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Where to live in Wroclaw?

Selina 6 | 11  
17 Jun 2007 /  #1

We are a family moving from Finland to Wroclaw. My husband got a job over there and before I will move over (with two small children) we should be able to find a house/appartment.

I assume that some areas of town are better than another? So, recommendations would help a lot :-) Specially, since I have never been over. Are there some areas (in southern part) that you would recommend? Looking for safety around nice neighbourhood, "western standard of living" and perhaps a possibility to have a small yard. English kindergardens would also be nice to have, at least somewhere in the area.

Any information/comments will help a lot. My husband will be in Wroclaw looking for houses/appartments, but he has as little information than I do :-)

Thanks & cheers,
Ranj 21 | 948  
17 Jun 2007 /  #2
There's a man on here who goes by the name Wroclaw who might be able to help you....he lives there, so he would be the man to ask.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
17 Jun 2007 /  #3
I'll give you some ideas tomorrow. Hope that's OK.
OP Selina 6 | 11  
17 Jun 2007 /  #4
Thank you Wroclaw! That is more than Ok :)

And greetings from rainy Finland

To get back to this...

Currently we have been looking for appartments in Krytzi and Fabryczna areas. Are we even close to the areas we should be looking from :-)

TripTic 3 | 95  
19 Jun 2007 /  #5
Fabryczna areas rulezzz!
I used to live for 28 yrs in Hallera street area which is on the Krzyki-Fabryczna "borders".
Very good call selina !! Hope you get used to this lovely place.
20 Jun 2007 /  #6
Hi Selina !

We are a french expat family in wroclaw with two young children as well. The areas you are looking at are fine, krzyki probably being the best since close to the Poludniowe park (best park in the south of town for children).

You can either rent a house (with yard) or apartment in a complex (many new places with "plac zabaw" (playground) included so that your children can mingle with other polish kids.

Having a house is nice but bear in mind that here in Poland you are responsible for cleaning up your part of sidewalk (leaves in fall and shoving snow in winter), a little bit of work.

But after all it is a personal choice.
There are also nice places north of town but it depends what the commute to work is.

There is a british school (located inside a polish school) ulica Trwala but if the kids are young it is often a better option to register them in local school (przedszkola). My daughter in 2 years here is fluent in polish. :) and seems very happy.

I hope i helped you a bit. I was like you a while ago, arriving here, not speaking polish and discovering Wroclaw. It is a great place to live in with a family (parks, zoo, mountains for the week-end, etc..)
OP Selina 6 | 11  
21 Jun 2007 /  #7
Thanks Frenchexpat for you message! :-)

My daughter is 5 and son is 2. I would like to go for english kindergarden, since staring next fall (2008) my daughter will going to international school. She should learn engish by then. Idea of Polish kindergarden would actually be quite interesting, but since we may be relocating after few years to another country, I think I need to go for English.

I will be coming over in beginning of July to see more appartments/houses. I think we will be going for some kind of appartment (much easier). But I have not found that many appartments from Krzyki (looking from online agencies) that would be over 100m2 (min. 3 bedrooms) and in good condition.

But, let's continue looking. :-)
21 Jun 2007 /  #8
no problem, my kids are nearly the same age (5 and 1) !
It is true that there are fewer big apartments but you should find with time. I am in Wroclaw beginnning july so if you need anything...

good luck !
sven - | 2  
24 Jun 2007 /  #9
Hi all !

I'm a french student in engineering and i'll have to do a training period in Bombardier Transportation in Wroclaw during the semester of autumn 2007 (from september to february). I'm actually trying to rent a room or an appartment in Wroclaw but I don't speek polish. Do you know website or do you have some contacts to rent a room ?

I'm searching for a room (or an appartment) which cost approximately 300 euros a month. It'll be good if the accomodation is located in the center and near transport facilities.

