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29 Aug 2006
UK, Ireland / Getting married to a Polish Citizen in the UK [371]

What about if I want to marry a polish guy in Poland? I'm from the US. What papers do we need and how long does he have to wait to obtain a visa?

I think that you will have to contact USA Embassy or their home office?

I guess you have american citizenship?

I was in similar situation when married my husband- 4 years ago I needed visa to work in England.
We got married in Poland I had my marriage certificate translated in English and had appointment with British consul.
My first visa was for a year ,second was indefinite.I don;t know about American Embassy but I remember that I had to wait for a while for my appointment.
19 Feb 2007
Life / Polish people have low self-esteem? [80]

)....Sorry if I upset you Iwona!!

You didn't. I think that all of us get sometimes angry here and writes harsh things.
19 Feb 2007
Life / Polish people have low self-esteem? [80]

Are you happy with your life in Britain Iwona?.......Or is life here really that bad?


it is not so bad. And in my previous points I was writing about Uk and Polish weak and strong points.I think it is bit unfair when peopel accise me that I am always so negative about England. That is not true.
18 Feb 2007
Life / Polish people have low self-esteem? [80]


It was bit sarcastic - What a big SUPERMAN like you says is the law for me.

or maybe you are female....but I don'k think so.
12 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Thoughts on Britain and the British [273]

I think that Poland is much less divided than Uk.

I also noticed it that English, Welsh, Scottish.....are a bit like 3 different nations.

My experience in Uk is positive , people are in general friendly but I agree with Maati that English seem to be more reserved that Scottish or Irish. I don't know why maybe it is culture thing.

There are some differences in in our cultures referring to : relation ...even our attitude to death is different.
9 Feb 2007
Real Estate / Apartment purchase in Poland [226]

I think that if you buy and sell apartment withing 5 years you will have to pay 10% tax.
7 Feb 2007
Life / Black people in Poland [357]

I wuldn't trust "faith like this"

In the end of the day everyone makes his own choices and distnguish what is good and wrong.
I wouldn't say that any faith says to kill other people. There are extemists,sick people who twist it.
5 Feb 2007
Life / Black American Living In Poland [283]

I'm even rethinking about visiting Poland. I don't need that racist **** treatment. I thought racism was IMPOSSIBLE for poles. I was wrong.

Why go through that pain? Bring her to America where you won't have those problems. If you go to live in Poland, you are at their mercy with no hope. I read somewhere here where there was a racist rally in Poland and nobody condemned it publicly. Think about this before you make that fateful mistake. I wouldn't.


Isn't it prejudice?

Racists are everywhere.What about UK with its "super political correctness" "mulitculture" - Since I moved here there were quite a few racists murders here. yes murders not racist rally but senseless, aggresive MURDERS.

From my short visit in I USA I aslo nticed that it is quite much racism there.... so sorry what is worst in Poland?
4 Feb 2007
Polonia / Germans: Do Poles like them or dislike them? [217]

My problem is what other foreign folks, I assume German ppl, told him, that he was so scared of being robbed in PL and told me he was affraid to speak English, so he will not be robbed on the street. (!)It's like paranoia. I was walikng through the most expensive, beautiful streets in Warsaw with him (Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Nowy Swiat).

Isn't it German propaganda/prejudice?

I was today in WHSmith bookshop and looked trough travel quide about Krakow says that Krakow is one of the safiest towns in Poland. ( I didn't check what they say about Warsaw , I will) But it is probably like anywhere in some places after dark isn't very safe.
4 Feb 2007
Life / Black American Living In Poland [283]

I think that Kochana Babcia is right. It depends on people income where they live.

Place where I live now is nice new estate with good schools and I can see any people living here eatern european, Black, Asian......I know that most families are attracted by good schools.

I would say that people are more divided by social status than race.
4 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]


To be honest I also feel lonely in UK.

but the truth is that everybody here have already their pals and a Pole won't fit in there and is rather omitted.
I don't know.....
I have polish friend who is happy in UK and she fits very well.
I think that it is very easy you adjust.

People in UK are friendly in general.... my problem is that I didn't meet here many people " similar to me"- going on the same waves as we call it on Poland.With my polish friends in Krakow I am just myself I say what I think and they understand me...Here it is different: different culture, behaviour....attitude....


