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Rules for dating Polish girls

zuzi0mail - | 54  
9 Jun 2007 /  #181
Well, rules are different in different countries, like here is SA I wouldnt be able to go to a night club without taking quite a few friends with me, and it would be better to go with guys friends then just with a few of your girl friends. Night clubs can get quite trashed - muggings, drinks spiked, drugs ect, but I know what you mean Wroclaw, I guess its basically the same everywhere.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387  
9 Jun 2007 /  #182
I guess its basically the same everywhere.

Not quite. I think it's safer here than SA.

If you are a student here you will probably be with friends. You'll be OK.
Gigel - | 23  
9 Jun 2007 /  #183
I think he has to be funny and make me laugh. money is not importent if you really
care for someone special.

Interesting... so anybody who makes you laugh would be O.K. to... hohohohoho!

Yes, you should care for sb, and for that you should be tied to that person seriously. I guess I`ll come to that stage solely after marriage. Weak chance till then...

That1`s the way it should bne. One man`s poison is another man`s meat... ;)
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
10 Jun 2007 /  #184
Thats scary. Iv heard so much bad stuff about Polish guys that im worried about moving there next year.

Well yeah. I've even seen talibs and other Muslim macho-extremist leaving polish clubs outraged by our behavior so there has to be something to it. :)
MJM 1 | 4  
11 Jun 2007 /  #185
I showed my girlfriend those rules and she laughed at them. They are the same for most normal women, I think.
mo i asia  
13 Jun 2007 /  #186

i got marry to mine lately,she is wonderfull.
god bless her.
we met at work,in 2006,we start going out togther and we got closed more and more every day.she went back home after 5 months from seeing each other,because of her father died:-(i went mad,crazy.................!i could't work any more,i could't eat,i loocked my self in my bedroom for 1 week,i lost too much weight.i tryed to phone her but i could't get hold of her,all of this drove more and more mad.

one day i tryed to phone her and wooooooooooooooooh she answered me.i was so happy.she explained to me that she had bad days full of crying thats why she could't answer my phones.but she told me that she LOVES ME TOO MUCH.

Any way i decied to go to ploand to 25 DAYS AFTER WHAT HAPPEN.
i took one week off my work,and i boocked my ticket from london to krakow.2 hours later i am in krakow, i come out from the airport and i found her waiting for me with a big smile in her face.i cooul'd believe that i am seeing her again.we start to cuddle and kiss and i told her how much i do LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me all of you tooooooooooooo much.

ok. the rest nex time.thanks all of you
away guy 10 | 343  
13 Jun 2007 /  #187
i got marry to mine lately,she is wonderfull

My friend , yes lately means all is good now , just wait a few months or years , you'll see how she changes hahahahaah i no ..
wilderwaif - | 11  
13 Jun 2007 /  #188
To Arrgghh!!! Wave a wad of money in any country, bar, library,restaurant or anywhere else and you can get a girl. Oldest profession right?
Polka - | 21  
30 Nov 2007 /  #189
I would just leave "ride" - the rest depends on your imagination.. :)

yes im sure all of us polish girls love to be driven wow some of you guys just dont know how to be classy...maybe thats why you're on this website no offence

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