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some advice about a polish guy

saffron 8 | 62  
29 Oct 2006 /  #1
i met a really cool polish guy a few weeks ago-he couldnt speak a lot of english but we seemed to click really well.Unfortunately he had a tendency to be really shy as well- he worked across the road from me and used to gaze over the road at my shop all day which was very sweet.A non polish guy who actually introduced us was acting as a go between as this guy was too shy to come into the shop himself so messages were being passed back and forwards.i know this was extremely childish but i was swept away and played along with it.The polish guy went back to poland for a week.before he went i think he asked for my number but as the language thing was a bit of a prob i think i got a little confused with what he meant so i didnt give it and i have been kicking myself ever since.

the non ploish friend began coming in to the shop i work all the time talking endlessley about sebastian and how he spoke to him in poland and that he loved me...all this nonsense as i think this go between was making the whole thing up.

sebastian supposedly came back on monday and moved with his family to another job and part of london-before he went my non polish friend said he beat him up in front of his father and uncle as he didnt come to see me...i thought this was strange as i am sure this guys uncle and father would not stand by and let this guy beat him!

i was concerned and asked my friend for sebastians mobile-he gave me a number and i proceeded to try and call-no answer-sent some polish texts and eventually got a reply in polish saying i love became clear it was not sebastians phone but this friend.

i think sebastian is still in poland-i think my friend was stirring things and passing on horrible messages as the last time i saw sebastian he looked very upset.i do have a telephone number for him in Poland but there are no guarantees he is still in poland so his mother may answer!I was going to get a polish friend to ring up and see if he is there or where in london he is as i would like to see him again-i can only stress this guy is extremely shy and doesnt have a lot of confidence and i think my non polish friend manipulated him a bit.

Do u think if i get someone to speak to his mother in poland that she would pass on a message?i think from what i did understand from sebastian she is a bit strict!
krysia 23 | 3,058  
29 Oct 2006 /  #2
Give me the number. I'll call.
I do stuff like that all the time. I'll find out what the problem is and let you know.
plg 17 | 263  
29 Oct 2006 /  #3
i'll give you my number
OP saffron 8 | 62  
29 Oct 2006 /  #4
would you really call?that would be so cool!message me back and i will give u my details!
krysia 23 | 3,058  
29 Oct 2006 /  #5
i'll give you my number

Happy Halloween plg!!!!

would you really call?that would be so cool!message me back and i will give u my details!

Ya, I'll do it
OP saffron 8 | 62  
29 Oct 2006 /  #6
shall i put the number on here or email it to u???i will also summarise in brief what i want u to say...much appreciated!!!your a star************:0)
krysia 23 | 3,058  
29 Oct 2006 /  #7
E-mail because someone else might call and mess things up.
OP saffron 8 | 62  
29 Oct 2006 /  #8
thank u for doing this Krysia!!!have emailed u the info..:0)
krysia 23 | 3,058  
29 Oct 2006 /  #9
I called that number twice. The second time it was a younger woman who answered and they both told me it's the wrong number
OP saffron 8 | 62  
29 Oct 2006 /  #10
i am gonna have words with my ex friend tomorrow.Probably wont see my sebastain again .........but thank u for trying for me!
krysia 23 | 3,058  
30 Oct 2006 /  #11
And find out who's number that was. The second woman seemed a little amused by my question looking for Sebastian.....
OP saffron 8 | 62  
30 Oct 2006 /  #12
my friend claims its sebastians mothers number who is called paulina or something....apparently sebastians uncle gave the number to my friend!

got what is hopefully the right number now!

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