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22 Jul 2007
Love / Which is better? Being single or being in a relationship? [92]

Being single has its pros and cons like any thing else. If your happy with yourself and single great. If you need someone to make you happy not good. I'd rather be single and happy then married and Miserable . Life is to short to be sad and Miserable. Its all in the chemistry and timing.
4 Jul 2007
Love / Do Polish Women Date American Men? [46]

I dated a polish women for five years and we got along great . I'm from Irish-American back round. I think polish women go for the european style men. I have to say the polish have a strong culture and I totally respected it. I also knew a few polish girls from the neighborhood of boston and I have to say they are hot to this day.
3 Jul 2007
Love / Polish-American dating success stories [41]

There are great guys out there and I would be one of them. I am American but was raised in a Irish family (first generation). Was not really spoiled and was taught to work hard for everthing you earned. Happy 4th of July everyone