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9 Aug 2009
Life / Openly gay in Poland [245]

Being openly gay has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.
I can talk gay, I can walk gay, I can smell gay, I'm just so happy to be gay. I love men and I love all creatures that walk the face of the earth.

I can never get violent because I'm gay I just love being gay it gives you so much freedom to date whoever you want, without having to worry about their age gender national orgin familial status. So the truth is I'm just probably bisexual because I love both Men and women.

Will I be bashed on in Poland when I go back for being gay?

Also I'm still religious but not in that way. I just believe in god as the goodness of he world but I don't follow all those mumbo jumbo laws. Will I get bashed in Poland for being gay and will my local church pastor accept me for being gay.
9 Aug 2009
News / How do people react when you tell them you are Polish? [71]

z Darius wrote

Their conclusion is simple - Poland is a land of racists, whiners, idiots and incompetents. Poles caused pretty much all the worst wars (thanks god Germans stopped them), kill Jews for a hobby, expel Germans, don't know their own language and on top of it they put ketchup on their pizzas. Oh, and they smell and about the only achievement they have is kielbasa.

Well written. I believe we have something to be proud of. Now let's just move onto owning that railroad.
4 Aug 2009
News / How do people react when you tell them you are Polish? [71]

Glad to see how the amazing Jews look at Germans and Poles. After all it was Poles who practically forced Germans to attempt the extermination of all European Jews. And all Germans ever wanted was just to build BMWs.

First off I'm not Jewish I'm full blooded Polish born there came here when I was 9.

Nothing to hide.

And my dad is an anti-semite just like I was until the age of reason and I began to think with my own brain. I also realized all religions are just fake. ETC. ETC.

I like to think of myself as one of the 5% if you have any clue what I am talking about.
4 Aug 2009
News / How do people react when you tell them you are Polish? [71]

When I was in the States, I was in the South. And when I told them my accent was Polish, the average mook asked me if I "speak Poland?" (no kidding), and the intelligent-ignorant asked if I was Jewish. Either way, I usually responded with percussive maintenence to the cranial lobe of the individual in question, and then gave the appropriate answer.

Its terribly dissapointing to me about how people react to being Polish.

Its really not that bad though looking at the other side of the grass, because we in existance, but the amount of time I have spent in the united states (12 years) has put me around some really intelligent people that sadly were never Polish.

I look at the nation compared to Germany and England, and for some reason I am not surprised that they make BMW's and Benz while we make Kielbasa.

Not that that's a bad thing but if we were only more out on the media and entrepreneurial, than I really would have something to be proud of.

And don't get me wrong I try as best as I can over here. Its just disappointing about the USA that so little trust worthy people are here, especially in NYC where the Population of the surrounding boroughs of Manhattan are grossly infected with the people, who's racial insult terms that start with the N word and the S word for Hispanics I won't bother to mention so that this post can move on. Just the truth is people are like little machines and you have to learn to become the master of them. Make them work for you!

This is how Jews think ;) Who are among the most amazing people on this planet. I believe.
2 Aug 2009
News / How do people react when you tell them you are Polish? [71]

Why do you tell people you are German, Italian or French???

to make it seem like I'm rich somehow of course.

Who's going to believe a Pole owned a railroad from the 1700's ?

you know ?
Maybe I'm just shining light on my subconscious thoughts cuz I came from a filthy poor family where we battled with roaches since I've been 9.

2 Aug 2009
News / How do people react when you tell them you are Polish? [71]

Just wondering I'll sometimes be talking to different kinds of people and it gets to the point where I have to tell them I'm from Poland and they react like if I just told them I sell insurance for a living.

Has this ever happened to you ?

Its never like that when I tell people I'm German or Italian or French!

2 Aug 2009

Why Can't people just be heartless and uncaring as me and just make babies and let the state raise them ? Or Adopt! or jut have a baby and leave it inn a dumpster to raise itself. I mean out of 10 kids born that way at least 3 are bound to grow up to be Polish speaking rocket scientists.

Just throwing some ideas out there don't go all polish on me! especially the women.
I know how attached many of you like to get.

Also if poles would learn to be more entreprenourial and make more money, than they would be able to make more kids.
You have to make a product you can sell to FOREIGNERS!!!


24 Jul 2009
Love / How does Polish men feel towards Asian girls?? [137]

I'll tell you what I thik of Asian women but you won't like it.

Most of them are too shy to even open their mouths, and if theyre straight from China their culture is beyond my acceptance. Theyre cheap, shy ugh.

I'm done.

Pakistani girls are much more attractive so are Japanese and Korean women. Something about always seeing Chinese women bunch up into groups of two or three that makes me go blah. Here in NYC.

BTW tell your uncle I think he is a cheap Chinese bastard. And I really don't like their body languages towards westerners and whites. I'd spit on em but frankly I'd be wasting saliva.