Thanks !
magda09 1 | 54  
24 Jun 2007 /  #10
I'm searching for a room (or an appartment) which cost approximately 300 euros a month

you know, you need to understand the costs of rooms and apartments first. I can only wish you do not get cheated. I think you will save money if you look harder, maybe yourself
Sin8 2 | 17  
26 Jun 2007 /  #11
Hi I think a nice area is Biskupin, Zacisze or Zalesie they have a lot of pre war villa's, are very green and have a lot of amenties - tennis courts, swimming pools, training grounds and a beautiful park. These areas also have good links to the centre....
29 Jun 2007 /  #12
Hello Selina!

I am in very similar situation.
Finnish person, living in Finland and considering to take an assignment in Wroclaw.
I have a family too, 2 sons 5years + 7years. The plan is that wife would be a house-wife
while our assigment in Wroclaw.

Why I am still considering?
The older son was planned to start the school in Finland Oct/2007...
He speaks only Finnish. Not aware yet, what are our options.
The plan is to spent only couple of years in Poland and then come back to Finland...

I would be very nice if you could share your experiences from your home looking visit in Wroclaw.
OP Selina 6 | 11  
1 Jul 2007 /  #13
Terve Finnish expatriate! :-)

I'll share my experiences after my trip to Wroclaw. I'm leaving this Wednesday and will be back in Finland beginning of next week. Looking forward to the trip - "talk to you later".


Hi there, just got back to Finland from my Wroclaw visit. City is really beautiful, of course parts of it are not that nice, but Rynek is really something. Really love the athmosphere around the place.

When it comes to finding appartment, that is the tricky part. I went around with couple of real estate agencys and the appartments/houses are really something. Some are nice and some are really horrible, even though they are in good neighbourhood/area. So, my recommendation is to keep on looking. To name the places I liked the best, Biskupin and Kryzki.

But, the cost of rentals is really high. At least the places I went to see, they were asking a lot for them. I would compare the prices to Finnish prices, they are that high.

About kindergardens, don't know yet whether to go for english or for Polish one. English would be nicer for us, but... this issue still remains open. Need to look into that once the housing issues is solved.
slwkk 2 | 228  
10 Jul 2007 /  #14
But, the cost of rentals is really high. At least the places I went to see,

Well, first of all real estate agencies want to make money on you... then you can be sure, that some of these appartments are owned by foreigners who also want make money on you ;) Simple advice..... try to find some appartment owned by Polish people who just went abroad for a couple of years or sth like that and they want to rent it. I know... easy to say :> Maybe make an offer to someone from Wroclaw who will be looking appartment for you on some condisions....
OP Selina 6 | 11  
10 Jul 2007 /  #15

Thanks for a good advice, but as you said - it may be a bit difficult. Let's see what will happen. At least 2 or the appartments I saw were owned by foreginers, and the price tag was according to that.

Let's continue the journey!
10 Jul 2007 /  #16
Hi Selina&co

I have been waiting for your comments from your trip. thanks for those!

I and my family have same situation -we are planning to move to Wroclaw with our 5 year old son during the fall. we haven't started yet to hunt appartment or english kindergarden etc so all feedback is really valuable!

Keep in touch and enjoy the ride :)
12 Jul 2007 /  #17
Afternoon all,

I am considering now a job at Wroclaw. My family includes wife and 2,5yrs son and 0.8yrs girl. So if I read correctly the family/peacefull/"quality" places in Wroclaw to live are Kryzki and Biskupin ? How about healthcare for small baby like we have, any comments about good private clinic or hospitals nearby Kryzki/Biskupin ? What about finnish/international club of house-wifes with children, are there any that you kow???
katjusha 2 | 8  
15 Jul 2007 /  #18
Hello there!

I'm happy to find this site and all you people! I've searched and googled all sorts of pages relating to Poland and Wroclaw, but found little really relevant. You are just the people I wanted to hear from :)

Our family is also considering moving to Wroclaw because of my husband's work. We've nerver been even in Poland, so our heads are filled with questions and more questions. We have three kids, aged 9, 7, and 2 ½. The two eldest should go to school there, possibly to some of the international ones (so far I know: the british international school and the international school of wroclaw) Does anyone know if either one of these two is on the south side of the town? Is there some major differences between these schools?

