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Poland's economic future?

DominicB - | 2707  
7 Feb 2018 /  #241
@Dirk diggler

It's a hoax, silly boy.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #242
Prove it then, biatch. Clearly the numerous outlets show otherwise in both the donkey incident and the 19 year old beautiful girl attacked by savage people from sh1tholes

Fifteen children and teenagers from a small rural town in Morocco have been treated for rabies after reportedly gang raping an infected donkey.

The youngsters - aged seven to 15 - were rushed to hospital after discovering the animal had the disease, according to local reports.

The youths, from a small tribal group, spent a week at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital, while the donkey was killed to prevent further people being infected, reports Al-Akhbar newspaper.

The families of the fifteen young people are said to have reacted in "distress and horror" after being mocked throughout the small town in the north-western region of Gharb-Chrarda-Béni Hssen.

other outlets in reference to the 19 year old:

riiiight but its all a hoax - the woman bloodied her own face and everything she's saying is false...
cms 9 | 1253  
7 Feb 2018 /  #243

Here are the court reports from one week from one town in West Virginia. It's a very heavily white county, in the most trump voting state in the union.

What you will see is two murders, one sexual assault, one assault on police, one kidnapping, various drug convictions, and on the front page of this journal and enormous opiod problem.

That is about as relevant and as representative as keep posting dubious links about some kids in Morocco abusing a donkey.

If you're so worried about these things, it's always an option you stay put there in Illinois . You can still get Polish culture by folk dancing and pierogi somewhere on Milwaukee Avenue And you won't have to worry about being a few hundred K from any migrants.
johnny reb 47 | 7251  
7 Feb 2018 /  #244
What you will see is

I didn't see what you are claiming in your source.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #245
What you will see is two murders, one sexual assault, one assault on police, one kidnapping, various drug convictions, and on the front page of this journal and enormous opiod problem.

ROFL 2 murders?! That's it?! hahah bro, there's a shooting every 3 minutes and murder every 17 minutes (roughly 70% committed by blacks with a black victim as well in 2018, closer to 85% blacks being the perpetrator in 2017) in Chicago... if it doesn't snow this weekend I guarantee we'll get a dozen or two shootings just from Friday to Saturday. pffttt get out of here with your 2 murders in some redneck town lol you're embarrassing yourself.

That is about as relevant and as representative as keep posting dubious links about some kids in Morocco abusing a donkey.

Imagine if these people made it to Europe - they wouldn't be raping donkeys but our beautiful European women, since their own tend to be hideous (maybe that's why they wear ninja outfits?) just as some migrant did to that 19 year old model or the 17 year olds girl who's vagina they set on fire....
mafketis 37 | 10772  
7 Feb 2018 /  #246
the most trump voting state in the union.

Trump voters tended to be either from communities that had been devastated by cosmopolitan economic priorities and/or those concerned about such communities. People that didn't give a rat's @ss about those in the lower class voted for Clinton.

And is your point that since white Americans commit crimes then muslim migrants will be able to integrate into Polish society? I do not see how that follows.
Wulkan - | 3137  
7 Feb 2018 /  #247
and please do ask Ziemowit for his index cards - I did offer you a Skype chat to test my Polish.

What? you asked me for a Skype chat by Ziemowit index cards? Please tell me you simply forgot your medication today.

Sidelines - in my case, shipping documentation and some corporate acting.

Still don't have the money when you need it.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #248
muslim migrant

A couple articles on the spike in violent crime, mainly due perpetrated by migrants and the no go's they occupy where the state has no control (according to the Swedish police chief and interior minister of Belgium)

Take your pick - all of them are saying the same thing - migrants are responsible for the huge spike in crimes, terror, rapes, etc in Europe.


Migrants in Europe Linked To Soaring Violence and Crime in Germany, Study Finds



National Interest:
"We've had it." The tipping point, after a series of disturbing incidents all emanating from Afghans, was the brutal gang rape of a fifteen-year-old girl, snatched from the street on her way home, dragged away and serially abused by Afghan refugees. And that was just one in a string of outrage-inducing occurrences, all of them going to the account of Afghans.

