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21 Feb 2009
Love / Love my polish girlfriend alot but under pressure from family [166]

I think the people who answered this thread missunderstood it.

lovewithpolish didnt ask for answers wether he is bad, good, strong, weak, etc...
it is too much of such answers in polish forums, that attack a person and critisize him, instead of answering his question.

answer the question or leave the thread pleace!

He simple asked for advice from a person in the same kind of situation ! ! !
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

my advice would be to tell your parents that they will have to choose between you + your new girlfriend - or nothing!

a grown up man must make his own decisions.. and if they have problem with that - leave them! and live in a more modern city maybe west side of istanbul or in europe! Poland?

Love is love
18 Feb 2009
Language / Kaszubian and Polish [11]

are there any conflicts between kashubians and other Poles?

or some funny stereotypes?

for example swedes make fun of sami-people (northern people with their own language) becos of their rude way of talking and their way of living and dressing..

and there are some diffrences between the two groups... even conflicts sometimes when the samis want to hunt animals which are secured by laws, and young sami poeple and young averege swedes in the north of sweden dont like each other so much..


anything of this between kashubians and other poles?

or just stereoptypes?

/ curious
18 Feb 2009
Love / Polish village girls vs big cities girls [37]

big city girls are bad in ALL countries....

becos of the nature of women - they can not choose what to take so they take everything or change from day to day - its not healthy for women to live in big cities... they get confused and unreliable... they can not even raise families anymore..

so I will vote for a country girl... best ones comes from towns with maximum 50.000 people..

18 Feb 2009
Love / Czech girl's opinion about Czech, Polish, and Russian girls. [25]

I think Polish girls are little to serious sometimes (want to marry before knowing the man enough)

I think Russian women are kurwy only until they find their love. like many other girls, maybe even more typhical for brittish girls..

I think czeck girls are a little to westernized, almost like german girls...
15 Feb 2009
Love / Why do Polish Women Think They Know Better? [134]

I had discusions with Polkish women that opose the "equal" way of thinking... she is 25 and I know her from my X school.

Se said that men must work and women must take care of the home and maybe work a little but only if she wants..

its the man who have to take the main responsability for the money comming in..

I actually agree with her on that. I am from sweden
14 Feb 2009
Love / Younger foreign man dating older polish women ? [28]

Today, 05:23 #24

Give ya $50 bucks for it.

u trying to buy me out??

know, I'm very busy too. Sometimes I peek in, but don't hang out.
I chime in when when something catches my eye, like this dating older polish women (read:marrying for a EU card) because that's what it really is.

yeah hes scandanavian. but really scavenger.. their should be a country set aside
for pigs like this.

Today, 05:12 #21

He gets the card, then he gets a younger woman and kids...I guess.
Good to see you Patty, keep on kicking ass. You do it well. :)

see, and they wonder why we throw darts at them, so many men trying to
take advantage of women.. younger and older.


THis was very unpleasant to hear... if it was directed towards me. I am really no "scavenger" and I really not trying to use someone. I am looking for Love of my life. I would never seach for a woman which I plan to leave for younger, older, more beautiful, etc etc etc... and I dont need any card for anything! I am EU citizen!

its very easy for you to jugde others..

I guess you are an angel yourself, since its your mission to judge people for what they are looking for..

thankyou very much!
13 Feb 2009
Love / Polish women are known for their beauty, but men are so ugly (most of).. [250]

Western europeans have so much complex.. now this thread must be about their complex about the east european mens stronger caracters, better school results, more faithful families, bigger dicks, stronger bodies (wach weightlifting - hardly any west european men at all"), etc etc etc

it would be better if west european men work with their own bad self confifence, than to talk shit about other man in the world...

its sure the feminism and such stuff that have made west european men so unsecure..

but at least here in scandinavia many women say Polish men are beautiful... I am ethnic mixed with east european so this thread felt like it hade to be corrected by me ,:-)
12 Feb 2009
Love / Younger foreign man dating older polish women ? [28]

Calicoe -

I knew it! :) I am happy to hear about it!

Good luck for you both !

I still wait for answers from Polish people or from people living in Poland more recently
12 Feb 2009
Love / Younger foreign man dating older polish women ? [28]

" There is a problem with your mathimatics on this one.
- average woman live 10 years longer
- if they are same age she is going to be alone for 10 years
- if HE is 10 older then she is likely not to be alone!
- And here is the kicker if HE/YOU is ten years younger she is likely to be alone for 20 years! "

please read again what I wrote; I wrote I want to have a lady who already har her children, in other words she separated,, and when I marry her she was maybe alone only for 1-3 years! and since I am 10 years younger - she will not be alone at all when she is old, becos I will not die 10 years before her as most men at her age will... and if men lives to lets say 72 and women to 82 - then of course HE will die 20 years before her if he is also 10 years older..

but this was not my interest to discuss...

I only asked for advise if some Polish women would feel ready to marry a younger man
12 Feb 2009
Love / Younger foreign man dating older polish women ? [28]

[quote=Wyspianska] As long as you don't fancy my mum I'll wish you Good luck.

haha thats exactly the problem! is it okay in polish culture that younger men dating 10 year older women? You said "dont my mom"..

For me, as a scandinavian I would only be happy if my mother is alone and then find a younger man!

in scandinavia its comman that the woman is 5-15 years older, and same vice versa..

after all an averege woman live 10 years longer than averege man, so if they are same age she is going to be alone for 10 years maybe, and if HE is 10 older then she is likely to be alone for 20 years! :(

but I dont wanted to discuss whats good and not good... I just wanted to ask if there are some Polish women about 40 years who would like a 30 years old man???

do you think so ? ?
11 Feb 2009
Love / Younger foreign man dating older polish women ? [28]

I am a 30 years old man from scandinavia.

I want to find a polish woman who is about 40 years old and already has her children (because I dont want children, I only want a woman, so if she is done withn that - already have children - its great)

is it possible for me, a 30 years old foreign man, to find a woman who is 35-45 years old, who will be ready to live with me or even fall in love with me?

please dont ask why I want this, they are only my taste! I think Polish women 35-45 are so hot! and as I said I dont want own children!

so please only try to answer my question, Polish people are specially welcome to post here!

is it Possible? what do you think?

/ Marco