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28 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

NikaWait for the right time and place and ask her if she'd consider to be more than friends with you.

Couldn't agree more.
Right time and place + an honest talk.
Observing the situation might help you to know her better, but waiting too long might cause being more and more uncertain about her.
28 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]


Yes, yes, I am 15 and I am very stupid.
But you are 17 and you are very smart.
Because looking at woman as at a "fyck-o-mats" who just want to f*ck or "f* off" in other case, is a sign of being really adult and smart!

Have fun with "fyck-o-mats" who "just waiting to be screwed" mate!
28 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

if she doesnt give a broken tampon about him after 2 weeks she just doesnt care

Oh how much I disagree!!!
She doesn't know him well, he doesn't know her too.

And there are still somewhere people who look for relations, also friendship, not just f*!!!

You can call it "certain cultural template".
28 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

Some girls are reserved, some are spontaneous.

Take a step back and observe the situation.

It's a good advice imo.

Body language is hard to decipher both for women and men.
Sometimes people act, woman for sure now and then, because they are afraid of showing true emotions (maybe he is just kind and just likes me a bit, maybe most of Asians are always nice). It's a fear of being rejected. We don't know if men want to be in particular situation just a friend or "more than friend". We sometimes read your (men) signals but we can't be sure what they mean.

From your description Zero Cool I would say that she is just careful. And maybe she needs time to know who you are for her.

Sometimes she is really happy and nice and sometimes she just seems not interested and almost cold.

Mood swings. So natural for girls. It doesn't have to have a connection with you. Maybe she just has some problems.
20 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Its strange that there arent many Poles who live in the UK on this Forum [102]

Yes, you are right. I understand what you meant.

To some extend ;) My opinions are imho ;) just my opinions (too tired and don't have much invention with finding new words in memory ;). But yes, now I can see that it can be ambiguous.

Being not very long after my English exam I would risk a statement that using " It's widely believed, It's probably true to say, It's generally agreed, It's often claimed that, etc suggest generalising which is also valuable to some extend.

But thanks for an interesting point :)
20 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Its strange that there arent many Poles who live in the UK on this Forum [102]

why would a Pole look for a website about life in Poland in English???

People who worked abroad often start to have different point of view about Poland. Foreigners's outlook is also different. For me, just after two weeks holidays abroad, Poland seemed to be a bit sad country with many sad people in the contrary to (for example) UK.

While reading some posts I can see more clearly differences among people's approach to many matters. Also among nationalities. It's a fascinating lesson.
19 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Its strange that there arent many Poles who live in the UK on this Forum [102]

I am here because of the same reasons. And I just adore English.

As for Poles who don't participate in discussions: they lose a lot. I find most of topics here extremely fascinating. But maybe they just don't know that webside like this one exists. Well, it can also mean that they don't look for it.
19 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Its strange that there arent many Poles who live in the UK on this Forum [102]

enkidu And the answer is simple - we prefer to participate in Polish language forums without any interference from the strangers.

For me the participation of strangers is very important. Well, among many Poles's flaws one is for sure (I know it's a genaralisation again) not listening to others (well, I hope it concerns a minority of people from my country), because of simple stubbornness and a kind of "pride".

derek trotter
you guys ( not all Poles ) behave like medieval Jews, come to host country and dry its resources, no integration, no English

My friend spend over 5 years in the UK and she said that in fact many Polish people keep themselves to themselves very often. She also said that although not being integrated very much with British people, they don't support each others as much as people from other nationalities, who work or live in UK.

Dry its resources? Well, it wasn't kind... They give their work, afford, sweat, engagement, pierogi :) and you help them very often to survive... Survive means often ... really survive...
15 Dec 2009
Life / Polish books that have English translation [7]

Stefan Grabiński called "polish Poe" or "Polish Lovercraft", excellent but unfortunately undervalued Polish creator of horror fiction. I love his scary stories written in old-fashioned way set at the beginning of 20th century.

His novels:
Salamandra (Salamander) (1924)
Cień Bafometa (Shadow of Baphomet) (1926)
Klasztor i morze (Cloister and Sea) (1928)
Wyspa Itongo (Itongo Island) (1936)
and collections:
Na wgórzu róż (On Rose Hill) (1918),
Demon ruchu (The Motion Demon) (1919),
Szalony pątnik (Mad Pilgrim) (1920),
Niesamowita opowieść (Incredible Story) (1922),
Księga ognia (Book of Fire) (1922)
Namiętność (Passion) (1930)


English webside about him:

Jan Potocki
"The Manuscript Found in Saragossa"; one of the best Polish books I have ever read: "The sixty-six stories cover a wide range of themes, subjects and styles, including gothic horror, picaresque adventures and comic, erotic and moral tales. The stories reflect Potocki's interest in secret societies, the supernatural, and oriental cultures, and they are illustrated with his detailed observations of 18th-century European manners and customs, particularly those of upper-class Spanish society" - source:

Both writers are just exceptionally great!
2 Dec 2009
Food / Eating Healthy in Poland [18]

We have a long tradition of "family dinners" - food made of sometimes simple ingredients, but improved by many members of family, so often they are delicious and taste different at most of polish homes, although they are all termed "bigos" or "schabowy" or "kopytka" or anything else.

