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Rules for dating Polish girls

agata - | 10  
6 May 2007 /  #151
europeans are different from africans and latin americans are different from asians... but i learned that its just matter of a culture, not personalitty, the aims are the same, morality, way of seeing good and bad, black and white...

about comunism- no, in poland it wasnt same as in ZSRR and there people care more about money cose they dont have it, you know, russia is a country of contrasts
6 May 2007 /  #152
I asked if you see any change in girls attitude.If young generation becomes more materialistic.You think in Poland people do not care about money?
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
6 May 2007 /  #153
For crying out loud Southern Give it a rest!! Let her relax. Geez
6 May 2007 /  #154
O.K.I will let you pick up.
agata - | 10  
6 May 2007 /  #155
oh... some of them do , some of them do more than others but tell me what do you mean by "care about money" if i see ppl who really does- they are usually not working, not that they are not educated, its that they would pay for buss, food and stuff almoust more than they would earn, and yes they care for money, to survive..... moust of polish ppl are in middle class like me, we are well educated, specially my generation and we can afford a normal life. i have as much than i dont have to be worried about tommorow or next year or... so its fine, and there are ppl who has more and some of them wants more than they have- its normal isnt it?

about culture - its changing - not long time ago everybody had the opinion that you "should wait for your only love" and now my little sis is wathing programms on mtv like virgin diary where 14-years olds are having their first time with a camera , ok my sister will not follow but maybe some girls who are looking for acceptation will and that scares me, if my child will some day dream of hollidays with "hilltons" it will be a tragedy for me, i liked the scout camps in the forrest.
Chris - | 13  
6 May 2007 /  #156
I'll add my own in put, although I think it's a tad off topic!

Yesterday at work, I said to my mate that I liked a chick I said she looked nice, had a well suited figure - bare in mind that I've never seen her before. One of the relief chargehands, her name is Dorota, walked up to Ania [found out her name :)] and tried to get me her number but in the end I gave her mines as she didn't know her new number, ah the joys of having two people do the errands for you :o

Well anyway turns out Ania doesn't like parties, etc you know all the things I do best lol, so I think a wee bit of change is required, anyone else agree? Back to the old school days for me, flowers, dinner, etc more importantly - hugs :)
6 May 2007 /  #157
I also think this is the main diffrenec between Poland and Ukraine or Russia.In Poland there is a middle class.Noww girls in Poland tend to marry early or it is different between small and big towns?Do most wait until finishing the university to marry or do they marry after school?

Chris you had told the same 2 months ago about Ania.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387  
6 May 2007 /  #158
Do most wait until finishing the university

Chris - | 13  
6 May 2007 /  #159
Chris you had told the same 2 months ago about Ania

Oh this is a different girl mate, the first Ania was older, the lady I'm on about now is much younger, well looks younger.

I have this problem though, well not so much a problem what I mean is that I find it hard to work out a different nationalities age, like Scottish guys and women I find it not that hard to suss what age they are, like I can tell people my own age, if you get me?
agata - | 10  
6 May 2007 /  #160
agree with wrocław -moust wants to finnish the university first, we wants to be independent, we have to be able to care about ourselfs and we have our own intrests and ambitions -any strange with that?
dourbest741 2 | 29  
7 May 2007 /  #161
Southern I have found you active in another posting again. Let me try my hands at this. I live in Chicago with a predominat polish community. I have noticed though that Polish girls and the Chicago girls have the same view on life. Perhaps like what was said, middle class, independent and educated. It seems in my city, not talking about polish girls in general that they have become very materialistic like their American counterparts and that has much to do with the media I believe.

Now I will let my experience with romanians I've met were in lesser positions that most polish women I've known but I've seen them fight for their men like they were the last piece of cheesecake they were going to see in a while. I've never questioned why but I've found it kind of nice. I've seen romanian girls choose men their heart fell apart for.....but to a previous posting there is truth that they must do what they must do to survive. Now which brings me onto Lithuania. Is the culture similar? Do they fight for the men they love or do they wait for the stars, sun and the moon to align before making a romantic move? Girls in my city end up waiting until they are 36 years of age and the polish girls in my city are edging up there too. We are seeing less of the cinderella and more of the cinderella's sisters and I hope the shift we are seeing is not western media related because that is about to sweep southeast into Romania, Bulgaria and eventually Russia where there is no hope. But if its just merely a cultural move then it might stay pretty much isolated as you said before southern most of these cultures are different.

