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Apartment purchase in Poland

Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #1
I had done a search on buying property on the board, but not found as much useable info as I had hoped, therefore can I ask people who have experience of buying an apartment in Poland to relay their experiences to the board on the template format below?

I am particularly interested in non-Polish purchasers, given that we don't really speak the language and this makes the experience so much more difficult!

Overview - this should consist of, your gut feeling as to how the process went from start to finish, who you had to deal with and how things have finally turned out, and would you do it it again!

Where you bought - exactly where, why, advantages/disadvantages.

Price you paid - for the property, agents, solicitors, other parties

Who did you buy from - was it a private sale, via an estate agent, or notary - again advantages/disadvantages. Which is safest for non Polish speaking buyers.

Time scale - from initial search, arranging appointments, getting papers signed, delays, reasons for same.

What to look out for - this basically means, that there are certain golden rules you must be aware of through the whole buying experience, ie what to check, what to look for, what not to do any other nuggets of information only insiders would know about!

Finally, if you have links of use, please post them at the end.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

serpico 3 | 19  
15 Oct 2006 /  #2
excellent idea.... im going in january with the same intention.... might i also add, does anyone know if you have property auctions in poland? if so, please give details.

Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Oct 2006 /  #3
All house sales go through a notary. If they don't then something is wrong.
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #4
Wroclaw, so you can cut out the estate agent, whats their status legally in the whole process, fees, etc?

What percentage go for straight private deals?
15 Oct 2006 /  #5
I know they do have property auctions but am not aware of any specific details.

You could start with two of Poland's biggest internet auction sites

Ebay is still quite new in Poland so the listings aren't that comprehensive. Allegro is more established and has many more listings. Obviously both sites are not dedicated to property but Allegro has a very active property section that's worth having a look at.


As Wroclaw said all sales must go through a notary. They have to be involved in order to put a "legal stamp" on any transaction whether it is a private sale or through an estate agents.

Typical estate agents fees are about 2.5 % - 4.5%. Every office is different.

There is an english speaking website dedicated to the Polish property market called Personally I'm not to ofond of the idea that they charge you for full access but each to their own.

Where are you thinking of buying ?
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #6
Wroclaw itself, some where around the Rynek, or in one or two selected areas just north of the within a five minute walk.

Whilst in the city itself , I don't believe I saw an estate agents office along the lines we have here in UK/Ireland.

I have the allegro site you've listed, thanks.

Any other thoughts, info, again personal experiences are best.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Oct 2006 /  #7

We do have estate agents here. Not quite the same as the UK but they are here.

Do you want some addresses ?

Also, I'm on the north side of the river. Unless you go into the suburbs you will only get a flat, if you want to be within five or ten minutes of the centre. Please bare in mind that a lot of apartments are for first time buyers and are therefore small by some standards.

I don't know if you are familiar with this: Property here is described by the square metre and not by the number of bedrooms [English style] A big flat in the city area would be about 150 sq metres

I'll look in the paper tomorrow and give you an update for the Wroclaw area.
15 Oct 2006 /  #8

I am in the TriCity at the moment buying property - I have extensive Polish connections and am working directly with a Polish partner which moves things from being bl**dy difficult to actually quite easy... he does all the tricky things and I put up the money... works for both of us...

We are buying and converting attics in what are called kamianicas... tennement blocks... the one i signed for yesterday is about 300 sqm and we hope to convert to two or three appartments... it is potentially a lengthy and complicated process but the ROI makes it worth the investments...and it would not be possible for me as a Brit without my Polish contacts...

Buying in Poland as a member of the EU is fairly straight forward - there are some restrictions impossed mainly concerning agricultural and forest land but this is wonderful Poland and many things become possible if you know the right people... if you get my drift...

My property adventures are based around the TriCity - firstly because I know people here and secondly because I like the place - great fun to be had year round! Property prices vary greatly and the sqm rate for Sopot can be anything upto 14000 Zl. Saying that, there are still plenty of bargains around - I saw a large house by the Uni in Wrzeszcz this weekend for about 300K Zl - ideal for conversion of to let to local students... another in the centre of Gdansk for 250Zl and hope to buy a place by the nearest lake to the city for about the same price...

I posted loads of links the other day for a similar question somewhere - will try to track them down and post them here

Channel 4 Buying proporty abroad forum


The following might help but most will have English translation...

nieruchomosci - estate agent

wynajem - rent

sprzedaz - sale

pokoje - room

domy - house

mieszkania - flat

dzialki - land

Anyone who speaks Polish better than me is welcome to correct...