My grandmother used to tell me, that eating in restaurants leads to ulcers, so when I was a child my family had never eaten at restaurants.

Food is being processed today and filled with many chemicals, especially so easy available at supermarkets dishes which you can warm up in a microwave very quickly.

But people at the age of our mothers and grandmothers probably most of times will turn their noses at pizza or hamburger and will say that having it for lunch or dinner is unhealthy and completely unnecessary.
20 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / "Zaklęci w czasie" [7]

"The time traveler's wife" was translated in a polish title of a book as "Miłość ponad czasem" ("Love beyond /above?/the time").

It also doesn't put an emphasis on a word "wife" or "time traveler", but rather relates to a methaforical meaning of this story.

"Trapped in time" is like "being in a trap of time" and evokes (for me) negative associations, "Zaklęci w czasie" sounds better but also reminds too much titles of old fairy tales about enchanted princesses or evil wizards who rule the time.

This is too modern story in my opinion to be titled in a polish language in this way.

I thought it was a dumb movie anyway, wonder how well it will do in Poland

I'm definately going to watch it and see if it is dumb ;)
18 Nov 2009
Life / Do many Polish people enjoy classical music? [4]

For example, when you were at school, how many friends among you were learning to play instruments..

Some (4 maybe 5, per 25 - 30 students) at class. From my school experience the most populat was guitar, some students were learning to play a piano, some - violin. At common polish schools not many polish children learn playing professionally, although sometimes they attend at private lessons.

At music primary or high schools children learn to play 2 chosen instuments by them and then they practise at home a lot, so I think that these are places where you will find students rather easily.

Also private schools, where parents pay for their kids learning, offer many additional courses including learning to play classical instuments.

A good option could be visiting some schools and giving out your cards to pupils, or talking to parents at "wywiadówka" (meetings teachers with their students parents which has a place once a month or twice a semester (it depends). Some teachers for sure will let you present your offer (don't forget to ask a headmaster for permission before).

Some parents will be delighted having a teacher who will not only teach their kids to play an instrument, but will be also a native speaker of a differrent language.

Good luck!
29 Oct 2009
Life / BEING POLISH MEANS....? [18]

How much I like this what Torq said.

It's often hard to find people who share similar view at being Polish. Especially among the youngest Polish generations.
29 Oct 2009
Life / BEING POLISH MEANS....? [18]


Being Polish means driving a German car with the radio playing US pop hits to the French-owned supermarket to buy plastic jack-o-lanterns and Halloween masks for the kids' Halloween party at school as well as hot dogs, frozen pizza, popcorn, Bulagrian wine and Hungarian salami to have something to munch on while sitting on Swedish furniture in front of the Korean TV set to watch American-licenced TV game shows and sitcoms.
Comments, clarifications, additional examples???

Being Polish means driving enough good car to contrive with our roads with the radio playing "Trójka" or "RMF FM" station to the nearest supermarket with possibly cheap stuff to buy nice and funny masks for kids for them to have the most wonderful party ever + some ingredients for mum or grandmother who have enough time to make "pierogi" or "sernik" + (for example) frozen pizza for immediate family (usually other food to make a quick dinner)+ a good wine (could be Hungarian) and then having a lot of domestic duties or having fun what for every person means something else.

This is a picture taken from polish roads or everyday life.

"Being Polish" means a lot more than Polonius3's caricatural picture.
25 Oct 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

Oh, and Osiedle Ruda, 504 posts and the best you can do is to call somebody who you don't know at all (just 3 posts) sexist?
25 Oct 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

"One post every two months, and the best you can do on this occasion is another sexist stereotype?"
World is full of stereotypes, also on this forum.
And don't take it personally. "Man flu" exists, serious diseases too. Sometimes they call this "hypochondria". it's also illness.
25 Oct 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

What a weird thread!
How is it related to relationships?
In my opinion many woman from Great Britain or USA, no matter actually what country they come from, look more after their health than man. Only man could start a thread like this. Looking after my health is as natural for me as eating breakfast every day. Man care for their health only (or mostly) when they are sick (then they are "dying"). And who do they should ask for advice in situation like this, if not woman?

We are just prepered for looking after "man flu". That's why we have a lot of medicines in our cupboards.
Polish girls don't eat enough? LOL
I thought American or French girls are more obsessed with their bodies than we are.
5 Sep 2009
Language / zycie jak poemat tattoo - does the wording sound right? [3]

It's just one difference; tense: "The life like poem" (życie jak poemat) and "The life will be like poem" ) (życie będzie jak poemat). For me "życie jak poemat" sounds good. When we use the first one it can be interpreted at present and future as well.
19 Jul 2009
Love / Real relationship with a polish girl [26]

Some people let us down in real world as well. It's not a matter of this if relationship is long-term or real. If somebody is trustworthy won't dissapoint you no matter what kind of relationship you are in. I would say that polish woman are often (not always of course)more... well... old-fashioned or reliable. Sometimes someone you trust in real world can be just a perfect liar. You should rely on your intuition and this, what you really want. And in this situation you should give her a credit of trust. You are only guessing, if she was honest with you. Probably she was...