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List of Polish movies on DVD with English subtitles

wojtek_bham 2 | -  
11 Oct 2008 /  #1
I've read that many people are looking for movies with English subtitles. Officially (in Poland) on DVD there are movies:
- Sami swoi (1967) - directed by Chęciński
- Jak rozpetalem II wojne swiatowa (1970) - by Chmielewski
- Wesele (2002?) - by Smarzowski
- Czterej pancerni i pies (Tv Series 1966) - by Nałęcki
- Stawka większa niż życie (TV Series 1968) - by Konic, Morgenstern
- Poszukiwany poszukiwana (1972) - by Bareja
- Żona dla australijczyka (1964) - by Bareja
- Brunet wieczorową porą (1976) - by Bareja
- Co mi zrobisz jak mnie złapiesz (1978) - by Bareja
- Kanał (1956) - by Wajda
- Popiół i diament (1958) - by Wajda
- Lotna (1960) - by Wajda
- Wesele (1972) - by Wajda
- Do widzenia do jutra (1960) - by Morgenstern
- Wajda collection (including Man of Iron and others)
- Dekalog - by Kieślowski
and others.

Many of movies were released with subtitles in US. Many in UK (including The Saragossa Manuscript, Dekalog, Three Colors, Pokolenie)
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
11 Oct 2008 /  #2
Since you started this thread, here's a list of my haphazard collection of Polish movies on DVDs, with the indication which of them have English (and sometimes other) language version (subtitles).

Polish DVDs
HWPiel 1 | 64  
12 Oct 2008 /  #3
My favorite Polish movie is: Noz w Wodzie (Knife in Water), 1962, black and white with English sub-titles. I believe it was Roman Pulanski's first movie, and what a great movie it is. Filmed in the lakes region in Pomerania.

Jolanta Umecka... quite beautiful.

Stardust186 - | 2  
13 Oct 2008 /  #4
The only Polish movie I have, with English subtitles, is Dzień Świra (2002).
podusham 1 | 8  
31 Oct 2008 /  #5
OH, this might be the thread for me. I have discovered Kieślowski and Zamachowski, but limited here in the US. I have Dekaloge and Trois Coleurs, with subtitles, at the university library here, but other Zamachowski movies... where do I find his films subtitled in English? Why do Americans not know about this wonderful 'aktor'? Any help would be great. Also, found an interview with Kieślowski on the YouTube, and now I understand why I am more attuned with this Eastern European culture more than my own....Anyone out there, please send me some good news. I am lonely for some real conversation.
Eva_K 5 | 34  
3 Nov 2008 /  #6
I have two Polish films with English subtitles.

"Ulica Graniczna" ("Border Street") a story of families and friendships on both sides of the Warsaw Ghetto wall, and "Major Hubal" a story about the Polish soldier-hero of WWII.
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
17 Nov 2008 /  #7
I just saw new editions of two cult commedies, Rejs (rather difficult for foreigners, based on absurd humour, word games and nonsense of the life under the communist regime, no real plot, or rather a plot that mostly serves to as a carrier for the jokes).

The other one is Seksmisja.

The new, special editions cost about 50 zloty (17$ or 13 Euro), and unlike the previous editions (by the same release company, Best Film) DO HAVE English subtitles (plus Polish subtitles for hearing impaired). The video aspect is still 4:3, I don't know why they didn't bother to make a transfer to widescreen :(

New releases DVD covers
Rejs: Rejs with subtitles

Seksmisja: Seksmisja with subtitles
R Brzostek - | 17  
10 Jan 2009 /  #8
There are over 160+ Polish movies with English subtitles on region 1 DVD. I would think this is 2-4 times higher for the ones made in Poland.
Moonlighting 31 | 234  
12 Jan 2009 /  #9
"Lejdis" (2008) has English subtitles.
22 Jan 2009 /  #10
Thread attached on merging:
Polish movies with English subtitles/lectors

My English boyfriend loves movies though has never seen any Polish one. Wishing to impress him I would like to ask you which movie would you recommend and also which sources I could get the movies from (I'd guess online stores here). I was thinking of comedies such as: 'Nothing funny' and 'Let's make a grandson'. I think they're absolutely hilarious. Any ideas?