I could write the same report about Sweden, Germany, or any other country of asylum in Europe, but I am focusing on examples from Austria because that's the European country I come from and know best. So let's take a look at the Austrian press. This from Österreich, the daily newspaper distributed for free on public transit and thus read, basically, by almost everyone. Front page: Afghan (eighteen) attacks young woman at Danube Festival. "Once again there has been an attempted rape by an Afghan. A twenty-one-year-old Slovak tourist was mobbed and groped by a group of men. She managed to get away, but was pursued by one of them, an Afghan asylum seeker who caught her and dragged her into the bushes.

Even left/center media outlets are telling people that hey, it's migrants that are overwhelmingly responsible for the rise in crime - not native Europeans. Yet the leftists who have been brainwashed too much to even comprehend reality will argue otherwise. Oh there's no 'no go' zones (even though the French call formally call them SEZs and Swedes call them 'areas where the police cannot work')

The police do not use the term 'no-go zones,' but Gudmundson (police chief)argued it was a good way to describe a place where, quoting the report,"the public in several instances feel that it is the criminals who run the areas" and where "police cannot carry out their job."

Trump: "We've got to keep our country safe. You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden....Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible"

We definitely don't need roving bands of Afghani migrants raping teenagers or north Africans openly selling hard drugs or Saudis preaching violence is acceptable and to conquer Europe by having tons of kids or any of the other BS that Germany, Sweden, Belgium, etc. CHOSE to import - we don't want I
mafketis 37 | 10772  
7 Feb 2018 /  #249
all of them are saying the same thing

True believers are all the same, no evidence will ever satisfy them as long as they're not personally affected (sometimes even then).
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #250
Kind of like the German politician who was raped by migrants yet refused to file a police report, so as not to incite more anti-migrant sentiment.

I call it liberal neurosis.

Most people with half a brain, like that 19 year old model who was glassed in the face or the 17 year old who had her vagina set on fire or all the people who welcomed migrants into their home just to have family members raped (in one instance a 7 year old was raped after the family opened up their home), not to mention all the refugee/migrant center workers that have been attacked and raped - well, I think and certainly hope they won't be waving any 'Refugees Welcome' banners anytime soon.
Ziemowit 14 | 4046  
7 Feb 2018 /  #251
and please do ask Ziemowit for his index cards

Sir, the last time you asked about my index cards, I brought them out for you (12 December 2017). After you had read what was there, you were not amused with it. Are you sure you want me to show them once again?
Tacitus 2 | 1255  
7 Feb 2018 /  #252
No one who arrives by boat will EVER be resettled within Europe."

And what do we do with people wo travel through the land? Europe is not al island after all. ;)

On a more serious note, I assume you are alluding to the Australian model here? I have read quite a lot about it, and frankly I do not belive it is a suitable model for Europe, because of practical and legal reasons. We could now reurgitate all those arguments that have been made on various media, but this would probably be a pointless endeavour. I would personally favour a solution that would see large camps in North Africa where refugees could be registered and await their application, but even this is very difficult to implement since the countries in question have either no interest in housing those camps (Tunisia) or have no government with the power to agree to something like this (Libya).

As I pointed out previously, there exist other safe countries they can go to.

Sure, but none of them are willing or capable to take in and care for such a high number of refugees. There are of course places they could go. The USA could easily absorb 1-2m refugees per year and thus solve the Syrian refugee crisis on its' own. But since the USA prefers to start a crisis rather to end it.... .

I believe any asylum seeker who breaks any German law should be immediately deported.

The (hopefully soon formed) new government wants to my knowledge lessen the threshold to one year. While I agree with you that refugees should be under special scrutiny, since they are benefiting from the hospitality, we have to also consider a proportional response. No question if someone commits a serious crime, he should have to face all the consequences. But sending someone to his potential death because he stole a purse is rather questionable.

resettled in the most advanced and wealthy societies on Earth is quite distasteful to me.

Should we instead expect the poor countries to care for them? We can certainly argue about conflicts on the other side of the world, but given how much the West has screwed up the ME in the last 100 years, I'd we have (not all) responsibility for them. In fact, I believe that Poland has more than e.g. Germany, since Poland actually participated in the foolish Iraq war.

