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Polish Language Pronunciation - Example Words and Phrases

dannyboy 18 | 248  
8 Mar 2007 /  #31
"Raz" literaly means "once"

Mark3181 2 | 19  
8 Mar 2007 /  #32
Merged: Help!!! Can't pronounce the polish alphabet


In Krakow learning polish until the end of next week but finding it really hard to pronounce some if not all of your alphabet.

any easier way for me to learn? anyone in Krakow want to help me?? I'd be really grateful
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163  
8 Mar 2007 /  #33
any easier way for me to learn?

Maybe drink a few beers and then try to pronounce ?
karturn 9 | 20  
8 Mar 2007 /  #34
Merged:Referring to my daughter; Can you please phonetically spell it?

Her father/daddy was from Poland. (refering tomy daughter)
I only know a little Polish.

Can you please Phoneticlly spell it as well please!

sledz 23 | 2,250  
8 Mar 2007 /  #35
thats how i do it....:)
Mark3181 2 | 19  
9 Mar 2007 /  #36
Thanks for the tip:)

Think I had very HIGH expectations before I came over to Krakow now realising how difficult polish can be for an english speaker!

It's left me feeling a bit depressed but I've got to keep ploding on as they say only one more week left at this language school
rick54 4 | 9  
9 Mar 2007 /  #37
Mark, you're not alone. I'm here in a predominately Dutch section of Michigan and trying to learn Polish!
It's a lonely frustrating experience also!
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
9 Mar 2007 /  #38
finding it really hard to pronounce some if not all of your alphabet.

Try here:

There are a lot of helpful tips in the grammar should browse. All of the basic information that you need.
dziadek 3 | 64  
9 Mar 2007 /  #39
"Jej ojciec był z Polski.
Umiem tylko trochę po polsku"

"Yay oi-chec beew z pole-skee.
Oom-yem till-co tro-he po pole-skoo"

"ch" as in "check"
"co" as in "corporation"
Mark3181 2 | 19  
11 Mar 2007 /  #40
Thanks again for another tip

actually came across apronus and dowloaded some audio stuff but didn't realise that I'll give it a look

I actually am in a better mood since writing the last post one of my classmates told me that he thinks I'm trying really hard in class it was good to hear after a very frustrating week

dzienkuje bardzo :)
ella - | 46  
11 Mar 2007 /  #41
jeden = one
raz / razy= once/times (3 razy 3 = 3 times 3)
pierwszy = first
Michal - | 1,865  
13 Mar 2007 /  #42
In counting raz, dwa trzy...jeden as someone has written above is used with a noun to describe an objest jeden dom ale jestem tutaj pierwszy raz
FireWire - | 23  
22 Mar 2007 /  #43
although im pretty much a total noob at polish (i learnt it when i was about 2 years old and my grandmoth would babysit me but haven't really spoken it since), i think i agree that raz is more like once....

would use it for maybe counting for a child... i know my polish rellies used to have some pretty crazy things to entertain the young ones
ella - | 46  
22 Mar 2007 /  #44
You will never be sure how to use some words in polish :))) that's how difficult it is :) And it is not about how: "noob you were in polish"- trust me :)

Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world , to study.
23 Mar 2007 /  #45
can someone give me polish numbers one to ten and the way to pronounce them? pleasealbertz

can someone give me the polish numbers one to ten and the
way to pronounce them
26 Mar 2007 /  #46
of course it's 'jeden'. You wouldn't say 'raznascie' (11 / eleven), rather 'jedenascie'. :)
Big Rob - | 70  
26 Mar 2007 /  #47
Jeden (Yeden)
Dwa (Dva)
Trzy (Tshi)
Cztery (Shteri)
Piec (Pyench)
Szesc (Sheshch)
siedem (shedem)
osiem (o shem)
dziewiec (dje vyench)
dziesiec (dje shench)

sz sounds like a short version of Ssssh (ie soft h, not hard like in 'Sh'e) and dz is like the j in jam.
Michal - | 1,865  
30 Mar 2007 /  #48
No, Polish is really very easy and logical. When counting raz, dwa, trzy ect jeden slownik, jedno slowo, jedna ulica dwa slowa ect there is nothing difficult about it. Why is Polish the most difficult language in the world?

Any basic grammar book will teach you the basics for counting.
15 Apr 2007 /  #49
Merged: conscientious - pronunciation

I think that a pronunciation of this word is quite difficult
could you help me?
i found it
but I need it written down
GrandeSande 2 | 119  
15 Apr 2007 /  #50
If you mean that you want an English pronunciation, it sounds like this:

con she en shush
the traveller  
17 Apr 2007 /  #51
if you want again pronounciation with polish letters it would be:


(I use capital E in order to show where the word is stressed)
19 Apr 2007 /  #52
Merged: "good bye" - word pronunciation help please

I know this is a dippy question but I would be grateful some some help.
I travel a lot in Poland by train and frequently when people leave the compartment they say - what sounds like - doshvdania - even to me - all very friendly. Is it doshvdania or noshvdania - what does it mean please - good bye ! and how do you pronounce it correctly - is there a phonetic spelling.

Must say for a UK tourist in Poland train travellers are all very friendly, much more so than over here. On some trains, bearing in mind, I do not speak Polish and no one else spoke english, the guard clipped my ticket, told the other passengers where i was changing trains and when we stopped at the right station, the other passengers showed me through to the correct platform. This has happened more than once.

Back to Doshvdania...any help please.
19 Apr 2007 /  #53
goodbye is "dowidzenia" so it could be they are saying that to you ..

you pronoune it as --- do vee-dze-nya
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
19 Apr 2007 /  #54
do you know how to spell the more formal virsion T... something like do-zo-ba-chenya...?
daffy 23 | 1,508  
19 Apr 2007 /  #55
Do Zobaczenia

see you soon/again :)
19 Apr 2007 /  #56
daffy is correct

Do zobaczenia is see you later ... :)

i tend to say this more than do widzenia to be honest
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098  
19 Apr 2007 /  #57
Guys, be aware that men very rarely use "do zobaczenia" each other. It sounds a bit funny when guy say do zobaczenia to other guy. Except situation when place of the meeting is mentioned after do zobaczenia i.e. "Do zobaczenia w Londynie"
daffy 23 | 1,508  
19 Apr 2007 /  #58
interesting point Pete. why is this? why is it funny? you;d only say Do widzenia so?
shopgirl 6 | 928  
19 Apr 2007 /  #59
What about do zobaczenia jutro?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098  
19 Apr 2007 /  #60
Because "do zobaczenia" is rather reserved for couples, girlfiends. Man to other man say "Widzimy się jutro"

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