I'm also keen to know if there is a scandinavian / finnish club for moms with children! If there isn't maybe we should start one :)

Maybe I'm rushing things a bit now... negotioations have barely begun at my husband's work place and all the options are still wide open...

Anyway, I look forward to hear your comments about Wroclaw and moving/living there!!!
Good luck to all you guys, hope you find a nice place to live in!!!
OP Selina 6 | 11  
15 Jul 2007 /  #19
I'll keep you posted... from my part. And the idea of Finnish/Scandinavian "moms-club" sounds really nice, even though it would be just two of us :-)

I heard that there is an international club in Wroclaw, founded just for foreigners (expats wifes mainly) and they have some activities on-going. Don't know the details yet, but will know more as soon as we will move to Wroclaw. I will definately join them, looking forward to having social life... :-)

About the international school. I am not the most trustworthy source, but I think that there is one english school close to the old town (somewhere close to Arkadum shopping mall). That is for bigger kids, I think from from 5th grade up. And the school for younger kids is located 3-4km southwest from the downtown. If you are looking from the map (google is a good one), it would be in the west end of Hallera street (on south side).

And one more thing about the shopping facilities (groceries etc.). In south (road E40) there is a major shopping area. You can find pretty much everything from there (groceries, furniture, clothes, shoes). There are similar areas at least in east side... these are the ones I presonally saw/visited. For example groceries, Tesco and other markets beats finnish Prisma / Citimarket 10-0. This was one of my personal concerns when we started discussing about move to Poland. Wasn't sure that we could find "our food" from there, specially when I will be running the daily routines at home. This is definately not an issue, there is so much more than you can even think about.

I know how difficult it is to try to find for answers when being in Finland. Hope to see you around Rynek someday! :-) And good luck to you all! Let's keep in touch.

katjusha 2 | 8  
24 Jul 2007 /  #20
Hi again!
Thanks for the tips, Selina! Good to know that there are good groceries, small things (like getting special milk for the allergic ones) can really matter !

About the school thing, I googled a bit more and found out that there really are two separate international schools in Wroclaw. One is Wroclaw international school (WIS), and it's located in two different buildings, just as Selina described. It follows New Zealand curriculum and has been running for some years now. The other is British International School, Wroclaw (BISC) and as the name tells you, it's based on the British educational system (groups from the age of 3 up to age of 18). It was opened only last September. (Another BISC has been running in Cracow for a few years.) This one is located inside a Polish sports school, just as Frenchexpat told a few lines earlier :) Both schools are quite expensive, but I guess in most cases, if it's the company who sends you away, it is is also the one who pays the bills...

Our situation (to go or not to go) hasn't been yet solved as the whole of Finland is on vacation in July ;) but I'm still more than happy to "hear" how you people are getting along!!

Enjoy the summer .. aurinkokin paistaa vaikkei sitä näy ;) Katjusha
witek7205 1 | 65  
5 Aug 2007 /  #21
Polish reality is completely different that Australian or US.
There are no apartments/houses for rent as you think about that.
No agencies or managed properties. Usually those apartments are rented by private people who wants to get some extra money. Agency does not manage that apartments. Just connects you and owner, takes money and that is all.

Wroclaw is a student city. 3 bedroom apartment will cost you about 1500 - 2000 zl per month and it is hard to find apartment where owners don't want to see it every week to check if you don't destroy it.

And forget about apartments with swimming pool or gyms. They don't exist.
You can find apartment with or without furniture. It depend on owners if they have furniture which they don't need. Stove is for sure, refrigerator is very common.

I don't know what appliances are in Australia so I have no idea if they match Polish standard. I can send you a picture of Polish connectors so you can see. 230V/50 Hz.

