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Fallen for a Polish Guy!! But he's got back to Poland to get married!

5 Apr 2008 /  #61
I would never cheat my Englsh honey an he knows that :d
OP Jopper 1 | 8  
5 Apr 2008 /  #62
We shall see; time will tell.. For the record tho I am not some silly girl who believes everything she is told, I have made no effort to contact him, he's the one who is keeping the contact. I don't deny I like this guy but I am far from stupid. It seems to me that this situation is being judged by individual standards - nice!
bajka - | 71  
5 Apr 2008 /  #63
are you still bubbling about this........
OP Jopper 1 | 8  
5 Apr 2008 /  #64
he heee, no not buggling just having my say you know us girls we like to have the last say. :) P.S Bajka I dont bubble... Not over something like this more important things in life to bubble about. First time I've been on a forum not a friendly bunch are ya! Oh an Bajka why do you ask if I am fat?
starchild 2 | 120  
5 Apr 2008 /  #65
Oh an Bajka why do you ask if I am fat?

He's playing devils advocate! If you look at his profile pic you can see his horns! hahaha :D
marek s - | 269  
5 Apr 2008 /  #66
Nothing like innocent Polish women, right ?

women of all nationalities are pure as snow, didnt you know that?
OP Jopper 1 | 8  
5 Apr 2008 /  #67
Starchild... nice to see someone got a sense of humour on here - refreshing change he heee!! Na only joking no one knows me from adam here so I could be fat, I'm not but I could be.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
17 Apr 2008 /  #68
I'm not quite getting what this is all about, they had an affair, they were both honest about their intentions (well as honest as you can be when having an affair) he went home to get married...end of really...

The only people who derserve any pitty here are the people that they are in a relationship with.

BTW.. Jyst... British men can be miserable, lying, cheating, fuckwitwankers, devoid of any respect for women too :)


I don't believe in all that cant help who you fall for rubbish, we are not animals, we can control our urges!
LAGirl 9 | 496  
18 Apr 2008 /  #69
get him out of your system he doesnt love you if he is getting married dont give yourself any heart ache sorry to have to speak harsh to you about it but find someone better for you.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
18 Apr 2008 /  #70
And I suppose a menage a trois is out of the question.....?

Just asking....:)..!!!!
LAGirl 9 | 496  
8 Aug 2008 /  #71
oh geez how stupid and sad.

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