Can you at least concede that hyper political correctness is causing real harm to people

Of course. Genital mutilation, "honour killings" et al. are despicable and should be punished according to the law. That being said, I do not believe that political correctness is that much of a factor in many cases, often prejudices against the poor is also rather important. The police in Germany for example ignored the NSU, a group of right-wing terrorists for years, because there victims were foreigners. The police thought that the victims - perfectly law-abiding citizens - were victims of gang wars and deliberately ignored leads that suggested otherwise. I have recently watched a documentation about genital mutilation in Europe, supposedly the biggest problem for the prosecution is the lack of testimonies by victims and witnesses. If the victim does not say anything, it is difficult to prove just who is responsible for it.
SigSauer 4 | 378  
7 Feb 2018 /  #253
I really appreciate your response, I agree with just about everything you said save for a few details. Thank you for responding to each point with a clear and rational argument, even though we may disagree on some of the minor details, I think we're on common ground at this point. I like that you're looking to the root cause of many of these problems.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #254
And what do we do with people wo travel through the land? Europe is not al island after all. ;)

Send em back. That's what the Greeks and Bulgarian Police and government paid migrant patrols do. They catch a migrant, they push him back across the border into Turkey. In Bulgaria, people are paid 50 euros for every migrant they catch. Several Bulgarians, a few who are now famous internet celebrities, have made their livelihood catching migrants and handing them over to police to send back. Not only is this good money by Bulgarian standards, but they're also protecting the country and enforcing the law. Anyone who isn't a documented Syrian or Eritrean refugee (the only 2 countries where people are recognized as refugees, not mere economic migrants which is the vast majority of the burden flooding into Europe) and can prove it by taking a simple test MUST LEAVE. The muslim migrants all claim to be from syria because they know it'll be far easier for them to get asylum and not be deported. Immigration officers ask migrants upon arrival to point out Syrian currency which most cannot do because they're pretending to by Syria and are really Afghani, Iraqi, etc. Well, even though the migrants aren't able to point to the correct currency, they're let in anyway! This is a grave injustice to the taxpayers of Europe and a slap in the face to our ancestors which fought against Muslim invasions centuries ago. What we need is another Battle of Vienna.

There are of course places they could go

Yes, like Israel. They should do their 'fair share' and act in 'solidarity' and take in thousands of unvetted Muslims from God only knows where. In all seriousness, they should be going to places that have a similar culture like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc. But guess what? These countries don't want them either!! Saudis, Emirates, etc. do not want migrants - even if they're legit Syrian refugees. Why is no one asking the Arab world, especially the rich countries to act in solidarity? Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are hosting the majority of the migrants in the ME. There's plenty of other far more wealthy countries they can go to where they'll actually assimilate. They'll understand the laws, customs, society, etc. far better than European. They know in Saudi or any ME country if they get caught raping a girl or selling drugs they'll be beheaded. But not in Europe - they spit on European laws and society because they have the perception that they can do whatever they want and not have to suffer the consequences. When you have incidents like the attack on the 19 year old model where even police says they're simply too swamped to do a proper investigation and catch the suspect, that only reinforces the migrants' criminality since they see they can rape European women and get away with it.... and sadly they do. What's even worse is that the police has been caught in both Germany and Sweden downplaying the rape stats because God forbid liberals actually acknowledge the truth and reality.

West has screwed up the ME in the last 100 years,

Not Poland. Not our problem. And evne if it was the Polish people and government don't want migrants. The government and Polish people care first and foremost about Poles. Till there is not a single homeless Polish person and every senior citizen has a good pension, we have no business diverting funds meant for actual citizens than people who illegally crossed borders and there is a significant chance that they are rapists, terrorists, criminals, or simply lazy bums who will live off of benefits like so many do in England and France - including key figures in the Sharia4UK/Belgium/France/etc movement. In one documentary, multiple radical migrants admitted to not working and having no plans to find a job as the benefits they receive are more than enough for htem. In fact, a lot of them even send extra money to relatives in the Middle East. That is just insanity - tax payers are funding the laziness of radical Muslims who spit on European society, gender equality, and all that stuff and to top it off some of that money goes to family members and undoubtedly other terrorists. European taxpayers are LITERALLY funding terrorists by allowing known radical migrants to settle in their country and draw benefits.

