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2 Feb 2009

what can you do? Btw. I found a nice essay on racism in the UK):

Growing up and living in Kensington, London, UK, I have seen some of the mechanisms of segregation firsthand. Unlike some areas of London, this area is very convenient, quiet and has a good reputation that has been maintained for years. Therefore, whereas it is not a neighborhood where one can see the segregating forces of gentrification at work, it is a place where segregation's historical processes are very much ingrained. This situation has resulted in redlining being widely accepted, as people think of the neighborhood as separate and distinct from a place that could have upward mobility for loan recipients. Blockbusting is not an issue because the market values in Kensington tend to go up rather than be forced down artificially.

If the market does go down, there is potential for panic peddling in Kensington because many of the people there are unfamiliar with immigrant communities, and are scared of them as a result. Kensington represents one of the original white flight locations to be nearer to market gardens; it is overwhelmingly white, and also affluent. As for fighting, I have never seen a physical altercation in Kensington, only verbal. People in Kensington tend to be well-educated and occupy positions with some amount of power in society. The homes in Kensington tend to be on the large side, and are mostly multi-family dwellings, even when the families in these dwellings are generally small (fewer than two children on average). The long-time residents of Kensington tend to exhibit a superior attitude towards outsiders, including non-whites.

1 Feb 2009
Feedback / Edit not working [11]

ok, it was this EDIT inserted in an acctual message i was concerned about, i thought it was some expression, now i know, you've been helpfull, thanks
1 Feb 2009
Feedback / Edit not working [11]

ok, thank you for that
1 Feb 2009
Feedback / Edit not working [11]

woul somebody help?
what does EDIT means when written in a post?
thanks for help
i know this is probably in the wrong thread, sorry for that, bit confusing
28 Jan 2009
Love / KISSING ON THE LIPS (problem with my Polish in-laws) [17]

his mother not only kissed him on the lips, she jumped up on him and warpped her legs around his waist, threw her arms around his kneck and planted a kiss on his lips

Am I the only one aroused by this story?

25 Jan 2009
Life / Polish Police - my bad experience. [33]

jeezus man terrible story, i had terrible experiences with police in many countries, the thing with poland is maybe that they're not very smart, they take anyone for this job, i've met some nice ones too though, still they give a lot of tickets
18 Jan 2009
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]

hi, i don't know what the conversation here is about, but i read the topic and i liked iti, i feel really sorry for all you people not having a good time here, i live here and i have the same problem, i don't like it here, i take antidepressants, but i don't think this solves everything, everyone has a certain level of sensitivity, from my experience in poland i didn't receive much of any support or energy from people, it' some mental block preventing from understanding someone else's feelings, if you have any i mean, ok, i'll stop now, i don;t want to get myself tangled up in thoughts too much

tell us what you think
14 Jan 2009
Genealogy / need help finding someone in poland but don't have much information. [10]

hi people, i hope you can help me
i am trying to find someone, i know his name and date of birth, but i don't know the address, no phone number, no e-mail, i also know at which university that person is studying, how is it possible to find him? will they give me any information if a call the uni? i am not familiar with these things, thanks for any help

14 Jan 2009
Language / Verb patterns 'BYC' [29]

Jadę do Warszawy. (codzienne = on a regular basis)

Jeżdźę jutro do Warszwy. (po raz pierwszy = for the first time)

no, that's not correct, could make sense the other way round, it's difficult to translate these into english, they can change depending on the context