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Children's TV programs and cartoon names to learn Polish

tonykenny 18 | 131  
5 Feb 2009 /  #1
I am looking for children's TV programs and cartoons to watch in order to help learn more quickly. Afterall, it seems to work ok for British kids glues to a TV all day in their early years... they communicate effectively 'init'? oh... hmm, not a great example.

Anyway, I'm hunting around but I don't know the names of the cartoons or 'early years' educational programs. Can anybody help with a few suggestions? Things like we had Rainbow and play school in England. (and not the rainbow 'twangers' episode).

thanks again

McCoy 27 | 1268  
5 Feb 2009 /  #2

this guy uploaded many disney's cartoons in polish.
SeanBM 34 | 5786  
5 Feb 2009 /  #4
Can anybody help with a few suggestions?

Although not exaclty for children.

I found Kasia i Tomek helped me a lot, it is simple Polish they use and you can practically tell what they are saying by what they are doing

Plus i fancied Kasia ;)
LondonChick 31 | 1133  
5 Feb 2009 /  #5
Last time I was in Poland, I watched Sesame Street - but was totally confused...
stepfanie_pol - | 5  
28 Mar 2009 /  #6
seems like watching those cartoons are not so good because they speak fast... i only understood few words only not really the whole sentence they're talking... hehehe
osiol 55 | 3921  
28 Mar 2009 /  #7
Kids programmes tend to be dubbed into Polish rather than get the voice-over treatment that almost everything else gets. I have seen a bit of C-Beebies (the BBC channel for young kids) in Polish, so that includes um... Teletubbies. Oh dear! But there are plenty of other kids programmes I've been subjected to, and I don't understand very much even though I can manage a reasonable conversation in Polish (with the help of a bit of waving me arms about, miming and pointing at things).

The Moomins - Opowiadanie Muminków
Lazy Town - Leniuchowo
Teletubbies - Teletubisie
ボボボーボ・ボーボボ - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
30 May 2009 /  #8
We have cartoon network in Polish maybe you can get it some how; there are also some other "cartoon channels", like Jetix
Mivan 1 | 5  
31 May 2009 /  #9
Just do not watch the Włatcy Móch.
U won't learn anything from this cartoon :)
HAL9009 2 | 323  
31 May 2009 /  #10
Bolek i Lolek

Moomins are Finns, so it must be a Polish dubbed versio!
magpie 6 | 133  
4 Jun 2009 /  #11
Does Polish tv have teletext/subtitles for the deaf? Using this while watching often helps, so long as the text is close to the spoken words.

It can be irritating when a long spoken sentence gets written as "Hi" or "Yes"

Kids DVDs are good as you can often have subtitles on at the same time, again, the closer the subtitles to the spoken words, the better. Otherwise it's very distracting.

Amongst the best things to watch on TV are wildlife programs, such as those by National Geographic, or BBC/David Attenborough for example.

The reason is that the scene is usually self explanatory; cute fluffy thing in foreground, thing with big teeth in the background. You can usually tell what's going to happen and concentrate on the words themselves.

There are also lots of gaps in the narration while you watch the gazelle get torn to bits (or whatever) to allow you time to 'digest' what you have just heard.

Also, the narrator will be well spoken, use almost no slang and speak slowly. Unlike many kids shows.
lngecraw - | 2  
4 Jun 2009 /  #12
Do you know of anything with subtitles online?

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