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Does a Polish lady expect the guy to make the first move?

miaxxx 5 | 20  
21 Nov 2009 /  #1

i was just wondering ladies!! (please guys no vulgarities or grammatical exercise)

"generally" does a polish lady expect the guy to make "the first" move???

im slightly confused!

we have barely kissed!! but i have received messages such as "i send my love to you"

so 2 questions (to this confusing (for me) thread)

1: is she expecting me to "be the man" (i hate these expressions im using im just trying to make it simple in explanation) and "make the first move" (do polish guys do this in old fashioned "gentleman" sense of the meaning?)

2: was her message a literal translation of something in polish?? (for example Italians have "ti voglio bene" ( i want you well)

any ideas?

please stick to topic though guys!! and no macho "give it to her with ice cream" or "salp her with a fish" etc etc as i have seen posted around!!


Nika 2 | 507  
21 Nov 2009 /  #2
1: is she expecting me to "be the man"

sorry, can't think about any particular expression in PL...

good luck!
motoman 1 | 7  
22 Nov 2009 /  #3
I think that maybe you can read in to things a little too much because the girl is Polish.

Forget all the first move stuff, what does it matter? You like her, she likes you so just get on with the start of something good. Take it slow and see how things progress over the next 6 weeks.
OP miaxxx 5 | 20  
22 Nov 2009 /  #4
thanks Nika!!
chelle2926 2 | 5  
22 Nov 2009 /  #5
i may not be polish but as a woman i know i definitely like it if the man makes the first move for the simple reason of knowing he is interested in me. if i have given enough subtle and (sometimes not subtle if the guy isn't getting it) hints that i like him in the romantical sense then yes he needs to make the first move. because for women sometimes we want to be romanced and feel the guy has the balls to actually step up to the plate and take charge without the woman having to wear a neon sign saying kiss me. hope that helps alittle.....oh and im not saying you need to tear off her clothes or anything...but slow progression is very shows you are into her...oh and personally im a sap for this works everytime.....

you lean in and put your hands on the sides of her face and slowing bring her towards you and just a brush of the lips once or twice...lean back and look in her eyes....then move in slowly again and just slowly devour her lips like you havent kissed any other girl that works everytime....surefire way to make the first move...
OP miaxxx 5 | 20  
22 Nov 2009 /  #6

wow chelle ;-)

that was nice!!! cheers!!!

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