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24 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

Did I say that it has babble babble babble ...

Well nobody said anything about people getting pragnent because of lack of contraception in this thread - so there was no reason for you to write that..

It sounds like some random thoughts on the spur of the moment... fi like me saying:

Can someone please tell me, why people are not using papal surprise calendar?

Somehow connected to the thread, but is it really? I don't think so.
23 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

Can you please read my post more carefully. It was a general statement referring to all women and men.

Yup and you saying that doesn't have anything to do with this thread and the person who created it, bollocks..

about fetus not a baby, so.. loosing all the sperm during the intercourse is killing innocent hundreds of babies because you are actually preventing those from beeing born, if not than what is the actual moment of it becoming a child? gaining immortal soul rubbish? when it is beginning to feel? impudent religious ignorance at it's finest..
23 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

Can someone please tell me, why is it difficult to understand that if you have sex without anti-contraception you will, for sure, get pregnant sooner or later?

Can someone please tell me why some people are not reading though the whole thread before posting?

She clearly stated that she did used the contraception.. obvious troll is obvious?
22 Apr 2009

Sometimes, mainly in the mountains you can stumble upon specially prepared places with a wooden hut with a place for bonfire in the middle..
22 Apr 2009
Love / Polish and NON-polish... Clueless and Religious [13]

You are talking about it too lightly, taking a Catholic church wedding is also agreeing that you will raise your children in Catholic religion if in Poland - it means them growing up in a biased environment, younger people in Poland might not take religion that seriously but there are many older people who are big believers. Do you really want your children to be indoctrinated into a life in fear of some fairy god? That's what religion and "catholic religion" subject is in Polish schools - there's no room for doubt, and if there is doubt your kid might become an outcast - and you know how cruel kids can be to each other, any difference is noticed and abused, especially here in Poland where lots of people are afraid of any differences..

You should look at it much further than as you are doing it now. It's a really important choice which I probably wouldn't take if was not with this person for 4 or more years already. Besides I think Polish church allows mixed religion church weddings, so you should be able to have a nice traditional church wedding and still stick to your own beliefs.

As others said you should learn more about religion, about yourself, about different answers. I have a similar problem as an atheist beeing in relationship with a catholic ; ) From my side I can recommend reading "The god delusion" by Richard Dawkins which is a pretty easy read for people who are not sure of their beliefs or "beginner atheists" ; )
22 Apr 2009

In forests you usually have apropriate signs saying that you can't drive by them especially if it's some kind of national park. From what I know country people have a pretty developed sense of territory ("Sami Swoi" Polish movie is precisely about this sense), don't trespass, don't walk into my turf, that kind of things. I remember talking to a neighbour older lady in a mountain village, she was completely mad furious about her neighbour apple-tree dropping apples onto her gardens plot - it's not a joke, an actual situation.

It maybe that they are more keen on people from out of their local community, and only hostile in their neighbour relations, I'm not sure.

There are lots of wild trash dumps in forests, because it's cheaper for them to just drive into the forest and throw everything away under a tree I guess..
15 Apr 2009
Life / So I had a get-together in Poland... [13]

In Poland a full responsibility to entertain guests remains on a hosting party.

Bollocks, if I'm beeing invited anywhere I always ask what should I bring, and if it is a byob or is the host buying all the stuff and we just add some money later (which is a pretty nice thing but as a host you need to be sure that your guests gonna give your the proper amount of money afterwards). You should have clearly stated - hey I'm making a party every guest should bring few beers for himself and some food for grilling - thinking that people will be polite and buy everything is just naive..
14 Apr 2009
Love / Should I Be Nervous About Going to Poland? Black female dating a Pole. [158]

I'm sure that if I were kissing with my bf in some places full of people

Well and that also depends what type of kissing are you talking about.. there is a kiss and there is a KISS, snuggling and french kissing is looked at as unproper in every place by most of the people.


