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25 Jul 2009
Feedback / Why do people post on polish forums [27]

Maybe it's just because we like poland and polish people and want to interact with others of similar interest and find out more about poland. It's a very useful and fun way to learn and chat. I think we are interesting, sociable and intelligent people who come on here

That's why I used to come here a lot
21 Jul 2009
Love / Polish boys - are they handsome? [46]

Akira: get the fukk out to the UK and find yourself a girl.

I think Wyspi should start her own advice column
22 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish workers in England, advice need to find a place to live and a job. [10]

In all honesty it's probably not the best time to be coming to the UK

I have to agree with Shelley on that one, although there is always seasonal summer work coming up. Your friends best bet is to start looking for a job while he's still in Poland before coming here. What type of work is he looking for?
18 Jun 2009
News / Polish nursery rhyme book says Germans smell and gipsies sell their children... [28]

That's English originally, you nicked it.

Lots of old children's rhymes from any country would be considered racist nowadays.

what about this one?

My mother said, I never should
Play with the gypsies in the woods
If I did, she would say,
Naughty little girl to disobey
Your hair shan't curl, your shoes shan't shine
you gypsy child you shan't be mine.
28 May 2009
Life / How much do you HATE POLISH PEOPLE and POLAND [1260]

I hate vodka guzzling, smoked sausage devouring, ugly, stupid, lazy Polish n*88*r bast*rds!

Actually Poles are Slavs not negroes, you obviously don't get to go outside your padded cell very often if you can't tell the difference
27 May 2009
News / Euro Elections 4th June - Who will you vote for ? [110]

Well lesser the Irish are a stubborn people and will fight to the bitter end, so we could be in for a long haul.

In fact the more they are expected to vote yes, the more of them will vote No
26 May 2009
News / Euro Elections 4th June - Who will you vote for ? [110]

Blair stepped down and he stepped in becauase there was still some of the term to serve in office for Labour.

Blair stepped down and labour party members should have had the opportunity to vote for a new leader, there were other contenders aside from Brown, but the party whips, or Brown's bully boys 'persuaded' the other contenders to withdraw, making Brown the only candidate, it was not a democratic process. They should have had an election in October 2007, but the one eyed twat isn't that stupid, he knows no fekker would vote for him, so his clinging on for as long as he can and dragging the country down with him.

One thing's for certain the three major parties are going to get a bloody nose on 4th June
26 May 2009
News / Euro Elections 4th June - Who will you vote for ? [110]

We'll vote for him, I think he'll be good for us.

You vote for him, we didn't

Ill also be voting NO again to the Lisbon Treaty

Good for you, I wish we had a chance to vote No. Our unelected Prime Minister never gave us that option
25 May 2009
News / Euro Elections 4th June - Who will you vote for ? [110]

I want to know who likes that Gordon Brown guy????

At least 63,000 don't

I've got 11 parties to choose from, all I know is I won't be voting for any of the main three
16 May 2009
Language / Difference between Polish Ł and English W [23]

You obviously have spent time in the South East of England to have heard this, what you regard as 'lazy' is a regional accent.
4 May 2009
News / Is Poland ready for the swine fever stuff? [59]

For what it's worth, the 1918 flu was also a swine flu of the H1N1 variety.

Only in 1918 they didn't produce flu vaccines, they are already working on a vaccine for this one now, which will be available within the next 6 months.
2 May 2009
News / Is Poland ready for the swine fever stuff? [59]

This is how ill it can make you

if it was that potentially lethal would they let his kid stay with him?
26 Apr 2009

forgive me an unapropriate metaphore but comparing to this german camps were like holiday resorts

When I was a child we had neighbours who had been in Japanese POW camps, one woman was a child when she, her mother and siblings were put into a camp, she was deaf in both ears as a result of a Japanese soldier beating her across the head with a rifle, her hair had turned completely white at the age of 13 because of what she had suffered, she even witnessed them pour petrol over her 10 year old brother when he was ill, because they said he was infectious and the only way to eradicate it was with fire, someone stepped in saved the boy at the last minute. another neighbour had been a soldier in the POW camp, he wasn't around much as they would regularly take him off to the psychiatric hospital, but I do remember one occasion he was allowed home, his teenage daughter came to our house so she could eat an apple, the sound of an apple being bitten into reminded him of a whip being cracked. I've heard my father and grandfather talk about men they knew coming back in a terrible physical and mental condition after being in Jap camps
24 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Average height of Polish women [107]

I'm around 5 foot 6 or so in the evening

?? I thought it was only Alice in Wonderland who could change her height
18 Apr 2009
Love / Polish men vs German men: Who is hotter? [513]

hehe right, but sometimes exotic men seem more interesting... different lifestyle, language, accent :)

At the end of the day they all fart, belch and scratch their balls and expect you to wash their smelly socks and pants for them. Romance is always a short lived thing whatever the species
12 Apr 2009
Love / I can't trust Polish women any longer - where to meet a foreign girl? [123]

The last one makes me want to be with her,so I have to do sth to break the attraction.

you'll regret that when you're old and'll remember my words when the day comes that you offer to buy a girl a drink and her reply will be "If I wanted to bring me granddad I would have done"..don't say I didn't warn you
12 Apr 2009
Love / Need help in relationship with a Polish man [33]

He says he has to work lot because I'm not working but the truth is I feel neglected, when we do go out he is rushing me so we can go home and
he can sleep

If he is having to financially support both of you, then of course is going to have to put in the hours and it's hardly surprising he's tired at the end of the day. Of course he's tired when you are not, he works while you're sat doing nothing all day, then you complain that he asks you for some help with translation, not a very big ask IMO.

So you're in the UK without a VISA, what the hell would you be doing for food and accommodation if you didn't have your boyfriend paying for everything? Sounds to me that you need him more than he needs you.

I'd like to hear his side of the story, he's probably getting a bit bored of the selfish sponger he's having to support, who complains when he asks for a little help with some translation.