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Poland's economic future?

Bieganski 17 | 888  
8 Feb 2018 /  #271
I don't know anything of Israelis, just the aggressive way in which their present and past nationalist government speaks. Like Poland's mob, actually.

Ah yes, the mealy mouthed free pass for Jews while ensuring you take a critical jab at Poland.

So expected of you.

Really? So what are Poles doing all around the globe?

You make the classic false comparison; a tactic favored by leftists like yourself.

Poles migrated to other places like America and other EU countries legally.

And it is a comparative advantage for Poland since Poles are providing their skilled labor in other countries and sending remittances back to Poland. Poles legally working abroad are also contributing to the local and national economies of the host country which needed them.

Many Poles are also returning to Poland to help grow Poland's economy particularly with exports.

Anyone can come and visit Poland.

Tourism is a net economic benefit in this case. Tourists come and go.

Third-worlders showing up uninvited however with no intention of leaving and not only that but having no skills while expecting handouts is an economic drain.
Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
8 Feb 2018 /  #272
You can check out all the un violations israel ha

Jeez Dirk - we all know this. Some of us read the papers:) That's why I stated that I would never dream of visting such a place.

Israelis do not equate to Jews though. They are two different concepts. It is the Israeli government that is the problem, and the fact that France was criminally allowed to build their nuclear programme. It's a dangerous world, and The Domesday clock is ticking. It's a pity that we can't decommission their nuclear, because then they would soon swallow their pride.

Poles migrated to other places like America and other EU countries legally.

In 1939? Really? I thought they were refugees......
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
8 Feb 2018 /  #273
Of course and my problem is not with jews, but rather zionists and the israeli establishment. Theres plenty of jews who want peace with palestine and are serious about it. Unfortunatelt such people are a minority in israel.

Ask yourselves, exactly how would a flood of economic migrants, mostly young men, from an entirelt different culture and no knowledge of polish who arent too keen on working if they can get a handout, benefit poland ? I dont see any economic benefits of taking in the kind of migranys sweden, germany, etc took in. If anything recent history shows the opposite as it causes a lot of crime, societal problems and a huge drain on government budgets as money must be spent on phamplets tellinf migranys not to grope women, teaching them the language, providing for them and all their kids, housr them, feed them, etf all for what? So they can cause problems and sit at home refusing to work and assimilate prefering to live off handouts?
Ironside 50 | 12338  
8 Feb 2018 /  #274
Where would Poles have been in 1939 if Syria had told them to do one, or Britain had for that matte

Syria had not say in it at the time. Also Poland's gov paid for this all and for weapons Britain so graciously shared with Poles in order they could defend them.

By the way in 1939 all Poles had been in Poland. Looking for British planes, fleet and French armies. Imagine they never showed. lol
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
8 Feb 2018 /  #275
Yet we have brits telling poles to honor treaties and commitments... ah thats rich

Im out goodnight everyone. All the best
Bieganski 17 | 888  
8 Feb 2018 /  #277
In 1939? Really? I thought they were refugees......

Are you for real? If you think in 1939 Poles who weren't rounded up or killed completely abandoned Poland then you are wrong.

There was even a Commission for Polish Relief set up in 1939 to send food to occupied Poland to confront the Nazi imposed starvation rationing.

But leave it to you to undermine the gallantry of the Poles who stayed in order to resist.

As far as any Poles who needed to take refuge in other countries that was genuine and they didn't swamp any one country in numbers or duration to permanently change the character of the host nation forever.

Today's so-called refugee crisis is a complete fraud. This is obvious when so-called refugees are refused entry in other surrounding Middle Eastern (especially Israel), African and Asian nations and travel thousands of miles to Europe instead. And then actually shop around between EU countries to find those handing out the most generous benefits or with the best job opportunities.