It's a pretty casual thing to hear about hooligans throwing bananas at football players with black skin in here. I live in quite a big city and from conversations with younger people I have to say the idea of multiculturalism is a pretty unknown concept to them. It's even worse in the countryside..
14 Apr 2009
Love / Should I Be Nervous About Going to Poland? Black female dating a Pole. [158]

Well there are few afroamerican guys learning programming at my uni - and I have never heard that they had any real problems, although I've seen some morons laughing at them behind their backs at the uni, it wasn't anything hostile just them beeing boorish scaredy cats.. You should be more careful while walking though generally dangerous districts, or late at night in the tube, I'd say you are just more prone to beeing offended or attacked in these than an average person. And about older people - try to treat them as air, you can't do anything and they can't do anything...
14 Apr 2009
Love / Should I Be Nervous About Going to Poland? Black female dating a Pole. [158]

The problem is Polish people are afraid of everything that is slightly different than they are. I'd say it's much worse in Poland then it is in the western Europe.. you can expect problems especially with older people and various mobs of young thugs.
12 Apr 2009
Love / Could "food" potentially come between us? [25]

Well if it's a serious relationship it's all about making a compromise, it's not like you are doomed to eat polish food your whole life, you'll eat Polish food from time to time, and he will eat some of your native food from time to time - that's the rule :) Beside ain't you curious? Maybe one of many Polish dishes gonna be ok for you, it's the worst thing to do, become prejudiced before you even try.
12 Apr 2009
Love / I can't trust Polish women any longer - where to meet a foreign girl? [123]

Thinking that foreign girls are somehow different from local girls is a big mistake. Besides, you take only answers that you want to hear as serious answers which is just bollocks, why comming to a board asking those questions in the first place if you don't want any criticism, you just wanted wanking not advice..
10 Apr 2009
Love / I can't trust Polish women any longer - where to meet a foreign girl? [123]

Saying that she would have to stay in Poland ( or wherever for that matter ) sounds to me like a control freak.. and come on.. looking for 17 year old girls? That's what will lead you to more and more pain, 17 year old girls dunno what they want in life, and although they might be fascinated by maturity on the beginning, that feeling may cease pretty quickly. Look for older women if you have such problems, and don't be a control freak that just scares girls away..
8 Apr 2009
Life / Comics about Poland [9]

Hey really nice pictures, those on your site.
The only comic I know that is about Poland is a manga ;) you probably don't like manga judging by your style :)
that manga is called:
Ten no Hate Made - Poland Hishi
Based on the life of Polish general Józef Antoni Poniatowski (1763-1813)
: )
One pretty popular comic maybe not about Poland but by a Polish author was Kajko i Kokosz, probably a little borrowing from Franch "Asterix"
7 Apr 2009
Work / I have a "zero" chance to succeed in Poland - I do not have a degree! [93]

whats the difference?

Well, it is a difference, somebody who states without doubt that neostrada is a company is mislading others, so I said it's not precisely like that and corrected his mistake, where do you see a problem in that?

I thought it was an internet service provider (ISP), a company of sorts. Aha, is it done through TP?

Yup, TP used to be the god almighty of all sorts of communication in Poland due to a badly introduced privatization, All of the cable infrastructure belonged to TP and all the other companies rented those cables from TP. It's a little better now.. And neostrada (overprices and faulty product) is one of many services introduced by TP...

Some being the defining word

ok, plenty, beside a degree doesn't equal a degree, there are schools which are not valued at all and their degrees are worthless..
7 Apr 2009
Work / I have a "zero" chance to succeed in Poland - I do not have a degree! [93]

neostrada ain't a company just a service, it's provided by tpsa company which is part of France telecom.

A degree for most employers is a proof of some knowledge. And I have to say I haven't seen a single job offer for an IT without a required degree, or at least a high recommendation for one..
6 Apr 2009
Work / The cost of an IT programmer in Poland? [9]

I think it may be hard to find a job just for the summer, maybe in some smaller companies, but generally - and I think it's like that in most of european countries - the minimal period of work is one year, it doesn't pay off for the company to hire somebody just for few months, training somebody for a specific project is about 1-2 months.. and in this time company is just loosing money on this person...
6 Apr 2009
Work / I have a "zero" chance to succeed in Poland - I do not have a degree! [93]

About Polish schooling system, it's probably different in different places and it depends on different teachers, probably as anywhere else. The only thing that I didn't like about my primary was the narrow mindness of polish literature teachers who were only rewarding students who were following the one and only right way to interpret a poem or a book (imposed by the teacher or "teachers manual"), every original thought was quickly exstinguished..

that was around 8-9 years ago so maybe something changes, but I remember it as a tool to kill creativity and individualism. I heard similar stuff plenty of times from my friends, on the other hand there were planty of teachers who weren't limiting their pupils like that.

As for high school I can only speak for IT education, from what I heard from my friends that were on an exchange with Sokrates/Erazmus they usually stated that abroad teachers are more friendly, there are lots of expensive tools in laboratory classes and due to which they can learn about more advanced technologies then they could in Poland, most of different classes are easier then in Poland and teachers spend more time to explain certain problems. Also different subjects are organised in a witty way so that it's not only just about absorbing knowledge, there was time for some theory and then practise and implementing it in real life situations and then again some theory and so on.