Let me know for how long you want to go to Wroclaw. I will try to refresh some of my connection in Wroclaw. Maybe my friend will help. Do you speak polish a little?
9 Aug 2007 /  #22
Thanks for your help. It is great to hear from people who have an idea of what is going on. Too bad about the indoor swimming pools, but I thought it might be a stretch. Our kids have been spoiled by the beach culture over here, so I fear moving across for winter in Poland will be a big shock.

We are bringing our own furniture now - so unfurnished apt will be fine - just need to find the right houses or apt owners who don't do inspections every week! Hopefully close to a good school.

We are planning to be in Wroclaw for approx 3 years. I do speak French and some German, but my Polish to date is quite poor. It's a tough language to learn!

A picture of the Polish connector would be great, although I am guessing that we will need current and plug converters.
Thanks again.
davidpeake 14 | 451  
9 Aug 2007 /  #23
good to see another aussie moving to Wroclaw
witek7205 1 | 65  
9 Aug 2007 /  #24
Thanks for your help.

Give me a couple of days.
I will try to refresh my contacts in Wroclaw
Sin8 2 | 17  
11 Aug 2007 /  #25
Hi guys

In October I will have two properties available to rent:

One in Rakowiec, just off ul na niskich lakach about 5 mins by car to the rynek/10 mins by tram. This is a two bedroom apartment 86m2 with large 36m2 terrace in a gated development with gym & sauna. Small development of 22 apartments.

Also a four bedroom/3 bathroom house with garage in a gated secure development of 40 houses in Tyniec Maly very close to Bielany Wroclaw & LG factory, bus into pl. Dominikanski and about a 20 minute drive to the rynek.

Both properties will be finished to a high standard with all mod cons and can come furnished or unfurnished. I would have a preference to rent them directly rather then use an agency so if any interest let me know and further details can be supplied

Good luck with your new life in Wroclaw, I am also aiming to relocate there with my polish husband from London next year, it is a great friendly city and I'm sure you'll all settle in very quickly.

love_sunil80 14 | 127  
11 Aug 2007 /  #26
hello I am coming for studying in wroclaw university of technology in september end. It woul dbe great to be in touch with you as I would need a room too for myslef probably I can tell my colleagues too who woul dbe intrested in the same. I would like to know if you have any special arrangement for international students and will you be renting to students and what will be the cost. looking forward hearing from you. take care.
Sin8 2 | 17  
11 Aug 2007 /  #27
Hi Love_Sunil80

I do have a flat in ul Boleslawa Prusa this is about 15 minute walk to the main square/rynek and a short walk to the university of technology which is located near plac grunwaldzki. This is a one bedroom flat, fully furnished 48m2 with underground storage, this apartment building is new from 2003. There is an eat in kitchen, bathroom and living room with balcony. This living room can also be used as a bedroom making the flat a two bedroom flat and in fact we rented to polish students last year and that was the arrangement they had. It is free at the end of September however it would need to be rented for at least 6 months minimum.

The cost per month is 1400 + bills which will be your electricity and heating.

We wouldn't rent a room you would need to take the flat with a friend or by yourself, I don't know what your budget is but if you are interested let me know and I can send you photos etc.

There would also be a one month returnable deposit.



Hi Love_Sunil80

That is 1400 polish zloty for got to mention that.

witek7205 1 | 65  
11 Aug 2007 /  #28
hello I am coming for studying in wroclaw university of technology in september end.

what Department?
23 Apr 2009 /  #29
Hi All

I may give a hand to all those who wants to come to Wroclaw and live there. If you need any kind of information just contact me:

23 Sep 2009 /  #30
Hi ..

I came from Finland to Wroclaw, I have a project there for 2 months and I am looking for a single place. Until now it has been impossible to find a [lace for such a short time but I still hope that I can find some thing, for now I am living with a friend but soon I will have to leave that place. some reasons but any ways I hope I can get some help from you,..and originaly I am from pakistan .


Ali ---

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