly the cost of the lawsuit.

Mods, maybe change the title of this thread to something that sounds a bit more objective than the PR stunt it originally was.
3 Nov 2011 /  #174
Interactive guide to what actually happens during Fracking, it's from the National Geographic website,

The thing that I personally don't like about fracking is that most of the lubricating fluids stay in the ground. I realise that these fluids are left a long way from the surface and the water table, I would like to be sure that they will not have an adverse effect on the environment in the future.
21 Mar 2012 /  #175
"Shale Gas Revolution" will make Poland a Leading Country in Europe!

Shale gas euphoria comes to an end. 'Poland's recoverable shale gas reserves are probably as much as 768 billion cubic meters, according to the Polish Geological Institute.

The deposits are enough to cover as many as 65 years of demand and are equal to as much as 200 years of the country's production, Deputy Environment Minister Piotr Wozniak said today in Warsaw at a presentation of the institute's data. "These estimates would make Poland Europe's third-largest holder of gas reserves," he said.

The minimum estimate is 346 billion cubic meters and is based on an analysis by the institute of 39 wells drilled in Poland from the 1950s to the 1980s. Reserves may be as much as 1.9 trillion cubic meters assuming maximum productivity, the study shows.

The Polish estimates are less than a forecast last year by the U.S. Department of Energy that the country had as much as 5.2 trillion cubic meters of shale gas. '
25 May 2012 /  #176
Interesting article about Ohio... ioshale11.html

While big money is at stake, Ohioans fear their water is, too.

Fracking got a bad reputation in Ohio before the shale drilling boom started. Hydraulic fracturing can be used in vertical wells, too, and in 2007 Ohio Valley Energy fracked a well in Bainbridge Township.

Later, a report by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said the company disregarded a bad cement job and went ahead with the fracturing anyway. Pressure built up in the annular space around the drill pipe, and gas migrated vertically through natural fractures in the rocks, the report said.

Then early on the morning of Dec. 15, an explosion lifted the two-story home of Richard and Thelma Payne off its foundation. The elderly couple were catapulted from their bed, according to a lawsuit filed later. The Paynes were not hurt, but 19 homes were evacuated.

2 Sep 2012 /  #177
Merged: Polish ministers blocking shale gas

Three ministers are blocking the legislation needed to launch shale-gas extraction, Rzeczpospolita said in its weekend issue. It said the treasury, finance and foreign ministers were paralysing preparatiosn to extract the deposits, said to be one of Europes' largest. The legislation was to have been adopted in April but got bogged down in the Environment Ministry, the paper said, adding that the delays were scaring potential investors away. Already some foreign investors have pulled out of Poland.
2 Sep 2012 /  #179
I thought I was the technophobe. I did menion Rzepa and figured anyone interested would track it down. But if I've got to lead you by the hand:

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