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where to buy polish food online in US?

10 Dec 2008 /  #1
I like to ship my family members Polish favorites at the holidays -- my brothers like kishka, my mother loves krakowska, everyone loves kolacky and pierogi and golabky. I've found a few places like, or

Any other suggestions on where to order online to ship all over the US?
loco polaco 3 | 352  
10 Dec 2008 /  #2

holy crap, that's expensive.
MJO - | 2  
24 Dec 2008 /  #3
the shipping is a killer.

I get stuff from Wardynski's out of Buffalo, NY

darek - | 1  
14 Jan 2009 /  #4 they are the best cheap and fast
15 Jan 2009 /  #5
I AGREE WITH DAREK, in my opinion is number 1 store can buy there really tasty and good food from Poland.I already ordered few times from their store, so i know
Toledo Polish  
21 Jan 2009 /  #6
Try a tradition from the lagrinka polish village in Toledo, Ohio: Stanley's Market

You can order online by clicking on the "shop online" link in left column.
18 Feb 2009 /  #7
Krakus Market website -
Phone # 215-426-4336
This is Polish Deli/Restaurant in Philadelphia PA with a very large selection of anything your heart desires. The shipping is not that bad - they ship UPS vs FedEX (that one is a killer). You can order online or you can call them - the menu online doesn't provide prices but you can call them and they will e-mail the prices or call and they are very helpful. Also you can ask for any kind of cheese, drinks, spices, jelly's etc...

Just an advice - being 100% Polish try sticking with Polish Delis for authentic food. There are alot of knockoffs (especially pierogi & kielbasa).
Hope this helps!!!

P.S. For little kids try Veal Hot Dogs (Parowki Cielence) they love em!!!!!
23 Apr 2009 /  #8
try to find local polish grocery store in your area, use this: or
andybaker - | 2  
24 Apr 2009 /  #9 in the Polish Village in Toledo, OH and for Polish Coffee Cake. I should know, I make a ton of them.
barbie7034 - | 1  
8 Jul 2009 /  #10

I sent my dad a big gift basket from POLANA one year and he loved everything...until he went to place an order for some good kielbasa and kabanosi himself a few months later. He's a Polish guy who retired in the mountains of northern Virginia and can't even get rye bread let alone some good kielbasa. He was shocked at how much the order and the shipping came to and once his order arrived, he noticed that all of the kielbasa had been shrink wrapped and had a sticker on each that said ANDY'S of Chicago....

... It's the exact place where POLANA orders all of the meats you buy from them! And not only is the cost of the product about 1/2 of what POLANA charges, the shipping is less too! if you call ANDYS they will even send you a catalog by mail... I HIGHLY recommend ANDYS for amazing meats!
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
8 Jul 2009 /  #11
I happen to know Polana. It got more expensive when the owners changed and Yes, way overpriced. The meats comes from other Delis, Andy's is cheap, so they get the business...

Polana does not make its own brand.
Unfortunately, polish retirees who move away are stuck with the prices.
10 Jul 2009 /  #12
Darek above mentioned that is the best, cheap and fast. Well, just to present another point of view: I recently placed an order through them and so far my shopping experience there has not been the best. My order has arrived, but there were problems. I ordered dried vegetables, ptasie mleczko candies, some kisiel packages and a DVD. The first thing that arrived a couple days ago was the DVD, and when I tried it, it didn't work on my DVD player connected to my TV, but it worked on my computer's DVD. I called their customer service immediately, and someone named Darek (what a coincidence!) said they will have someone else get back to me the next day, but no one called me yesterday nor today. I called them again today and left a message, and I hope they will get back to me. I have another DVD made by the same company, and that one works in my regular DVD player, so I think this one is bad and needs to be replaced. The rest of my order arrived today, but I'm not very happy with what I got. The ptasie mleczko (for those not familiar with it, it's chocolate-covered marshmellow candy) came all stuck together because the chocolate melted, and it had a funny smell to it, like it was cooking in the box on the way from NY to CA. I guess you can't order anything with cocolate from them in the summer because they don't package it sufficiently. If they used a little styrofoam box with an ice pack, I'm sure that would have helped. The dried vegetables were a disappointment too because the package was so tiny and it looked like it was bigger on the picture on their site. The kisiel was the final nail in the coffin - the bags were wrinkled and one of them was so bad that it had tiny holes in it, so the kisiel powder spilled and made a mess in the whole box. Plus their item description didn't say the weight of the product, so it was hard to know how much kisiel you were getting. I hope they call me back and rectify the situation, and perhaps that will change my opinion. If they do call me, I'll update my post here. And if they don't, I will never order from them again. Also, it's disappointing that they don't carry any Polish sausages, but maybe just as well because since they don't use adequate packaging, the stuff would just spoil and make people sick.
francesca - | 2  
14 Jul 2009 /  #13

If he is in Northern Virginia, tell him to check out: -- Polish & European deli and grocery store in Rockville, Maryland
mirek12 - | 4  
2 Sep 2009 /  #14 is inexpensive and they have a lot of products. I bought couple times from them and I am very satisfied. They have fast shipping and good customer service.

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