But sending someone to his potential death because he stole a purse is rather questionable.

No, but they should have their hands chopped off. That's what they do in the Muslim world for theft. If they want to set up sharia courts and parallel legal structures, then Sharia law should in fact apply to them. Eye for an eye - those who rape women ought to be stoned to death, those who steal have their hands cut off, those who stab people for buying beer on ramadumb should be stabbed, those who drive over people with trucks should also be driven over.
Tacitus 2 | 1255  
7 Feb 2018 /  #255
They catch a migrant, they push him back across the border into Turkey.

Which only works because Turkey cooperates. And they only cooperate because the EU pays them and takes a number of refugees from them. Tunisia has already stated that it has no interest in a similar deal, and Libya has no government with authority to sign such a deal.

Yes, like Israel.

You expect a country with 8m people to solve the refugee crisis?

Why is no one asking the Arab world,

Because we are better than the Arab world. We claim to be superior, in social progress, wealth and morals, so we can't use them as a benchmark.

Not Poland.

Yes Poland. poland participated in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, because they wanted to get brownie points from the USA.

n one documentary,

You'll find plenty of native people who have no interest in working either.

No, but they should have their hands chopped off.

You might have more in common with those people than you'd think.

European taxpayers are LITERALLY funding

The way benefits are usually disrtibuted to refugees in most European countries, this is hardly the case. Meanwhile our governments have actually and are still funding terrorists and warfare in the ME.

But honestly, this is getting tiresome. Regardless of which topic we have, some people always have to talk about refugees. Like it happened here. We talk about the Polish economy, some point out the potential dangers for the future and then some people write "POLAND IS GREAT BECAUSE IT HAS NOT ACCEPTED A SINGLE REFUGEE!"


The pleasure is mine.he refugee crisis is certainly one of the most complex international problem we are facing today, it would be great if there was a simple solution to this, we haven't found any that could actually work.
Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
7 Feb 2018 /  #256
Are you sure you want me to show them once again?

You don't remember the original mention of index cards then? They're not my invention. never mind - that's all water under the bridge, unless someone wants to bring it up again. In the meantime Poland's economic future is no longer in the balance seeing as Britain is going to be offering only rolling contracts to Poles, if Brexit actually happens.
mafketis 37 | 10772  
7 Feb 2018 /  #257
. Genital mutilation, "honour killings" et al. are despicable and should be punished according to the law

Then why do so many european coutnries have such a bad record at it?

. If the victim does not say anything, it is difficult to prove just who is responsible for it.

FGM is now a European tradition! Celebrate it or else!
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
7 Feb 2018 /  #258
Then why do so many european coutnries have such a bad record at it?

Easy answer: because social work is a profession dominated by ass-coverers who simply don't want to get involved in 'difficult' situations. It's way too long to get into here, but I'd argue that social services in most European countries are totally incapable of dealing with foreigners.

The UK brought in mandatory reporting, but they still can't deal with it properly. I'd like to see parents of girls mutilated facing a mandatory prison sentence if a girl is found to be a victim of FGM while under the care of her parents. It's nothing but complete evil.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #259
You expect a country with 8m people to solve the refugee crisis?

Of course not. No one said anything about 'solving' the migrant crisis. What Israel should do is, like I said before, accept a few thousand muslim migrants. Let them set the example for Poland. Let Israel take in Muslims and have tax payers pay for their 6 kids per family, let them build mosques all over, let the young men rape and pillage all over the country as they're doing in Germany and Sweden. We'll see how well that flies in Israel rofl.

It's time the Jews, specifically Zionists, who keeping telling other countries like the US, Poland, etc., to take in migrants finally lead by example and take in Muslims themselves. But of course it'll never happen due to the extreme hypocrisy by the Zionists in Israel. What's good for the goys is not necessarily good for Israel. All these liberal Jews want to make America and Europe more diverse and like the Zionist lady said that they will have leading role in making Europe multicultural. Israeli activists even help migrants as they land on Greek shores. I mean literally there's a video online of some women with t shirts with Hebrew writing who came to Greece jus to help the migrants further infiltrate Europe and ruin our demographics. I'd love to see Israeli activists or any activist for that matter helping Africans or Muslims sneak into Israel. But of course that wouldn't fly in Israel yet Israelis think they can do that to us. Well, this Polish bill about death camps is symbolic - it tells Israel and all the Zionists that they're under watch and we won't allow them to control Poland's decisions on legal matters, migration, etc.