Also teachers get more personal with students.

In Poland there is (usually) a huge gap in relations between students and teachers. After a lecture teachers just hide in their little rooms and that's the end of interaction (it's not a rule but it's often like that). There are classes that are there just for the sake of prolonging the period of work for some old professors who are teaching really dated stuff with the university not wanting to dismiss them ( And that's also a usual cause for students cheating instead of memorizing vintage knowladge which just shouldn't be there anymore especially if it's an IT university ). There's more memorizing stuff and less learning how to use it. For example we had to memorize shitloads of transforms just for the sake of remembering them instead of using them to solve math problems - from what I heard it's totally different in other countries. Some knowledge is always there in the books - why memorizing it when you can always look it up, and problem solving isn't that easy without some practise ( it's also another reason for studens cheating ).

It may look like I'm a devils advocate here, and maybe I am, I admit that I cheated during some exams - through the period of my studying I was choosing subjects that were interesting to me and promising for my future job and I was passing them properly - and cheated at some that were imposed by the IT course at my Uni. I think there's still a gap between polish and f.i. british high school education model. Mainly because of the difference in money that has been pumped into educational system in both of these countries, and because of the post communism roots of the staff. Also methods and selection of subjects tend to be flawed in some Unis.

There are great polish scientists the problem is they are beeing bought by foreign schools to teach and invent - another thing with beeing a poor country.

There also should be a competition in schools, but not as it is right now, it should be a healthy competition, it's not a candy world, you won't always hear "you're a winner" as in US schools - because once you start working you'll hear "you're not a winner, you're a looser" from time to time, there were some who heard that and went berserk shooting at innocent people.. maybe because of the "you're the last winner in the race" model of education.
4 Apr 2009
Travel / Katowice night life for 22-28 year olds. [11]

As for Silesia I much more prefer Gliwice to Katowice, probably because Kato is a really hideous city, most of it is still really "prl'ish" and Gliwice has got a nice city square with some decent pubs, old german architecture. On the other hand there's probably much more music events in Kato, i.e. in Mega Club. As for pubs I like Spiz in Kato..
2 Apr 2009
Life / Shower versus Bath in Polish home - which is preferred? [5]

And I'd say it's completely otherwise, showers are gaining on popularity right now.. but earlier bathtubs were more popular because you could wash entire family in the same water ;) you could also make your loundry in a bathtub...
29 Mar 2009
Law / Need help with registration and buying from the Polish auction website (allegro) [2]

From what I know you just need to have a valid home address..

Registration form:

here you've got:

Imię Name
Nazwisko Surname
Firma Company
Adres Address
ulica, street
nr domu house number,
mieszkania flat number
example np.: Allegrowa Street 25/10
Kod pocztowy postal code
i.e..: 00-950
Miejscowość city
Województwo province/county
Kraj country
i.e.: *
We will send a registration confirmation e-mail - you will need it to complete the registration. Pay attention to type in a valid e-mail address.

Powtórz adres e-mail - repeat your e-mail address
Telefon z numerem kierunkowym - phone number with an area code
i.e.: (22)9999999,
tel. kom.: (600)000000 - mobile phone example
Drugi telefon - second phone number

Użytkownikiem Allegro może być tylko osoba pełnoletnia.
Oświadczam, że jestem pełnoletni (ukończyłem 18 lat) i akceptuję regulamin

Only an adult may be an Allgro user. I state that I am an adult ( 18 years old ) and I accept the regulations.

Przesyłając nam ten formularz wyrażasz zgodę na gromadzenie, przetwarzanie i wykorzystywanie przez QXL Poland Twoich danych, teraz i w przyszłości, zgodnie z polskim prawem, w szczególności Ustawą o ochronie danych osobowych. Masz prawo wglądu do Twoich danych oraz ich poprawienia lub usunięcia.

By sending this form you state your acceptance to gathering, proccessing and using your personal data, according to Polish law especially the protection of personal data law, now and in the future, by QXL Poland. You've got the right to access, correcting and deleting your data.

Minimality, you should also be aware of that not all of allegro traders ship to other countries then Poland, it should usually be stated in their profiles or/and in their auctions.

You should also somehow translate and read those regulations ; )

I just remember that before you can use your account they also send you a snail mail with some information about activating your account and stuff like that. That is also to ensure that the address data that you have used are valid..