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10 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in UK. Ch. 3 - Food [93]

Hey Ksysia.

Buy Anzac wine as follows:
Red, australia: Wyndam Estate or Wakefield
White, New Zealand: Montana Marlborough.
(IF you have one near you, go to Costco. Marlborough at 4 Pounds a bottle, last special offfer. I brought 100 bottles back to Ireland with me recently from Glasgow. It's 12 Pounds a bottle here, in Tesco).

Both are cheap and very good quality, far superior to any any European wine in the same price bracket, better than any other Austrailan.

Strange that you should mention Jacobs coffee!
I buy that in the Polski Sklep here (Ireland btw). It's cheaper than an equivalent coffee in any supermarket..

Eat Irish or Northern Ireland or Polish pork products, better than their mainland UK equivalents. (Cuisine de FRance is an Irish company btw :D - love their croissants )

English Ales are very good, if brewed in the local breweries. You will find the best ones in Yorkshire, best ales in the world. It's not on the way to Scotland, but worth the diversion to Huddersfield just to try the local ale. M1, M62, continue to M6 then for Scotland...

Loads of Polish in Glasgow :) It's a cool city besides, if a bit on the tough side.

@time means
aaarggh, a Meerkat. Where's my combat shotgun!

Still, I guess that means more pies for me, then :)

I got salmonella from an English pie once.....
Only time I ever got food poisoning

It may be illegal, but this English chap definitely had sold me off milk.

I got off milk a few times, in Dublin. At least it won't poison you ;)
Lesson: buy milk in supermarkets where they look after it better.

The range of wines is, like a lot of things, very limited, unfortunately.

Actually, no. The range is quite good. Expensive and getting more so though.
So I bulk buy in Glasgow when I'm over there.
10 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Irish view of Poland? [17]

I'm Irish, living in Ireland. I've met lots of Poles here over the past few years.
They're a seriously sound people and very welcome in my country.

I like the Polski Skleps too, as I once lived in continental Europe and got used to types of food that just weren't available here in Ireland until the advent of the Polski (and other Easten European) Skleps.
10 Oct 2009
Language / Pan/Pani necessary? [8]

Heh, I ran across Pan and Pani issues when I was in Portland OR, USA of all places!
I used some of my Polish with a Pole resident there, and was slightly too familiar in my language.
This is an issue I haven't run across in Ireland.
If in doubt, always use the Pan/Pani form.
10 Oct 2009
Language / Anyone use "SERWUS"? [46]

Serwus is an everyday greeting (similar meaning to cześć) in the Transylvania region of Romania. In Cluj I would hear it all the time.
18 Jul 2009
Language / Example sentences for different cases. [42]

This person is a woman:
In this instance "woman" is an instrument of "person", hence the instrumental case. (This is how I think of it!).
"This is a woman" is nominative as no actions are being done in the sentence, so kobieta - nominative.
Correct me if I am mistaken
31 May 2009
Language / Learning Polish online help [21]

Download the Polish Reference Grammar from here:
It contains sections on Masc Fem and Neut noun declensions.
31 May 2009
Language / Dual language books..SUGGESTIONS? [10]

@Baltic Paul
You'll find two grammar books here which will tell you a lot about the cases' uses :)

Also, "The Little Prince" is a book available in Polish and English, used as a dual text learning aid. It's not too difficult.
28 Apr 2009
Language / Iterative and semelfactive verbs [37]

Hey, lots of tasty verbs here....
I love verbs of motion, especially irregular ones
Present tense-
chodzić, iść
chodzę, idę
Past tense-
chodziłem: I went - determinate, but if you are indeterminate it's szedłem: I was in the process of going but hadn't completed the action.

I love this verb, it's one of my most favourite Polish verbies ;)

Thanks for the verbs guys.
15 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / Tough times for Poles in Ireland [4]

Tough times for everyone in Ireland these days.
Much of the country's recent prosperity was built on a property bubble which has now burst leaving the economy starved of funds. Ireland is worse off than most countries. Still not as bad as Iceland though :) Membership of the Euro zone made all the difference.
15 Apr 2009
Language / Do Polish Movies Help learn the language? [60]

it is hilarious and it is a classic...

Just watched it lately. It's really very good.
I remember seeing it years ago on BBC 2.

I googled "what's the best Polish comedy" and found a forum full of them :)
And I still can't find subtitles for Miś!
14 Feb 2009
Language / What do you find difficult about learning Polish? [98]

I know alot of finnish, and russian. Will knowing these languages help me?

Finnish in unlikely to be a help I think. It is quite different to Polish, for example Polish mixes prepositions sometimes with its case endings (! for a Finn) and also the adjective and noun endings don't match (!!) in Polish like they do in Finnish.
14 Feb 2009
Language / What do you find difficult about learning Polish? [98]

We got 15 in Finnish

Um, some say that there are a few more possible cases:
Prolative (+tse =by means of (przez+Ac in Polish))
And a couple of wierder ones:
Eksessiivi (Finnish nomenclature, ending -nta. Could maybe be the called the "excessive" case in English (heh)
Lative... but we're geting into theoretical stuff here......

I have read that there are Finnic languages which have 30+ cases!

Finnish doesn't have grammatical gender.

Er no, but that is about the only aspect of Finnish that is easier than Poish.
Finnish has mindnumbing compound nouns.
My favourite example: tottelemattomuudestansa (meaning "because of his lack of obedience").
As a native English speaker who has had a lot of contact with both Finnish and Polish languages I can definitely assert that Finnish is much tougher!

Finnish cases are much easier than Polish. And I was sooooo relieved to find no gramatical gender in Finnish.

Both languages are a lot of fun to try and learn though.
14 Feb 2009
History / germany prepares for invasion of Poland [43]

Agreed.....had it not been for Herr Hitlers constant interference the German army would have been a lot harder to beat , perhaps impossible....

Thankfully the Bohemian Corporal was such a military incompetent. A pity the German Army Officer class didn't spot this and kill him earlier on.
14 Feb 2009
News / Zloty goes down, good news for ex-pats in Poland [18]

Euro is the way to go.
Złoty will stay low for now - this will bring inflation to Poland in a few years' time, so not so good news. Same goes for Sterling and USD. Any country that effectively allows its exchange rate to go artificially low will experience inflation as a result.

Times aren't too good.
9 Feb 2009
Language / What do you find difficult about learning Polish? [98]

Top List of the hardest languages to learn

This list makes no mention of Finnish or Irish, both of which are tougher than German. I expect that Breton and Welsh are also no cake ride.

Then Sami is a lot of fun too...
29 Jan 2009
Language / adding się [21]

Verbs which contain "się" have a reflexive nature in general referring the action in some way onto the speaker.
24 Jan 2009
Language / Do Polish Movies Help learn the language? [60]

Here's two, that I watched during the week:
Tylko mnie kochaj
Nigdy w zyciu

They're witty romantic comedies with predictable plots in which the actors speak quite fast. A bit of fun.
There are also English subtitles available for them.
24 Jan 2009

I suppose I'd side with HAL9009, if only for this person's honesty in admitting that the above distinctions between Polish and Russian are really all a question of personal bias-:)


2. What? Why?

'coz of the women! - oh and er, because I'm learning Polish I suppose.