We claim to be superior, in social progress, wealth and morals, so we can't use them as a benchmark.

Says who? People are far wealthier in places like Qatar where average salaries are $80k usd or UAE or even Saudi Arabia. These countries are richer than Poland and their culture, religion, and even language would allow for the migrants to assimilate far easier. However, they don't want to go to places like Saudi because they'll actually have to work if they want food and shelter. Instead, retarded liberals give them free housing, free food, free daycare, all this bs while the average citizen suffers and many have even had to move apartments because the government decided to house migrants in them. Let them go to Saudi Arabia - except Saudi Arabia even said that they don't want any migrants - including even Syrian refugees. I don't blame them one bit. They don't want to have the problems.

Perhaps I should go to Sweden, throw a black garbage bag over my head, say durka durka mohammed jihad, and demand a suite in the cruiseship that Swedish tax payers pay 100k PER DAY for. Let the Swedish government provide cruises for actual citizens and taxpayers, rather than people who came from sh1tholes and have absolutely zero inclination to work and pay taxes let alone by grateful and not rape women because there simply isn't any reason for them to actually take a job as they keep getting welfare.

You'll find plenty of native people who have no interest in working either.

Not nearly as much as Muslims in Europe. Go to Germany, UK, Belgium, etc. and you'll see tons of mostly migrants walking around the streets in the middle of the day because they have no job to go to. They just wander the streets aimlessly till they see a pretty European girl they can sexually assault or a tourist to pick pocket. it is FACT that the unemployment rate in no-go zones reaches as high as 50% in certain areas. That's one of the key characteristics for a no-go zone aka SEZ or 'vulnerable area; (Sweden) along with other characteristics like terrorism, high crime, high instances of rape, and of course majority Muslim migrant.


Well isn't it? Actually it has taken in refugees and 1 mil Ukrainians looking to work in PL - we didn't take in Muslim economic migrants and Polish government and people have no plan to in the future either. Look at what's going on in Germany or Sweden. The government is spending millions upon millions of dollars to house and feed these lazy bums because the majority simply don't feel like working. Poland doesn't have to spend a ton of money on police officers to patrol areas so that people aren't getting raped. Also, our government doesn't have to issue pamphlets that explain to migrants that it is not okay to rape women. I mean that's just pathetic...

Poland didn't import a bunch of savages from the turd world. That's why we don't have thousands upon thousands of rape cases each year like Sweden which is now the rape capital of Europe, we don't have a state of emergency like France, women and men can actually enjoy a NYE concert unlike Germany, we don't. That is why we can put our money to use to help Polish people - not foreigners from a completely different culture who spit on European values like gender equality or being able to buy and drink alcohol whenever someone wants to. But that doesn't fly in no-go's.

The truth is this - if migrants were better behaved, didn't commit tons of crimes, terror attacks, rapes, etc they'd have a much better image and people wouldn't mind taking them in. Look at the Ukranian example- 1 million plus (id say closer to 2 mil) came to Poland and there's hardly any problems whatsoever from this group. Yet when Germany took in the same amount, a supposed 1 million although the figure in reality is probably higher, they've had nonstop problems - rapes, riots, cars being torched, police attacks, terror attacks, stabbings for buying beer, the list goes on and on. If the migrants were peaceful, hard working people who want to integrate into society, like the Ukranians do in Poland, then people including myself and Poles wouldn't have a problem taking them in. In fact, there was a lot of discussion around June/July whether to take in Eritreans into Poland. Personally, I'm all for that as they are Christian and wouldn't have as many problems fitting into a society that is overwhelmingly Christian.
Bieganski 17 | 888  
7 Feb 2018 /  #260
A lot of Dirk's speech is "hate speech" though, or would be, through Anglo-Saxon eyes.

