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5 Nov 2009
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

Jesus is real have no doubt. saved my behind a few times. more.

Mmm, not so sure cheehaw. Heard plenty of people claim God or Jesus has helped them but I've never seen the evidence. I can understand how at a difficult time your faith in a god and words from a holy book can give you strength, courage and support; but to say that God or Jesus has physically done something to help you is simply twisting an interpretation of the way something occurred to try and prove the existence of a god. When I hear people say 'Oh I prayed to God and this happened and it saved me from harm..' I always wonder why God didn't bother to save the millions of people who must have been praying to their last breath to be saved as they starved in concentration camps, choked in the gas chambers, shook with fear as they were lined up to be shot. Tell me, why was your 'behind' considered by God to be worth saving and their behinds weren't?

"Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. Earth and sky fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne etc etc."

Powerful words; some might say beautiful in a strange way. But it doesn't alter the fact that so often when believers in God are asked to show some logical, proveable evidence for their belief, or at least something that can withstand a degree of questioning, they quote from the very book which non-believers are asking them to prove is the true word of a god.

The way I see it, if anyone who is going to use the god/religion argument to oppose abortion, they need to show some evidence of the validity of their sources, i.e God and the Bible or whatever holy sources their beliefs are based upon. This isn't just an anti-Christian stance I'm taking but I would include any other faith if their believers were to use their religious beliefs as an argument against abortion. You see, the problem with using the god/religion 'facts' as the basis for your argument is that you need to convert the non-believer to your faith before you can actually use this argument, which probably isn't going to happen as such a person will always require some rationality when all you can offer is irrationality.
3 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

but where is the person he was when we first met?

Some people are not their true selves at the start of a relationship as they will try to be what they think the other person will find attractive, though in some instances people will use the start of a new relationship to try and be the kind of person they really want to be themselves, perhaps by trying to get out of bad habits etc, which is no bad thing. However, it is not always possible to maintain this change of character and it's likely your man is reverting back to his old, or true, self.
3 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

I love him and vice versa...but he doesn't do nice things as often as before........I mean.....things that I would cooking nor dinners at home.......nothing....I mean, it would be nice with a romantic dinner with candle lights at least once in a while;)......

I think you love him but...but not so sure about the vice versa bit I'm afraid. It's doing these little things for the other person that shows you love them; little sacrifices, surprises, shows of affection. My point is, a person has to want to do these things and they must come naturally. Too many guys do these things as if they've read them in a book or have seen them in a film and they think there's some tick-list you work through in the first few months of the relationship and then when they've done everything they just sit back and believe the relationship will look after itself. I'm not saying your man is bad in any way, but I think you are looking for someone who's main pleasure in life is being with you and doing all he can to make you happy. He needs to realise that a good relationship is a high-maintenance commitment from both people in which they constantly show how important the other person is to them; anything else is just growing old together and waiting to die.
2 Nov 2009
Life / Buying Cigarettes in Poland, Gdansk. [21]

I buy Marlboro' gold/lights for about 96zl for 200 in Krakow. I think sometime around the start of this year Poland was removed from the list of countries from where you can only bring in 200 cigs. The countries to which this still applies are Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania according to the HM Revenue & Customs website. Just type in something like 'cigarette allowance from Poland' and it should come up with 'Travelling to the UK from the European Union (EU)' where it will tell you what you can bring in.

Typical, uk government always made a big deal about only bringing in 200 cigs from Poland but kept it very quiet when they changed the rules to allow us to bring in more. I only noticed it by chance one day at the airport when I saw that the very small print at the bottom of a poster no longer included Poland on the list.
28 Oct 2009
Life / Surgery in Poland (varicose veins)...anyone with experience/advice? [18]

Some "clinic in Gdansk" is being visited this evening to chat about the procedure.

Hi cjj, how did your visit go? Has it helped you come to a decision? Positive and negative feelings, cost and any other details etc. would be appreciated. Regards.
22 Oct 2009
Life / Surgery in Poland (varicose veins)...anyone with experience/advice? [18]

Thanks fall or the responses.

eventually had surgery mid may of this year

Thanks KS. I assume you had them 'stripped' or cut out; can I ask why you chose surgery as opposed to other less intrusive methods? And yes, it would be good to get some details of everything: time in hospital, time off work, appearance afterwards, any after effects etc. I'd appreciate that a lot.