Again this is what many have noticed in my city and I hope its isolated.
8 May 2007 /  #162
From my personal observation polish girls are easier than romanian girls.Polish girls are the easiest around except russian and ukrainian girls.In communism there was no middle class and they had to marry early to get an apartment etc.Sex and love was very easy then since there were no materialistic expectations and no feminism.Now with all this western culture invasion into eastern Europe mentality changes gradually and materialism with feminism advance.It is a pity these heavens will be destoyed.

Moreover many idiotic westerners pay for these girs a lot of money on presents etc and as a result they spoil them raising their demands.How can you convince a 45 years old,fat,bald not to pay?This raises girls' demands and gradually they become like their western sisters.

EU invasion put an end to a dream.if western men were clever as Slavs and not weak and did not pay,maybe we could change western women to the better.But western men are so weak and not willing to learn.So eastern european women will get further and further spoilt.

In Romania it is the same except it is not slavic country and the wages are half of polish wages.There is also middle class.Maybe a westerner counts more in Romania but I am not sure due to different mentality.

Lithuania,Esthonia,Lettonia have long been played out.Hords of italians,english and scandinavian men have changed the mentality drastically.Only the russian minority in Latvia is a little different.

In Russia the middle class is very weak and not large because the oligarchs hate the middle class.They just do not like it and its development is delayed.As a result most russian girls do not belong to the middle class and their mentality is different.Russians are also more ethnically proud and less open to european,US culture.

Nobody here will agree with all this,anyway.Come to Poland mate and try to find a genuine,caring,loving polish girl.Maybe you will be rewarded.
hotbod4u51 1 | 15  
8 May 2007 /  #163
i have the same problem girl all assume i am a real prick ,vain and a poser ,because i am always told where ever i go i am very goodlooking the girls i am with are so ****** and they cant stand a guy getting complementing instead of them for a change , i have a pic when i was 20 and people say i looked george michael ,maybe i should post it and let you make up your own minds ,i would say i am nicelooking but wouldn't say as good looking as george michael
witek 1 | 587  
8 May 2007 /  #164
maybe i should post it and let you make up your own minds ,i would say i am nicelooking but wouldn't say as good looking as george michael

i only have one word to say to you LOSER
28 May 2007 /  #165
I would like to start dating some Polish Woman, but I'm shy. Should I try to date some Polish beauty, or should I try with some other nationality?
28 May 2007 /  #166
Well If beauty is all your looking for goodluck because they could be the best looking Polish girls around, know they are and be absolute cows.

Nationality doesnt matter If you like someone for who they are It doesnt come into it.
28 May 2007 /  #167
Rules for dating Polish girls.........that's crazy man....there ain't no rules for dating anyone, would be damn boring if there were any rules for that
curlyspy007 - | 93  
28 May 2007 /  #168
Rules for dating Polish girls

and rules are there to be broken...hehehe
28 May 2007 /  #169
You mind reader I was about to put exactly what you wrote before that Justyna :D
28 May 2007 /  #170
and rules are there to be broken...hehehe

I agree with hehehe but that's more time there ain't no rules for dating Polish or any other
southern 75 | 7,096  
28 May 2007 /  #171
Rules for dating polish girls.
Do not ask her in first place if she likes kielbasa.
Evil Presley - | 7  
29 May 2007 /  #172
Do not ask her in first place if she likes kielbasa

Now you tell me !
alan_uk - | 7  
30 May 2007 /  #173
Its nice to be taken out, but I suppose after a few years in a relationship its only fair that you split the cost

after a few years ! jesus you have got to be joking. have you not heard of indirect prostitution ?
6 Jun 2007 /  #174
polish women hard to fathom out?

are the dating rules in poland very different to those in the uk? i have met avery nice polish girl and all sees to be going well. im just not sure how far or fast to go. hope this makes sense. help anybody.
southern 75 | 7,096  
6 Jun 2007 /  #176
First of all learn all the superstitions.You may cross a bridge and then have to marry her.

Never fart when accompanying a polish girl.It is considered absolutely not polite.
Ken Noddy 2 | 161  
8 Jun 2007 /  #177
You can't hold what you don't have in your hands!
southern 75 | 7,096  
8 Jun 2007 /  #178
Better not to hold it in your hands when you meet her.
zuzi0mail - | 54  
9 Jun 2007 /  #179
Polish men, who are much, much worse....!)

Thats scary. Iv heard so much bad stuff about Polish guys that im worried about moving there next year. Just by the way, how safe is it, for young girls in poland at night clubs, walking on the street etc. and are the guys in Poland realy that bad?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387  
9 Jun 2007 /  #180
how safe is it, for young girls in poland at night clubs, walking on the street etc

Follow international rules and you'll be OK. Don't confuse young men walking home at 2:00am with anything else than young men walking home.

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