That's awfully bigoted and chauvinistic of you to believe the world should be seen through and others judged by "Anglo-Saxon eyes" (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Before you sanctimoniously start accusing anyone on here of "hate speech" you need to take stock of your own record. Specifically how you are constantly critical of Poland and Poles. Even Poland's economic success you absurdly attribute solely to the EU; just like neo-Marxist, race-baiting Obama's "you didn't build that!" denigration of his fellow majority white citizens whom he was elected to represent.

Not only are you chronically critical of Poles and Poland but unsurprisingly you consistently show your favored bias for anyone who isn't Polish or any country outside of Poland. Jews and third-world economic migrants are always deserving of a trophy and crocodile tears in your world.

First European man living 10,000 years ago found in West country cave was black.

Isn't race and gender dismissed as social constructs in leftist circles like yours? How do you know this individual self-identified as black or even as a man?

Anyway, Europe today wasn't anything like it was 10,000 years ago. This dead person you are trying to use as a totem for diversity wouldn't even have had the geospatial awareness of Europe let alone know about other humans populating the continent and beyond.

In any case Cheddar Man is thought to have died in his twenties. So this wander's economic and cultural contribution in life (like generations of longer living British carpetbaggers after him) was squat. And his heavily damaged skull suggests he died a very violent death which would be consistent with the violent behavior witness around Europe today from his swarthy kinfolk pouring in from the third world and contributing nothing economically or culturally as well.

So this neo-Marxist attempt to claim that the highly advanced and civilized states around Europe today (especially Poland) came about from non-whites is nothing more than another instance of racist anti-white propaganda.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
7 Feb 2018 /  #261
Heres a fun statistic - sweden has a rste of 63 rapes per 100k people. Portugal has 3 per 100k while poland has a rate of 4 per 100k, while germany has double that at 9. No matter what the lefties say, sweden is the rape capital of the eu as there is a higher rate of rape incidents per 100k than any other country and 3rd to 6th place in the entire world depending on what yesr is being examined. Belgium has the second highest rate of rape in europe at 28 per 100k. Thats 7x as much as poland. Belgium and sweden have rape stats similar to poor african countries like lesotho, botswana, swaziland, etc.

This is a huge burden ob a society. Most importantly these women are scarred for life. Yet the Swedish government shamefully kicks them while theyre down and constantly denies the skyrocketing rape and downplays or flat out censors statistics. Even the police chief says that no go is an accurate description of places like malmo as even the police cant work there without being attacked and have their cars set on fire.

This is a huge economic burden for any country. How have the governments responded? Printing phamplets telling migrants you simply cant walk up to a girl ans start groping her. The fact that this has to be explained to a man is insane.

Poland fortunately doesnt have such issues. Things like housing migranys on a cruise ship and giving them money even though they're not citizens costs a lot of money. If the swedes want to do that, fine. But dont tell poland to do tue same. We prefer to use the money to give families 500zl a month, pay pensions, build infrastructure, subsidize certain industries, etc. This is a far better investment and a far wiser use of money. If atleast the migranys behaved like a normal civilized european then yes itd be worth investing in the migrants future. But when they spit on european values, commit tons of crimed and cause the rate of rape to skyrocket to the point where its the same as the poorest africam countries, well theres no sense.

Poles and our government focus on poles first. It makes no sense to provide for foreigners from an entirelt different land as long as there are still homeless people, poor families, disabled people, etc. Poland helps its citizens first and foremost. Non citizens hence are not the priority and othet countries should follow poland and Hungary's example

Doug theres no hate speech here. Facts and stats dont have feelings. I cite FACTS like swedens rape stats are the highest in europe, making it the european capital of rape. I also use numerous examples from left right and center outlets to further back up my claim that indeed migranta are reponsible for the increase in crime. Perhaps reuters and all those other outlets, some left leaning, are aldo engaging in hate speech because they cite facts that demolish the whole notion that the muslim migrants are overwhelmingly normal nonviolent people who assimilate wonderfullt into european society.

It is also fsct that migrants set a 17 year old.girls vagina on fire, it is fact that rhe vast majority of terror attacks in europe and all around the world are overwhelmingly caused by muslims, it is fact that 15 teens raped a donkey (probably because there wasnt a european women to rape close to their village in morrocco), it is fact taxpayers foot a 100k a day bill so migranys can stay on a cruiseship, ir is fact the german government appropriated a 4 star hotel to house migrants for fre and giving them money on top of it. It is also favt that a significant portion of migrants support sharia law, suicide bombings, and have an extreme hatred of jews whom are constantly assaulted in france.