And of course self-absorbed Western-hating Woodstock-era yahoos like yourself applaud this chicanery because you know death will be knocking at your door very soon and you won't be around and have to pay for the infantile irresponsibility and the deliberate mess your generation has created.
L3anAlawood - | 14  
8 Feb 2018 /  #278
if any catholic think avoiding their Lord so they can save their lives and maybe get richer... they are just losing on on three dimensions :)
johnny reb 47 | 7251  
8 Feb 2018 /  #279
if any muslim avoided Allah the same could be said.
L3anAlawood - | 14  
8 Feb 2018 /  #280
The difference is Allah is another false god out there from many false gods, but Christ the Creator and he has everything you need.
johnny reb 47 | 7251  
8 Feb 2018 /  #281
You are singing to the choir.
I was just surprised someone like yourself from Islamic Pakistan would say such a thing.
Anyways we must get back on topic regarding Poland and it's economic future.
O WELL - | 150  
9 Feb 2018 /  #282
Poland economic future is very bright.I think in another 15 years max one could compare Poland to Sweden.The wages is rising rapidly,unemployment is the lowest in current history.Not to mention with current govt policies with no existence of "No Go Zones" unlike other european countries and the modest infrastructure being built.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
9 Feb 2018 /  #283
Poland to Swede

Actually Poland and Sweden's nominal GDP is roughly the same at $500 bil a year. However, like most western and Scandinavian countries their growth is sluggish at right around 1% while Poland's is right where it should be at 4.6%. That's a perfect level because if it was too high we'd then have to worry about rising inflation.

no existence of "No Go Zones"

That's what's saving Poland right now. Notice that the Ukranians, despite their numbers exceeding 1 million, did NOT establish neighborhoods that have far higher rates of crime, unemployment, terrorism, rapes, poverty, etc. The same cannot be said of the migrants that settled in W. Europe, Sweden, etc. Just recently there were reports all over media outlets of two girls being assaulted. Although this happens daily in Sweden, the circumstances of these attacks is what caused them to make headlines. In one case a 19 year old was brutally attacked because she pushed a guy away after he put his hand up her skirt. The man didn't take kindly to that and smashed a bottle on her face scarring her for life. In the other incident, a group of men gang raped a 17 year old and set her vagina on fire using lighter fluid once they were done.

It's not that Poland can't take in any migrants - they just have to carefully vet and scrutinize everyone they let in. There's tons of people from all over the world that are peaceful, law abiding residents. Germany, France, Sweden, etc. took in hordes of people, mostly young men with no wives/families and no valuable skills from an entirely different culture without vetting them and even worse provided them housing, food, money, etc giving them zero incentive to get a job. Why would you if the money you're getting for free from the government is far more than what you would've made back home? On top of it, the police especially in Germany and Sweden constantly catch the same people doing the same kind of crimes like pickpocketing, assault, sexual assault, etc and they merely book them and release them the very next day. A German cop that was interviewed stated that he'll often arrest the same people 30 40 times but they can't be put in jail unless they commit a murder or something (in which case they'd likely just go to another European country to avoid getting caught) because the prosecutors' simply don't want to prosecute them. The German and Swedish government are purposely censoring statistics and even rape survivors so as not to incite more tensions against the migrants.
L3anAlawood - | 14  
9 Feb 2018 /  #284
WOW this pretty good news like a shock wave! I really do hope that things get better, I lived in Poland I was pretty rich when I lived there, I lived in Middle East and I wasn't poor, I lived in Canada I'm very poor! ;(
cms 9 | 1253  
9 Feb 2018 /  #285
I know that long division is difficult but you need to take into account that Sweden has 4 times less people so the GDP per head is4x that if Poland. Just like, at a guess Poland and say Philippines probably have a similar GDP but your average Pole is much richer than your average Filipino.

Growth rates in mature economies are always lower than in emerging economies because there is a higher base - in fact in dollar terms then the increase of 1 percent for a Swedish citizen would be similar to the increase of 4.6 for a Pole.
L3anAlawood - | 14  
9 Feb 2018 /  #286
Now this a typical lyon sweedish gy dude
O WELL - | 150  
9 Feb 2018 /  #287
I lived in Poland I was pretty rich when I lived there, I lived in Middle East and I wasn't poor, I lived in Canada I'm very poor! ;(

Define RICH?
I still think you couldnt afford a mercedes S class being rich in Poland,but one still can when working in mickey dees(McDonalds) in Usa(with a low mileage lease).But you can.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
9 Feb 2018 /  #288
but one still can when working in mickey dees(McDonalds) in Usa

No way dude, S-class lease is $899 a month, plus likely at least $5k-$7k down payment. A McD's worker making some $200-$300 a week couldn't afford that - no way.

