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Pornographic Polish magazines

z_darius 14 | 3,968  
9 May 2008 /  #61
please tell me the name of the polish magazine for women that shows nude men in compromising positions so that i can order it for myself.

Now I understand your disappointment. You're into domination.

what's wrong with this picture? hmm is it pornographic?

What a waste of good quality electrical tape.

A side note; I find so called pornographic magazines less pornographic than most action, horror and war movies, and certainly less pornographic and violent than the Bible.

As Larry Flynt once remarked; in news media we are shown people being killed, imprisoned and persecuted and that's fine. But when we see two (or more) people having sex we protest.
plk123 8 | 4,149  
9 May 2008 /  #62
What a waste of good quality electrical tape.

i'm sure you'd be more then glad to help her discard it then. lol

and Larry Flint is right. :)
F15guy 1 | 160  
9 May 2008 /  #63
Most church going married men would not buy porno and leave it on their bedroom dresser for their wife to find.

Many, many church going married men are into a great deal more than just buying porn. Some like the former governor of New York, spend thousands of dollars on a high priced hooker. Others, like the Idaho senator, play footsie in a public men's room. Some chase teenage choir girls. Others do worse.

If you have children in the house, and he has left this out, that was not smart at all. No kids in the house, then as others have mentioned, he may telling you something about spicing up your relationship.

Your mother-in-law may not have realized what was in the magazine.

Your husband is not evil because he looked at a magazine with some porn in it. It's a rare, all most not existent, guy who won't take a peep.

A straight forward non-agrumentative conversation with husband is the best thing you can do.
MrG 1 | 13  
10 May 2008 /  #64
Well maybe hes getting bored in the bedroom? Thats why he likes to view magazines to get his mind going?
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
10 May 2008 /  #65
Your mother-in-law may not have realized what was in the magazine.

Or maybe the wife doesn't.

Erotic material is present all over the place.
I have to go through pages and pages of models in nothing more than skimpy bras and a string around their waists before I finally get through to the lawn mowers section in the Sears catalog. That is ridiculous and all my lawn mowing fantasies are practically wrecked by the time I reach cookware section.

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