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25 Sep 2009
History / Polish contribution to England during war [62]

If memory serves, it was Air Marshall Slessor (or another senior officer) who remarked, in relation to the Polish contribution to the BoB, .

I think this was the quote you are refering to, from Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding:

the C-in-C of the RAF Fighter Command during the Battle: (...) had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of battle would have been the same.
25 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / Exhibition celebrates Bonnie Prince Charlie's Polish links [18]

AN EXHIBITION celebrating the Polish heritage of Bonnie Prince Charlie's mother will open tomorrow at Moray Arts Centre.

20 Sep 2009
History / 70th Anniversary of start of WWII [50]

Thousands of Poles fled their homeland, many never to return, when their country was invaded by the Germans and the Russians during World War II. The Polish Armed Forces Memorial being unveiled later aims to commemorate their heroism.
23 Jul 2009
History / Secret grave of Polish hero 'discovered' [22]

The secret grave of General Emil August Fieldorf, one of Poland's national heroes, may have been found more than 50 years after he was executed by his own country's Stalinist regime.
5 Jul 2009
History / 70th Anniversary of start of WWII [50]

Westerplatte wróci do stanu z 1 września 1939

Westerplatte will return to the state of September 1, 1939
4 Jul 2009
Genealogy / Count & Countess Lanckoronski/Great Grandfather's Military Service [5]

Speaking of books, the daughter, Karolina Lanckorońska wrote a book:

"Those who Trespass Against us - One woman's war against the Nazis"

It describes her time in Lwów under the Soviets, then her escape to Kraków were she was arrested and finally sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp.
14 Jun 2009
News / Petition the Prime Minister to Recognise the contribution of Polish Armed Forces [49]

Anyone feel moved to add their name to the following the petition.

(British citizen or resident)

Polish Armed Forces in the West fought in Allied operations against the Nazis in the Middle East, Mediterranean, African and European theatres: the North African campaign, the Italian Campaign (especially at Monte Cassino), the Western European Campaign (from Dieppe and D-Day, through Normandy, to Market Garden and beyond). The Polish contribution to the Battle of Britain has long been highlighted. Despite all of this, only representatives of the Polish Air Force were invited to attend the London Victory Parade in 1946. Invitations were not extended to the Polish Army or Navy as the British were wary of upsetting Stalin or the Soviet-installed puppet regime in Poland. As the 65th Anniversary of the end of the war approaches, we request the British Government to formally acknowledge those few remaining members of the Polish Armed Forces denied their place in the Victory parade, and to recognise the valuable contribution made by Free Polish Armed Forces to the Allied effort.
2 May 2009
Life / May 2: Day of the Poland's Flag [7]

May 2 is observed as the Day of the Polish Flag.

During the main ceremony, the Polish flag has been hoisted at the mast of the Royal Castle's Clock Tower in Warsaw. Head of the National Security Bureau Aleksander Szczygło recalled that during the communist period, the white-and-red flags were removed after May Day so that they were not displayed on May 3, the anniversary of the democratic constitution of 1791. Constitution Day was re-introduced as a state holiday after the collapse of communism.

18 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Polish II World War Records [5]

For MoD need documentation.

When applying to CAW for informatuion about my grandfather I did not have any, fortunately they still sent me some information.
14 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Polish II World War Records [5]

I think they require contact by post rather than e-mail.

Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe.
ul. Czerwonych Beretów bl. 124, 00-910 Warszawa

Kancelaria tel./fax (0-22) 681 46 37
Informacja Archiwalna tel. (0-22) 681 45 84

For records about 2nd Polish Corps
MoD in UK may have information.

APC MS Support - Disclosures 5
Building 28B, RAF Northolt, West End Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 6NG

Tel: 0208 8338603
Fax: 0208 8338866
4 Apr 2009
History / Irena Sendler, a Polish wartime hero, dies at age 98 [15]

Stills from CBS television movie about Irena Sendler "The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler" movie-stills/

Supposed to be shown on April 19th.

Is anyone in the US going to watch?
16 Mar 2009
Genealogy / Polish Military Records [21]

Website -
E-mail -

At the time I was under the impression that a letter was required.
15 Mar 2009
Genealogy / Polish Military Records [21]

All I really gave them was my grandfathers name and date of birth.

I found out that he was in the 1-szy Pułk Ułanów Krechowieckich and received a 'Krzyż Walecznych', twice, in 1920 whilst fighting the Bolsheviks.
15 Mar 2009
Genealogy / Polish Military Records [21]

I got info on my grandfather from address below:-

ul. Czerwonych Beretów bl. 124

Wrote to them in Polish.
3 Mar 2009
Language / Polish Nouns ending in 'um' [10]

Are there any nouns that end in 'um' that are not neuter?
Or is it safe to say that all nouns ending in 'um' are neuter?

I know centrum and gimnazjum are neuter.
1 Mar 2009
History / Polish soldier stories [50]


It would be nice to get together a full set of his medals. In 1985 he received the Kryż Kampanii Wrześniowj 1939 from the Polish Government in Exile. It's the only medal that I have a legitymacja for.

I sometimes wonder what happened to his other medals and their legitymacja. I've still got the ribbons though.