It's a pity that we can't decommission their nuclear, because then they would soon swallow their pride.

Hopefully Iran one day does it for us.
Dont gag me yo 7 | 155  
9 Feb 2018 /  #289
LOL Dirk , living with parents they paying insurance with 5k down, 6k miles a year is 499$ a month:)899$ a month is with 16 k miles a year:)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
9 Feb 2018 /  #290
If a Mcd's worked say makes $250 - $300 a week, then yes, they'd be able to afford an S-class.... but they'de be able to afford little else like food or even the premium gas going in a 5.5liter v8 (for the base model) or insurance
johnny reb 47 | 7251  
9 Feb 2018 /  #291
Hopefully Iran one day does it for us.

If they do a whole lot of people will be dying in the EU as they all belong to NATO and Iran belongs to Russia.

Be careful what you pray for.
peterweg 37 | 2305  
9 Feb 2018 /  #292
That's a perfect level because if it was too high we'd then have to worry about rising inflation.

Growth is measure on top of inflation
O WELL - | 150  
10 Feb 2018 /  #293
premium gas going in a 5.5liter v8

lol no smart person will put premium in a leased car esp if they dont want to buy the car at the end of lease.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
10 Feb 2018 /  #294
Still though, even putting in a cheap gas doesnt mean a min wage worker can easilt afford a 100k car even if its leased. Plus itd be arguably the worst way a pwrson thays slightly above povertt should spend their money. Walmart workers makr around 220 to 250 a weel after taxes. Thats 1k a month max. Say they even chose the cheaper lease of 500 a month. Thats half their salary right there. Add atleast 100 120 mininum a month (based on my expericne working for state farm a whole bacl) or insurance and thats on the absolute low end for full coverage and would assume an older person with a perfect driving record, living in th3 suburbs, married, home owner. If theyre a renter, arenr married, are a young male the cost jumps to easily 150 170 etc. Add 2 moving violations in 3 years and it easily goes to 170 180 200 or even more. Up to even 300 400 of they had a past dui and/or accident claims plus such an expensive car... some insurance companies wouldnt even underwrite a policy like that, i highly doubr state farm would esp with accidents or theyd charge a crazy amount. If theres over 2 accidents in 3 years no way will they underwrite it. But say even 100 for insurance. Add 10 a day average for gas, which wont get you very far. Work and back - maybe 30 40 mins of driving (which a 6k mile lease would likely be insufficent) but even if we lower it to say 50 a week... thats 500 lease, 100 insurance, 200 gas for a total of 800 a month absolute minimum assuming absolute lowest costs for gas and insurance. If a person is making 220 to 250 a week at mcds after taxes theyre left with 20 to 50 a week leftover after lease, gas and insurance.

Also you really cant put in regular esp not into a new mercedes. The engine will sound awful, youll feel the drive is different, and youll likely have nonstop check engine lights. Ive owned 3 e class and 2 s class in my life trust me u cant put in regular even in the older 2000s models. Mid grade yiu can get away with.

So yes a mcds person could in theory afford an s class if they meet all the criteria to pay a low rate, drive no more than an average of $7 of gas a day, and chose the lowest mile option. Then theyd have maybe $20-$100 a week left depending on their taxes although generallt walmart min wage and similar workers net like 250 a week. Theres no way theyd be able to affors anythinf but some cheap food after that and maybe a $50 cell phone bill.

Also theyd have to raise $5k atleast down payment which at a rate of 250 a week, all if nit almost all their money, would take a min 5 months to save. Plus, this is assuming that a dealership would lease a 100k car to someone making maybe 10k 12k 15k a year or so amd have ti have excellent credit to be considered. I dont think the lease department would even lease a car to someone like that unless they have a ridiculously high credit score.

Then again you do see people living in the hood on food stamps and driving a $60k bmw audi caddy ot whatever but thats usually bc theyre making cash and not reporting it and the car is often registered to someone else.

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