The following sites will lead you all over the place
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #9
Guys, a big thanks so far, plus all the links will act as a part resource for future posters!

Yes, Wroclaw am looking for an a apartment in your very own town.......!

Ideally, I am looking for a recently renovated or good order apartment in a stylish building, 60-70 sq metres.

But am interested in the ins and outs of the whole process, plus ideally they say you're best to go accompanied by a Polish person, if thinking at all about buying, makes it all so much more buyer friendly.
15 Oct 2006 /  #10

I have been exchanging emails with several would be investors in the Polish property market including a gent by the name of Peter who's doing exactly what you're doing in the Tri City (I'm assuming there's no connection).

My girlfriend is also a licensed real estate broker in the Tri City so you and her probably know the same people. She was at the Gdansk exhibition this weekend

I am in the lengthy process of trying to organise a property pool of investors who are willing to invest money in the market with the Tri City and Wroclaw being top of the list.
15 Oct 2006 /  #11
Spiritus... there is a connection... :)

anytime you want to come on board let me know... you have my email id
15 Oct 2006 /  #12
It's a small world !

I have only been on this forum for 2 days and have met yourself and someone I have spoken to on the phone a few months back........not to mention a nice lady from Prestwich :) (which is just down the road from me)
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #13 wouldnt be in Manchester/Bury area are you?.....:)....
15 Oct 2006 /  #14
i am going to poland to buy apartment what is the best way to bring mony there cash, travel check or what
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #15
You mean to make a payment to purchase?

Ideally a bankers draft, or an electronic bank transfer is even safer.

If its as a deposit, I believe you require 20% of price ( stand to be corrected), perhaps travellers cheques would be handier assuming they are widely accepted in Polish banks.
15 Oct 2006 /  #16
the mention of cash seems to get you a better price and will put you attractively at the top of the list if other interested parties have to get a mortgage
15 Oct 2006 /  #17

I'm in Bolton.

Don't tell me we know each other as well !! lol


If we do then I will give you the £ 20 I borrowed when I get paid......I promise ! lol
Er....that applies to anyone else that may know me.
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #18
Naw, very much doubt it, am in N Ireland, but know my way around Manchester, fav city in UK!

Great win today!

But I will pretend to know you , can you send me a virtual £20 note...that'll do nicely!

Have you been to Wroclaw, or have contacts, recommendations there?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Oct 2006 /  #19

I've sent you an e-mail. It's a serious offer if you need a translator and some help.

Did you get it ?
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #20
Just checked Wroclaw, no sign of it...some times things a re a bit slow between some mail accounts!

Plus I sent one to you......1 min ago!.....:)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Oct 2006 /  #21

check now.
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #22
Got it, thanks for that! Will be in touch, Frank
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Oct 2006 /  #23
I'm off to bed,

OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #24
lef 11 | 478  
15 Oct 2006 /  #25
Yes, Wroclaw am looking for an a apartment in your very own town.......!

Going by real estate sites, properties are over priced... a shity looking apartment in a high rise flat was worth 350,000zl.....moma mia...overseas buyers beware...
15 Oct 2006 /  #26
i am paying cash for the full price w/o agent and some body told me that if i want to cash t/c then the bank take 4-6% and electronic transfer from my bank (i am in usa) to bank in poland may take up to a month they can't guarante that i will have the money within a week
OP Frank 23 | 1,183  
16 Oct 2006 /  #27
Gee......dubious transaction in any country......wait and see what some of the locals say !!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
16 Oct 2006 /  #28

I can't tell you how to spend your money. But there are plenty of people here who will cheat you out of your fortune and spend it for you.

One of the tricks here is to sell a house that actually belongs to someone else. [the owner is living in England/USA etc.

Make sure you have a notary deal with your purchase, Otherwise it will mean nothing at all.
16 Oct 2006 /  #29
Make sure you have a notary deal with your purchase, Otherwise it will mean nothing at all.

Yeah right. Is "notary deal" in Poland still like 2%-3% of the whole transaction? I would prefer to buy a home in Mexico than to pay so much for a notary signature. It's a steal - shame on you, the Polish government.
old punk - | 25  
16 Oct 2006 /  #30
Thank you for getting this thread started and all of the helpful info that has been added. We are also in the market. This is a big help.

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