It is also fact that poland has not had to deal with skyrocketing rape since the migrant crisis unlike belgium sweden and germany who have several times high incidents rates, exponentially more for sweden. It is also fact that poland has a perfect ZERO islamic terror attacks mainly because
Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
8 Feb 2018 /  #262
are you chronically critical of Poles and Poland

it sounds pretty drastic

No! Poles are lovely people and you will get a warm welcome

Yeah. Only critical of the nationalist government and low life youths shouting "Polska dla Polakow" or something equally inane. Are you happy about everything in your country - America wasn't it?

my claim that indeed migranta are reponsible for the increase in crime

Yes, we've already agreed here that the Eastern European influx into Britain resulted in an increase in crime. That is to be expected. Surely you didn't expect the crime rate to actually go down in both cases where there was a rapid swelling in alien populations?
Bieganski 17 | 888  
8 Feb 2018 /  #263
Yes, like Israel.

You expect a country with 8m people to solve the refugee crisis?


Jews are the biggest promoters of diversity.

The Zionist media pushes the narrative that Jews are the most creative and have the highest IQs in the world.

And your beloved, mollycoddled Israel is always held up by Zionists as being a modern, wealthy country and apparently "the only democracy" in the Middle East.

Not only that but Israel has a LEGALLY bound duty to solve the refugee crisis since it is a ratified and accession member of the United Nation's States Parties to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol

Read it and weep:

Besides, Sweden has a population of only 9 million and they have done far more for refugees than Israel has even though Israel is geographically and culturally closer to the source of where refugees are emanating from.

The only conclusion then is that Israel's reluctance - nay, outright refusal - to give refuge to fellow human beings in desperate need is due to inherent Jewish racism.

Yeah. Only critical of the nationalist government and low life youths shouting "Polska dla Polakow"

There's nothing wrong with nationalism or any Pole rightfully expecting Poland to be Polish in character and for Polish people.

But since you deplore nationalism then where's your equally leveled criticism of Zionism?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
8 Feb 2018 /  #264

Well the huge influx of ukranians did NOT cause polish rape, murder, and overall crime statistics. Yet if we took a million muslims like germany did, or even several hundred thousand like sweden, wed be in the same boat as them.


Well of course. Israel took in just one syrian. And thats negated by the africans that they work in slave conditions in the holot desert than deport them once theyre no linger needed. Israel and zionists promote diversity for everyone but themselves. Their reasoning is simple as it is based on the devious lying hypocritical supremacist lessons and parables taught in the talmud.

Diversity? Cultural enrichment? Pfffftttt thats for the goys

I promise that once israel welcomes muslim migrants into their country i too will welcome muslims, not just into poland and wave some stupid slogan, but ill actually take them into my house.
Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
8 Feb 2018 /  #265
if we took a million muslims like germany did,

@Dirk diggler
No Dirk - not when Poland can't even manage its' health service to any degree to a satisfactory European level and can't provide for its' aged population and the poorer in society. And the infrastructure here in Tri-City is rubbish. So all your points here about some mythical utopia called Poland are palpably untrue. And you wouldn't know anyway - because for the thousandth time - you don't live here:))
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
8 Feb 2018 /  #266
Doug you realize that phrases like nic o naz bez naz, bog honor ojczyzna, polska dla polakow, etc are all phrases/mottos of polish institutions past and present.

There's nothing wrong with saying poland for poles. Every peoples deserve to have their own country - israel, palestine, kurdistan, etc. Which ought to be dominated and governed by the natives. That is what poland is. Poland was made by poles, for poles - not middle easterners. Our amcestors didnt fight in the battle of vienna to prevent an islamic invasion of our country just so we can let them in because some commisars that poles never voted for says so. Fts polska dla polakow dla przekretow i bydlakow. One thing is clear - nationalists are taking over all across europe - poland, ukraine, czechy, austria, hungary, bulgaria, etc and even in the culturallt enriched cuck ran countries lile germany afd is having a meteoric rise. Ukip is gaining in popularity although they wint win elections. Pegida and identitaires are huge in france and a nationalist nearlt won the election. Its over for the left. They had their chance and blew it. Theyve manahed to screw up all of western europe in the process and even centrist or lefty voters who see what is happening will.never forgive them for that
Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
8 Feb 2018 /  #267
where's your equally leveled criticism of Zionism?

