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10 Nov 2007
Language / Occupations in Polish! [8]

" Table of occupations appearing in 19th century ..."

be careful especially when you translate from English to Polish.
Many words are not used any more.
22 Oct 2007
USA, Canada / No US Visa Waiver for Poles - 8/9/07 [96]

Some of them even work on someone else's social security number.

and what?
Emplyer must withhold taxes anyway? The only thing which they don't have in that case is tax return if they paid more.
18 Oct 2007
USA, Canada / Help with CIS/INS [18]

hank you both. I am going to keep searching for a certified translator UNLESS someone from CIS (not the teleservice center) says otherwise

It does not have to be certified.
If you check mu posts you will find everything what you need.
7 Oct 2007
Life / Bolek i Lolek [30]

I was raised on Bolek i Lolek as a child.

Do you want to try again? r=O&category=&title=&person=&date=&firm=&sort=rank&x=0&y=0
30 Aug 2007
Law / US citizen whose Grandparents came from Poland - citizenship question [14]


I am a US citizen, but my Grandfather and Grandmother came to the US from Poland.
How can I apply for Polish Citizenship, and a Polish Passport?

When they emigrated from Poland? Do you know a year?
Where and when your parents where born?
30 Aug 2007
Language / "Jest Mi" vs "Jestem" - the difference [11]

can someone please explain to me the difference between Jest Mi and Jestem???

Jestem = Ja jestem = I am

"Jest mi" is completely different thing. It usually describes your state.

Jest mi (how?) przykro = I am sorry

Jest mi (how?) dobrze = I am happy
13 Aug 2007
Genealogy / Is my family surname (Reslofsky) Polish? [18]

Would that be Polish?

Polish name would be Reslowski (he) or Reslowska (she).
So definitely this name comes from Poland, but it was changed to German name someday.

It was not done by her directly, because in that case her Polish name should be translated to Reslofska. -sky suggests that she has name from her father. So her father could be Polish, but she was German.
13 Aug 2007
Language / To sa truskawki , To jest chleb. Difference between the two? [22]

what if you were asking "where is the bread?" could you say "gdzie jest chleb?" or would you have to use plural?

the same way you will ask where is water / gdzie jest woda

and not where are waters
bread is non-countable if you are not thinking about loafs.

if you buy two loafs of bread somebody eventually can ask you:
Where did you put breads (because you bought two of them).
11 Aug 2007
Life / Where to live in Wroclaw? [30]

hello I am coming for studying in wroclaw university of technology in september end.

what Department?
9 Aug 2007
Life / Where to live in Wroclaw? [30]

Thanks for your help.

Give me a couple of days.
I will try to refresh my contacts in Wroclaw
7 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Advertising for Electricians in Poland to work in the UK [14]

we had to employ a neighbour who is a qualified electrician

You should hire qualified electrician from the beginning, not just people who says that they are electricians. It would save you a lot of money.

- It's so strangely happens that whenever you allegedly are in touch with the Polish people and Poland, then it's all bad, extremely negative, evil, inadequate. But when numerous people - unlike you trueblue Brits - are in touch with the Poles, then their experiences are overall positive. I wonder why it's so?

It is a problem of many Polish people who never were abroad or who are frustrated.
They don't accept themself and everything around them is bad, and everything abroad is perfect.

Just make a correction to everything they say or they write.
Read polish newspaper. Whatever is written there is written to show how wrong something was done. So people who read those, think that polish world is really so bad, because if it was written so in newspaper it must be true.

That thinking comes from old times when the only available newspaper always was showing "true" about wrong western imperial world.
7 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Advertising for Electricians in Poland to work in the UK [14]

Gazeta Wyborcza:

And don't put it as advertisement. Nobody reads those pages with ads.
Just put is as regular article with leader on a first page.

depending on city
you can also put ads in local newspaper or better local TV.

look also here:

it is government department (urzad pracy) which advertises offers from abroad
You can also find local offices

just type in google: urząd pracy (and name of city)

like urząd pracy warszawa:
urząd pracy kraków:
7 Aug 2007
Language / genders in Nouns/ VERBAL NOUNS/ PRONOUNS/ DIMINUITIVES/ CONJUNCTIONS - A brief Polish Grammar lesson [32]

Nouns change ending depending on verb used. (Case ending)

Kocham (who, what, kogo, co) )must use word in accusative
(f) (m)
nominative: Marta David
genitive: Marty Davida
dative: Marcie David
accusative: Martę Davida
instrumental: Martą Davidem
locative: Marcie Dawidzie
vocative: Marto David

Ja kocham Martę. Ja kocham Davida.

I don't see... Ja nie widzę (kogo, czego - genitive) Marty, Davida

We are talking about , My rozmawiamy o (o kim, o czym - locative) Marcie, Dawidzie.

You touched the most difficult thing in Polish grammar.

Similar thing applies to verbs
to love - kochać
(present tense) (past)
I - ja kocham kochałem
you - ty kochasz kochałeś
he,she - on, ona kocha kochała
it - to kocha kochało
we - my kochamy kochaliśmy
you - wy kochacie kochaliście
they - oni kochają kochali

Ja kocham Martę. I love
On kocha Martę He loves
my kochaliśmy Martę We loved ...

Good luck.
And don't learn that to hard. It will come by itself.
My two years old daughter speaks Polish correctly even if nobody teaches her Polish grammar. Just listen a lot.

My wife is Polish

Zaneta is a female name, and you have wife !!!! :)
5 Aug 2007
Life / Where to live in Wroclaw? [30]

Polish reality is completely different that Australian or US.
There are no apartments/houses for rent as you think about that.
No agencies or managed properties. Usually those apartments are rented by private people who wants to get some extra money. Agency does not manage that apartments. Just connects you and owner, takes money and that is all.

Wroclaw is a student city. 3 bedroom apartment will cost you about 1500 - 2000 zl per month and it is hard to find apartment where owners don't want to see it every week to check if you don't destroy it.

And forget about apartments with swimming pool or gyms. They don't exist.
You can find apartment with or without furniture. It depend on owners if they have furniture which they don't need. Stove is for sure, refrigerator is very common.

I don't know what appliances are in Australia so I have no idea if they match Polish standard. I can send you a picture of Polish connectors so you can see. 230V/50 Hz.

Let me know for how long you want to go to Wroclaw. I will try to refresh some of my connection in Wroclaw. Maybe my friend will help. Do you speak polish a little?
5 Aug 2007
Feedback / forum new feature request ;) - ignore a member [26]

Hi, I think that it would be a great idea to make an option

Registered user should have an option to go to somebody's profile and leave comments about that person. Like on ebay.
4 Aug 2007
Genealogy / Grabinski family crest - what it means? [22]

Here is the beginning

It is Polish sign (herb) used by famous families in Poland. This coat of arms is called Pomian.
When you click some links you will find more information.
Try also find something about Pomian in Google.