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I fear to lose my polish boyfriend..

OP kitten 8 | 65  
17 Dec 2006 /  #31
surely i ll leave it .something saying more or less this '' i ll be away for some time.don't worry i ll be very well. u wouldn't have let me go so i had to do it on my own. good parents should be happy if children are. i ll be happy and i d like not to find u angry when i ll be back.please forgive me for going away like this, but i needed to make my first step toward my future project of happiness and i wanted to work for it on my own''
17 Dec 2006 /  #32
But you should tell them how long you'll be gone. I don't think you should go at all but you sound determined to do it no matter what. So I can only advise you to tell them it will only be for a week. And also explain that you've gone to be with your boyfriend so they won't think you've been kidnapped or something worse has happened.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
17 Dec 2006 /  #33
nah..they ll imagine what i ll be doing ..friends... yeah..special friend:)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
17 Dec 2006 /  #34
kitten... if you are going to go away without telling your parents where you are going - make sure you tell someone responsible...

tell them where you are going to be - and when

arrange to contact them at regular intervals and make sure you both agree when this will happen

try and leave them a number where you can be contacted

keep up regular contact with friends by email - make sure people know you are OK

even if your parents give you a hard time you are their child and their most precious thing... they will worry about you and this is natural... even if you are happy where you are... try and think about their happiness... they might not show it but they will only want the best for you

have fun on your adventures of love... but take care of yourself... and those who love you :)
OP kitten 8 | 65  
17 Dec 2006 /  #35
if i contact them from rome they can reach me...police can do it...and if i use public phone ..eeeeh ll tell someone.but we ll see..still 6months missing,don't worry
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385  
17 Dec 2006 /  #36

Please, start thinking. It won't be pleasant when the Police take you home and possibly arrest your boyfriend.
It will all be for nothing.

Grow up, Now. You are dreaming.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
17 Dec 2006 /  #37
nobody will arrest my boyfriend.we re in italy eh!!
dziwna_gruszka - | 197  
17 Dec 2006 /  #38
Well people can make things up that he took you from you house and then ya.. you will end up both of you in a lot of trouble you have to tell your parent's that you wnat to like be with him you know.. i mean if i did that my parent's would kill me although in canada you can legally live by yourself at 16...
OP kitten 8 | 65  
18 Dec 2006 /  #39
... guys ..u all try to understand my situation and i appreciate it a lot...but it's anyway very hard to understand it ! in my house i often feel terribly ,but really really BAD eh !not simply unhappy... there's no calm in my house..parents quarrel. i heard the worst things ever in my house and more..u should try to understand how i felt...and u ll understand all after that.

i feel that my bf is the only one giving me hope for my future . i mean that without him i d have done stupid things. mine is depression town!! here many boys use drugs when they don't have what to do,cause town doesn't offer much.

things were consuming me step by step . now when i have problems in my house i just think '' ok,rob, there 's ur's just a ,matter of time, hold on for you both''

without having this to think i d really feel empty and u know what it means. the same as u know it shouldn t belong to a 16-year-old girl.

the hell my parents will give me ( more father than mother ..and father to mother i fear,but i ll write it in the letter i leave them) it will be ''easy' ' to stand if i ll know better that my love is with me .after 18 i ll have somewhere to go and start new life. hard choice but mine,
serpico 3 | 19  
18 Dec 2006 /  #40
does this guy look like paolo maldini? or maybe gigi buffon? if so i can understand your plight... if not, then what are you doing??!!!

have you ever wondered whether the reason you love this guy so much is because he is an escape route from your miserable life? he is the ticket to a better place? you only love this guy because he is the only one who has taken an interest in you.... made you feel better... etc..

don't get carried away. you don't even know if this guys name is real... so how can you love him? meet him in your home town for a day trip and then see how it goes... don't risk too much! please forgive me if im wrong, but its only my opinion!

btw how old is he?

dziwna_gruszka - | 197  
18 Dec 2006 /  #41
Dude i think she already met him and yes i understand your situation because i've tried to commit suicide before because i was depressed and their strictness in my life okay and it was not pretty so i know where you come from...!! it's tough but if you overcome your problems in a good way not some crazy running off way then you will be better but in the end it is your decision and the decisions we make define who we are in the end...
OP kitten 8 | 65  
19 Dec 2006 /  #42
he s 16 as I am
he's not the first and the only one getting interested into me.... many are..but they r rude people often, they just want 1 thing, they don't have sense of family while i would like to have someone really caring bout me as i care bout him...the factwe met on the web can mean that feeling can be even more autentic..there's nothing physical in it... and anyway to check what u say i really need to spend much time with him:) and parents don't let me, so ... for my happiness, his one and many other things.. i ll do that step..hard one and temporarily but i will

thank you for advice a lot anyway.. all ur advice can help me a lot to reason:)'s what i meant.
today school was bad 4 me... i have always been clever and parents made me feel a failure for every lil mistake i made anyway... now i m really unsatisfied bout school even if i don't risk anything 4 my year , sufficient in every subject and more, but parents won't accept it and i know i ll suffer a in my school 's toilet i felt terribly sad and what i thought ? THAT I STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOSE AND I DON'T WANT TO LOOSE IT : my boy

my family s good with money , parents are good workers...some could think i have nice life .. i don't miss things i like but damn.. parents always quarrel...loud voice.. father says my mum is a pity and so on ... (and she doesn't deserve it!)and it's terrible ...much more !

btw he's handsome but not only that
serpico 3 | 19  
19 Dec 2006 /  #43
he s 16 as I am
he's not the first and the only one getting interested into me.... many are..but they r rude people often, they just want 1 thing, they don't have sense of family

i can understand that... lots of guys only want one thing.. but also lots of guys are loving... like me lol... but you say they don't have a sense of family!!!.... but you don't either?!!

your parents might be idiots... but they're still your parents... and so i think you should run away or abscond like you want to.. let your guy come to see you for a few days in your home town... go see him everyday.. but stay with your parents for now...

if he loves you, he'll wait for you!..if you rush into it and it all falls apart... i know you'll never go back to your parents... you'll be too embarassed... so take is slowly.

btw... i dont normally reply on forums... but you're situation just made me want to.. i feel sorry for u lol..

OP kitten 8 | 65  
19 Dec 2006 /  #44
parents won't let me stay with him as i wish.
i ll move to rome and go back home after some days.
i wanna sleep with him , i wanna stay with him, i wanna give him all my time..

don't feel sorry for me lol :)

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