I don't live in Israel, would never, ever visit, but then again, I don't know anything of Israelis, just the aggressive way in which their present and past nationalist government speaks. Like Poland's mob, actually.

There's nothing wrong with saying poland for poles.

Really? So what are Poles doing all around the globe? Where would Poles have been in 1939 if Syria had told them to do one, or Britain had for that matter. You really have no idea how childish and ill-educated that slogan is, have you?

Anyone can come and visit Poland. As I said before, if all the Berlin muslims decided to take a day trip to Sczeczin, there is nothing the Poles could do to stop them:))

So don't think that the Polish authorities are really so high and mighty dear chap.
Bieganski 17 | 888  
8 Feb 2018 /  #268
Every peoples deserve to have their own country

It's the story of the human race. A very natural disposition.

The Roman and Byzantine Empires, Austro-Hungarian Empire, former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, etc.

Same with other nations all around the world even most recently in 2011 with the creation of South Sudan.

They all fell apart and splintered because diversity was never a strength.

And Poland demonstrated with the creation and reconstitution of three successive republics that homogeneity is a strength and that even centuries of partition and foreign occupation never snuffed out the flame of Polish nationalism. That's how important it is to Poles to be Polish. Something which "Anglo-Saxon eyes" are willfully blind to and therefore blissfully ignorant of.
Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
8 Feb 2018 /  #269
"Anglo-Saxon eyes" are willfully blind to and therefore blissfully ignorant of.

But you live in a predominantly Anglo-Saxon country Bieganski. If you love Poland so much, why don't you come here and get a job, and pay towards GDP like I and millions of others do with our taxes. You do love "your country" right?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
8 Feb 2018 /  #270
Well i have and their treatment of palestinians is the worst thing ive ever seen. Blacks talk about being second class citizens in us - ha! Go to Palestine and see what being treated as a second class citizen really means. I mean literallt they treat palestinians the same way that nazis treated jews in warsaw ghetto. Just like the nazis, the israelis built a giant wall segregating palestinians, they make them go through half dozen to even several dozen checkpoints if theyre travelling atleast an hour every single day when theyre going to work, school, a friends house, etc. Imagine that in an hour drive youd habe to get searched at anywhere from a low of 5 to a high of 15 checkpoints - being cavity searched and have everything in your car or bags turned upside down. And god forbid they find a pocket knife - youll get sent immediatelt ro jail or the supremacistnidf soldier will claim you tried to stab him and hell simply shoot you and there wont be any investigation or any questioning whether whay they did was legal. They always have to have their id on them or theyll go to jail (kind how jews use to wear the star).

To top it off theyre also extremely violent, just lime thw nazis. Idf bulldozes homes to make way for settlements deemed illegal by the un. In some instances they bulldoze homes while peiple were still inside. An american activist was killed this way when an israeli bulldozer ran her over. The idf also shoots teenagers just for throwing rocks at tanks. Not to mention the countless bombarding of schools, hospitals and homes in gaza, west bank, and lebanon. They even massacres a bunch of lebanese students leaving their college as revenge because they were losing the war against hezbollah in lebanon.

You can check out all the un violations israel has and it will confirm what i wrote above. This is why i absolutely despise the supremacist hypocritical straight up evil zionists. Normal people do not bomb hospitals or shoot teenagers because a stone hit them but zionists are not normal people nor is israel a normal country. It is a mix of nazi occupied poland and apartheid era south africa. The persecute has turned into the persecutor very very quickly. Although israel doesnt have death camps it is common for a teen to be locked up for years and years for throwing a stone. Palestinians get locjed up even for their neighbor being a hamas member and israel justifies it bc that person shouldve ratted. This is the same type of collective punishment that the nazis used and israel uses today. I could literally write a book on all the straight up evil things that zionists do to palestinians.

You should check out former pres jimmy carters book 'peace, not apartheid' if you want to learn more about the situatio .

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