My husband is wondering about starting this whole process :) He's been for a medical opinion so is now waiting to hear about options ...

I'd also like to hear what route your husband chooses: where he chooses to have it done, whether by traditional surgery or other means etc and any other useful info you may find. Thanks cjj.

No need to go to poland mate.

Thank you Mark, I have checked out this link and it sounds promising. Have signed up and will see what happens as hopefully waiting another 6 months won't make a huge difference. Didn't realise such organisations exist.
22 Oct 2009
Life / Surgery in Poland (varicose veins)...anyone with experience/advice? [18]

I'm thinking of coming to Poland for surgery on varicose veins (yup, reached that age!) as the NHS in UK say my condition is not serious enough for them to consider operating and if it was the waiting list would be nearly a year even if I was accepted.

So, has anyone on PF had experience of surgery, hospitals etc. in Poland, particularly if you came specifically to Poland for treatment....and do you have any advice? My preferred location would be Krakow as my g/f is from that region. Thank you.
16 Oct 2009
Love / How do u know if a polish man likes u? [37]

shame those Irish prats were not "Rough" enough when fighting a Polish guy... HaHa :-D
I think it's commonly happening cause I was in Ireland once and they seemed scared when heard my polish accent when being in one "rough" pub :-)

Looks like a big chubby guy beating a smaller chubby guy and then beating a smaller skinny guy. Don't think the nationalities are really relevant, do you? Most people would bet on the bigger guy to win. But all rather childish and silly, don't you think?

And yes I do understand that people can be frightened of a Polish accent. As well as being one of the world's three most difficult languages to learn it is also the fourth most frightening accent in the world behind German, Welsh and Vietnamese, although the latter is probably down to people watching too many re-runs of 'The Deer Hunter'.

Don't know what any of this has to do with knowing whether a Polish man likes you. Still, it's a quiet Friday at work......
6 Oct 2009
Love / Advice for meeting her Polish parents! [44]

Apparently if they give you duck's blood soup to eat it means that they don't want you seeing their daughter again! least that's what my Polish workmate told me the first time I went to meet my Polish g'friend's father. Was he winding me up or is that true?! (I got pierogi and home-made cake so I guess I passed inspection...)
9 Sep 2009
News / Microsoft Poland whitens a black face in its advert [130]

If you arrived in Poland for the first time and walked around Galeria Krakowska or similar places in other Polish cities you'd think from the images and adverts of people in the clothes, shoe, spectacle shops etc that you were in a truly multicultural society. But step outside this artificial environment and try to spot such ethnic diversity; if you do it's probably some guys from Blighty on a lads' weekend. I don't think it's morally worse or more insensitive to delete a black guy from a picture for reasons of marketing strategy or whatever you want to call it than to create the idea of a phoney United Colours of Benetton type world which doesn't, as far as I can see, exist in Poland....
20 Aug 2009

I can understand a Polish woman might like an Arab for the same reasons as she would like any other man; but as a long-term or permanent thing why would a Polish woman want to escape from the constraints of Catholicism to risk more extreme oppression under Islam if her relationship with an Arab became permanent?
14 Aug 2009
Love / A Story of mine [47]

I recently read in a novel ..."your heart gets broken once, after that they're just scratches"...or words to that effect. Maybe that was the case; or maybe you just thought it was love but experiences you will have later in life may make you realise it wasn't true love but an infatuation. Whatever the case, you will be a stronger person for your experience but the most important thing to take from this experience is to remember how you felt to be treated this way and make a promise to yourself that you will never treat anyone this way.

Good luck and have a happy life AvJoeUK :)

p.s I can't resist saying this, but you know you are in love when you find Warsaw to be 'an amazing city'! I find it grey, souless and depressing but when I was there with the woman I love I nearly liked it! Next time find a girl from Krakow, Gdansk or Wroclaw.... lol.