I wouldn't say that I hate Uk or it is hopeless is just different.....The same like for foreingers Poland is different...strange....
4 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]

Patrycja doesn't put anyone down. She tries to help.

Let's face it , Barx thread sounds like outburst of little spoilt child...."I hate here I want go home".....he doesn't look for advice he wants people to say ..O , yes you are right Polish, Poland is hopeless ...we are so symhatetic to you ...come back...

There are few more people on this forum who have polish girlfriends , buy properties in Poland but their attitude is much more sensible and mature.
2 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]

90% of Poles I know will say that they hate Poland and this country is really hopeless.

I am Polish and I don't think so.

Once is better , once is worse....but hopeless...hate.....quite big words.
2 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]

I think that there 2 kinds of people.

People who easily acommodate on emigration and people who don't.
If someone is unhappy in new place and can't settle he gets aggresive, resentful and blames new surroundings.

I think that it doesn't matter if it is Poland, France...or China.

Each country is different has different culture....and I think that it is better to be open for new than whinge.... I admit I sometimes do it but I try to look at myself with critical eyes and stop.

but every person is different and everyone knows within their heart and self where is truly home
that is true ... and that is why decision about emigration is quite difficult
2 Feb 2007
Life / How are people from Warsaw viewed and why? [20]

It's the people who come from little villages and smaller towns that don't like Warsaw. It's the little-town mentality

That is not always the case, I think that some people from Warsaw can behave in a superior way and not everyone likes it.
2 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]


Even if it is the case it doesn't justify his senseless statements:(.

Whenever I say anything no very postive about UK( not nasty just little things...) I always meet with abuse here.
2 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]


You are completely looser. No social life, no pubs, theatre,culture, exhibitons in Warsaw.....nothing....noone show any emotions.....such a shame.....

Work, Money. TV, Sex, Sleep. Nothing else.

wouo describe Uk with these words....very,very materialictic little spiritual
30 Jan 2007
Life / Non-verbal communication of Polish people? [10]


good observation.

When I got in line, a different woman angrily pushed her way in front of me because she had been in the store longer than me. Maybe that's a custom?

It happens sometimes I think these are still remains from our "push and queue culture" in previous years.But really not everyone does it.

I've also noticed that Polish men do not openly flirt with women when there are other people around. But when you get away from people, they change dramatically and become more flirtatious than men of other races.

True, I sometimes think that in our culture men often like to be perceived as strong "macho"....maybe they are little shy and embarassed to be so flirtatious with

their mates around.

I recently went to a Polish Deli and I gently tapped a female worker on the shoulder to ask her a question and she looked at me like I had hit her. I got the impression physical contact is not common among Polish people like in other cultures.

I think that in private, family relation we don't differ much from other antions. In public....we are probbaly more reserved.....
29 Jan 2007
UK, Ireland / Welcome to the UK, passport please.... [13]

How often do do you use these words ?

I heard some of them but not all. With p....d I am always confused and p...up I think one is drunk and one is angry I always mix them.

And one more.... You like asking somtimes ( my manager does it) Are you happy? I was confused first time. IN English I understand it as "are yo glad , content" in Polish we don't ask it very often, mainly ask close friends and we mean it exactly in the deep meaning of being "happy".....
26 Jan 2007
History / RIP Ryszard Kapuscinski [8]

I remember we were reading his book at school- The last Emperor , I think.
23 Jan 2007
News / Countries in Europe where abortion is allowed/not allowed? [110]

This is very controversial subject and there are lots women with strong pro-abortion and anti-abortion views.That is why people get agitated , shout....

I am pobably like Patrycja in general pro-life but......there are different situation, circumstances....I think that guess is a good person but as you she said she tried to please everyone and didn't decide for a baby even she wanted it. She just needed someone who would support her in this moment.
21 Jan 2007
UK, Ireland / Scotland/Poland the brave [23]

I was reading somewhere about polish soldiers who stayed after war in Scotland.
Most of them married Scottish women.

The say that some old Scottich ladies still feel bit nostagic about some polish offcers....:)