Thread attached on merging:

My post doesn't actually reffer to what does this thread say about. I need an Advice, Recommend. Learn how to read, mod. No one will answer this now, thanks. I don't even know who is a mod now but I can't be bothered to check so forgive me I didn't use your name.
cjjc 29 | 408  
22 Jan 2009 /  #11

I will answer, because I have just downloaded several Polish movies. I downloaded them from bittorrent (file sharing network-illegal) do so at your own risk:

Anyways I recommend either:

To nie tak jak myślisz, kotku!



I thought they were both amusing in parts.

You can get English subtitles from many sites.
R Brzostek - | 17  
22 Jan 2009 /  #12
I think it depends on taste but something by Wajda might be taken well by someone who doesn't understand Polish culture...
24 Jan 2009 /  #13

About the worst movie I have ever seen. Made me ashamed of being Polish. Thanks anyway. And thank you Brzostek.
cjjc 29 | 408  
24 Jan 2009 /  #14
Thanks anyway

No problem. :]
R Brzostek - | 17  
28 Jan 2009 /  #15
Here is a link to my webpage with my Polish film reviews:
5 Mar 2009 /  #18
hi, where did u found english subtitles 4 "lejdis"?
i wanna show it to my boyfriend and im fed up with translating all the movie :/
17 Apr 2009 /  #19
yes, please, if anyone has english subtitles for 'Lejdis' I wiill be garteful for information where can I find them :D
imadoki - | 1  
30 May 2009 /  #20
I have same problem. I'm looking for subtitles for Lejdis but can't fine them anywhere. Can anyone help me?
jojospacemunky 1 | 59  
30 May 2009 /  #21
R Brzostek

thanks for that will help extend my collection a little


i have this as well lol and find it funny in places ... but i use polish rapidshare sites to grab films from sometimes better than bittorrent engines



nusia82 [Guest]

not sure these might help

just google "english subtitles for Lejdis" and do a search
Florin 2 | 40  
19 Jun 2009 /  #22
Hey! I'm google-ing for some weeks for subtitles for Lajdis.. and still couldn`t find.. If you can send me some link of some torrent or rapidshare site that have both files (movie and subtitles in eng) would be grate.. I want to see it , and can`t understand anything :\

Any help is appreciated!
R Brzostek - | 17  
6 Sep 2009 /  #23
Here is the link to my website as the other address will not work very soon:
Moonlighting 31 | 234  
12 Sep 2009 /  #24
"LEJDIS" : About the worst movie I have ever seen. Made me ashamed of being Polish. Thanks anyway. And thank you Brzostek.

I'm curious to know why you don't like the film. Personally, I'm not a big fan of such comedies. But any other specific reason for you? And so, finally, which film did you show to your boyfriend ? ;-)

To get back on topic, the DVDs I bought in Poland over the last year had English subtitles :

- Lejdis
- Katyn
- To nie tak jak myslisz Kotku
- 33 sceny z zycia

However, Seksmisja didn't have them.
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
23 Sep 2009 /  #25
However, Seksmisja didn't have them.

Did you buy the edition I mention in this post or the older release?
MichaelB 1 | 8  
25 Sep 2009 /  #26
The latest, more expensive edition of Seksmisja (with the cartoon artwork on the cover) definitely has English subtitles.

A couple of months ago I worked my way through my entire Polish DVD collection, checking whether the actual disc had English subtitles (because the box isn't always accurate) and posting my findings here.
vahsek84 1 | 5  
25 Oct 2009 /  #27
I see that you have a copy of the classic Ulica Graniczna with English subtitles. Is it possible for you to make a copy of the movie or a Rip and uplaod it somewhere(you have to direct me) so that I can watch this classic. I have a copy which is highly inferior in quality on my computer,resulting which is barely clear. I am at this point unable to buy the DVD. I wish I could get to see this classic with English subtitles. please let me know. you can PM me or mail me at keshavnarendran@gmail.

Thanks and regards,
R Brzostek - | 17  
1 Nov 2009 /  #28
Michael B,

Are you on facebook? It would be great to keep in touch with someone who knows so much about Polish films...
BevK 11 | 248  
6 Nov 2009 /  #29
THANK YOU for posting this, and to everyone who has contributed xxxxxxxxx
R Brzostek - | 17  
21 Nov 2009 /  #30,697716.html

does anyone know if Dom 6 DVD set has subtitles?

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