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14 Jun 2009
Love / Kotek - is it normal for my boyfriend to call other girls this name? [30]

I saw a text message that he sent her by accident.

Now forgive me but "how do you accidently see a text message" exactly ... now either you were looking over his shoulder when he was typing it, which i cant imagine or you went through his messages on his phone which seems likely ... not at all jealous and insecure there are we?
14 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]

London is principally geared towards Tourist hence more to do ... but when you've seen it once you dont need to see it again and to be honest there is things to do in other areas outside London if you know where to look and go :)
13 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]

I'm just waiting to turn 25 and then i can start claiming benefits ha ha... I hear other Poles do it with great success.

that will be working tax credits then lol

It depends on the area as to where is Dirty ... Where is expensive (London as a whole generally speaking hence the higher wages there to counteract this) and Dangerous places(1.Glasgow,2.London,3.Manchester Withenshaw (or however spelt) area possibly)based on news feeds and mass media depiction of these area
11 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / What is it with black culture in the UK? [22]

It is not just blacks as you eloquently put it that carry out knife crimes and that ... this crime happens principally yes in large cities namely knife happy places especially Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, London its a sign of the time Gang culture is evident in all societies not just UK but across Europe and Murders happen just the non story grabbing ones you never hear about ... Polish people being murdered, kids being murdered, people commiting suicide these make story headlines across all media platforms to provoke a mass panic within society which has been duly caused in some respect by the media in the first place.
8 Jun 2009
News / Euro Elections 4th June - Who will you vote for ? [110]

It is going to be interesting the rest of the results coming in thats for sure ... i didnt vote for anyone but im interested to know whats going off (ive been following more on facebook)
7 Jun 2009
News / EU elections in Poland: excuses for not voting please [43]

i havent voted in 12 years and i am not likely to anytime in the future

oh and provisional results of the European Elections are in ->
1 Jun 2009
Language / "The Polish Language Boom" [9]

no, no, in the 2nd year they will learn how to swear. Ooops, ....everybody learns that first

i didnt learn the swearing first i learnt the basics and how to be polite first but each to their own i guess i never thought it was polite to say pierdole sie ... kurva .. gowna ... jebanym .. etc etc etc ..

but i guess each learner is different :)
1 Jun 2009
Language / "The Polish Language Boom" [9]

Why aren't there more English schools teaching Polish over French!

when they have a revolution ... :D
1 Jun 2009
Travel / Wizzair cancelling flights [23]

i know they dont do the Doncaster to Wroclaw route anymore neither ... but offer Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Katowice still for the time being
1 Jun 2009
News / American wanting to know about views from Poland [37]

Merged: CNN wants your views on Poland

watch the video then upload your responses to youtube you might find yourself part of the week long special broadcasts being screened on Poland from tomorrow :)
30 May 2009
Life / Transport: the best way of moving stuff to Poland. [11]

Now would it be cheaper for me to post this out from the UK

it might be cheaper to do it in a few trips ie store at a relatives and take with you when you do need it ... :)

other than that there is a few listed peeps in Panaroma magazine or Polish Express newspaper i could have a look and send you numbers if you like?
30 May 2009
Life / List of Polish movies on DVD with English subtitles [30]

R Brzostek

thanks for that will help extend my collection a little


i have this as well lol and find it funny in places ... but i use polish rapidshare sites to grab films from sometimes better than bittorrent engines



nusia82 [Guest]

not sure these might help

just google "english subtitles for Lejdis" and do a search
11 May 2009
News / POLISH TIME CAPSULE - what Polish item are you going to put in it? [20]

1. a dvd of eclectic diversity of music fits more on than a standard cd ;)

2. a homemade film/documentary which doesnt just show one area of Poland but array of areas including places people probably wouldnt think to go to (ie non-tourist areas)

3. a selection of recipes

4. a large bottle of wodka

5. a newspaper of the day the capsule gets buried on :)

i guess that would be my 5
7 May 2009

coincides with the fact on the 5th and 6th June there is a festival at Błonia in Krk .. nothing like a bit of a marketing ploy if ever there was one not that Krk needs it!
5 May 2009
Life / Mexicans/South Americans in Poland? [14]

i know i shouldnt have but i giggled when i saw title of this thread and wildrover's post .. must be the humour shared