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Dating Etiquette of Polish men to follow

4 Jun 2006 /  #1

I'm after some opinions please.

Is there a specific dating etiquette that Polish men follow when they are interested in a woman (of whatever nationality)

I appreciate that there are always people who do as they wish regardless but just wondered what the 'nice' ones do so to speak.

OP Guest  
5 Jun 2006 /  #2
Just be a gentleman :)
OP Guest  
5 Jun 2006 /  #3
Thank you but I'm the woman lol, sorry I should have said.
OP Guest  
5 Jun 2006 /  #4
ha ha no problem. That I would not know :) I hear that Polish men are shy though.
OP Guest  
6 Jun 2006 /  #5
Expect a bouquet and a kiss on the hand every now and then.
I guess we try to be gallant and not too tactile initially.
OP Guest  
7 Jun 2006 /  #6
Hi there,
I live in Kuwait but am a frequent traveller. My brother is married to Polish girl and she is kind of nice girl. I would like to know a Polish girl with marriage as intension. Are there any nice decent girls out there for marriage. Hear from you. Bye for now. My email is imrimr2020@yahoo
OP Guest  
7 Jun 2006 /  #7
What makes you think that this will work? Why don't you get off of your ass and meet a woman like the rest of us? Let me're a muslim
OP Guest  
7 Jun 2006 /  #8
I would like to know a Polish girl with marriage as intension.

I'm sure you have lots of nice decent girls in Kuwait, just look around! :)
7 Jun 2006 /  #9
Sorry but I'm not Polish and I don't know any Polish girls either.
polish guy  
29 Apr 2007 /  #10

I am a polish guy who lived in the USA and Malaysia for a while. Few pointers for you:

Polish men are not shy. They are more socialized with females than even their American counterparts. It is completely OK for them to visit female house, go to cinema, or other outing (and vice versa for a female to a visit man) and it is not consider dating. I would say that 70% polish guys have a female best friend so do not be jealous ? it is consider normal. I think because of this socialization dating between two people is consider more equal and the women is not so passive or defensive as for example Americans.

If the guy gives you a compliment you must respond to him. Just say ?thank you?, or ?you are nice.? Try to repay compliments. Not responding to compliments is considered rude and the guy will back up.

If they ask you out for the first time it is not consider dating yet. If you are not sure just tell them that it is just a try. It is appropriate. If you cannot do it for any cultural issues do not say: ?it is unacceptable in my culture.? Since they have their own culture with the high socialization between man and women, they will be lost. Always open the door. You can say: ?I cannot do it in my culture, can we work something out??


If you are a girl and you go with dating far enough remember: your guy will talk to the father but he would ask his mother for blessing. Be nice to the mother because she is more important in the family.

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