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Learning Polish online help

4 May 2006 /  #1

I can't find any Web pages online to learn Polish, do you know any good ones,
I appriciate any help on this?

4 May 2006 /  #2
4 May 2006 /  #3
some articles
5 May 2006 /  #4
I am from Poland. I can speak a little English-if you wont i can learn you polish
22 May 2006 /  #5
Inter I've found the best way to learn Polish is to actually go there, I made friends with a group of Poles living here in England and last summer we went on a roadtrip all round Poland.

I was only there for 2 weeks but I learnt much more there than I ever would on the internet. Polish is a hard language to learn and you really need to be in Poland as you can get lots of practice, for example asking for things in a shop and using Polish money etc.
2 Jun 2006 /  #6
Actually, this website is very comprehensive for first year Polish:
11 Jun 2006 /  #7
Rosetta is by far the best program I have found its a little expensive but
if youre serious its well worth it.
jstacho 1 | 1  
6 Sep 2007 /  #8
Topic attached on merging:
learning Polish

What is the best program for learning Polish?
Lightbulb 1 | 39  
7 Sep 2007 /  #9
What is the best program for learning Polish?

I like Rosetta Stone, although I think it's really best to find a book to go along with it, because it's purely "immersion," with no instructions as to cases and tense and so on. Rosetta Stone along with a nice dense text from the library is working nicely for me, I think, although it's still early - I haven't learned too much yet. :)

Also, the free trial of the Transparent Polish program is nice for learning a bit of vocab and pronounciation.
7 Sep 2007 /  #10
the free trial of the Transparent Polish program

also got four languages from here inc polish
marriedpole - | 1  
9 Sep 2007 /  #11
hi, if someone could please help! I'm looking for a website or dictionary that can translate the English key board way of writing a polish word ? it's hard to explain my wife writes me a sentence in polish but with out the tails and symbols when i goto the polish dictionary and some of the words i can't find
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
9 Sep 2007 /  #12
when i goto the polish dictionary and some of the words i can't find

If she writes it with the Polish letters in an electronic form, you should be able to simply copy & paste them, I can copy & paste Russian letters/words in MS Word (but not in Notepad) and in my browser (Opera), even print them and I don't Russian fonts installed on my computer.

If you actually need to write those Polish letters yourself, there are several threads about installing Polish fonts - just look at the section "General Polish Language"

Or maybe your problem is linked to the declination/conjugation and you are looking for wrong forms - here's an example, from an other thread, of what I mean

'zwrotow'you can't find this one ('zwrotów'), because it's not in it's basic form (singular, first case - denominator), it is 'zwrot' you should be looking for in this case it's not the presence of those letters, that makes it hard to find a word in a dictionary

If you don't need to use Polish fonts too often, and don't want to change any settings on your (or especially on someone else's) computer, you can always use Polish Wikipedia ( - when you type a word they don't have in their definitions, a bigger search window appears and right under the search bar you can see "Klawiaturka:" and then Polish fonts follow
17 Oct 2008 /  #13
its a polish keyboard
mbiernat 3 | 107  
17 Oct 2008 /  #14
polish grammar is the best because it is drills not tables. I never learned anything from a table. But you go through this and you will see common ending patterns
sausage 19 | 777  
17 Oct 2008 /  #15
polish grammar is the best because it is drills not tables

Yes, it's pretty good - there are also some very concise explanations of cases which are well worth reading.
christie - | 1  
27 May 2009 /  #16
Merged: Noun declension resource?

hi all, any polish language students out there know of a good resource for polish noun declensions?

i'm thinking of something like the "301 Verbs" style of book. the 301 verbs is perfect for looking up verb tenses that won't stick, now i would LOVE to have something for those noun cases that are constantly slipping. :D any resource, short of me having to simply create a catalogue of noun cases, would be wonderful!

thanks to all for any thoughts you might have on this!
HAL9009 2 | 304  
31 May 2009 /  #17
Download the Polish Reference Grammar from here:
It contains sections on Masc Fem and Neut noun declensions.
15 Jun 2009 /  #18
15 Jul 2009 /  #19
Try this:

Great online courses!
6 Dec 2009 /  #20
hi, has a course that you can download onto pdf format and do at your own pace. The situations, conversations and pictures are typical of what you would find if in Poland. It always helps to have a native speaker to check your pronunciation though. If you want to go for rosetta stone I would recommend trying ebay US for 100 pound less!! Or try the old fashioned way of a bottle or two of vodka with some Polish friends, good luck to everyone who wants to learn :-)
Dominica - | 2  
11 Dec 2009 /  #21
maybe this hepl !!

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