Pozdrowienia z NYC!
20 Jul 2009

I guess Feinstein has connections

yeah up his butt. **** Feinstein the USA pisses on Poles no offense. I've been here for 12 ******* years and still don't have my green card but my dad does.

Some dumb**** gorilla threw my application into the trash and went on to stuff his face with a double quaterpounder nocheese extra pickles please with french fries.

I want to throw a molotov cocktail at someone. I'm pissed.
20 Jul 2009

You are very right. We should organize a protest and be serious. Were constantly getting stepped on and continue to be non- interfering church going people. I'm sick of it. Please private message me for organization of this movement.

If you don't have a green card.. I advise yelling from the back of the crowds. I don't know if you have the permission.

Poles need an organization. I'm down to develop one as long as someone starts DONATING!!!

People think that the world revolves around church!!!

Donation to good people is neccessary!!!!

I am outraged!!! Bozena thank you for showing me this.

Pozdrowienia z 11224
19 Jul 2009
News / Most important invention made in Poland [53]

You guys know what Poles invented ?? THe most AMAZING SONGS THAT I WILL INVENT!!!! I AM SOO GOOD.. YOU GUYS ARE BEAT... ALL those Great rappers in Poland.. props.. nuy their albums... but the ghetto / hood / ulicy are just the same here in NYC

I live it all and I write it all my songs will be greater than all because the USA is greater than all be sure your ready for em thought because the patriotism you sill derive from my music WILL make you beyond belief strong.

I know my purpose in my life and its to lead. Pilsudski is my idol but I must overthrow and overdue his accomplishments over him. Don't yall see???.. that power that makes you want to scream out if your passion.. work for it work.. towards it... its your people that CAN one day live in utopia and LIVE togeather in one PLACE IN PEACE.

If it can be IMAGINED it can be done.

Please remember my name I want to be remembered one day as a famous thinker. My name is SamuraiPollack search it on youtube..

Pozdrowienia of Coney Island NY

oh yeah plus im pretty sure Poles invented the way of screweing in a lightbulbs by using three people.

did you hear this one ?

Two Poles are carrying a two by four through their work building.Suddenly the manager comes out of nowhere and asks why are both of you Poles carrying this light and easy to carry two by four in a pair ??/ The worker in front says because the third worker is out sick today.
19 Jul 2009
News / I am so proud of Poland [16]

I am a young Proud Polish American that moved to USA at the age of Poland that could happen to ANY nations of the world.

First off I have so many Jewish friends that I became loving of all of them. I have a jew sleeping on MY bed right now but Im not going to wake him up.

Many of my friends are Jews. Jews are smart. the only reason Poles are still anti-semites is because the Germans MADE them to be that way, CONVINCED THEM that hating the Jew will be the ONLY WAY to survive.

CANT you see the PSYCHOLOGY ?
those who hated jews survived!

but now as we see that every nation is equal and free of doing what they can. ( at least in most european nations)

We must never forgoet our pasts and remember that we were the first ones to house so many Jews and let them live among us. don't let the hateful Hitler ways convince you that Jews are somehow primitive because they are brilliant here in NYC.

Take care leave comments and DON'T DELETE THIS THREAD!!!! IT IS NOT RACIST STOP BEING NAZI- Polish !!!

kocham wszystkich polakuw.
pozdrowiena z Coney Island NY
11 Jan 2009
News / Poland's Future Includes Fewer Poles, More Foreigners [324]

sounds like a plan!
isn't that the mistakes UK Germany and West made because they were all trying to have such better qualities of life instead of doing what is better for the culture ?

I think that if Polish economy will be so good in 10 years why not start planning ahead ?
10 Jan 2009
News / What does Poland mean to you? [66]

what Poland means to me is something that I left behind and someday might be able to revisit as a welcomed and anticipated arrival.

To put it more simple, I would like to be to Poland what Obama is to the USA. I would like to be what Hitler was to Germany before he started doing drugs.
10 Jan 2009
News / Poland's Future Includes Fewer Poles, More Foreigners [324]

Thread attached on merging:
Poland’s Future Includes Fewer Poles, More Foreigners PART 2

So after reading the first
Poland’s Future Includes Fewer Poles, More Foreigners

seems like there were a few people who were smart enough to realize that if Poles want to keep their culture, they will realize it is their responsibility to keep all those flooding foreigners out.

Who want's their nation to be invaded by different men, language and women when in the end we all know they won't adjust to Polish ways or language and just live off our land and start spitting out their Russian and w.e. language speaking babies?

If its one thing I know is that many Russians are Criminals. Not all so keep your panties dry.

Look at America, its going down because of all the immigrants, so if Poland needs to do something is to stop that same problem before it starts.

But how do you do all that with all of the corrupt people in the Government ? I see no WAY except get a new Despotic Government who will make a Poland for Poles and try to maintain EU relations.

Any Ideas ?

One idea is if you are into politics, you can read about the protocols of Zionism Gold section. These men really know what they are doing, and I'm afraid no dumb European will be able to get rid of them without being united.

the whole Idea of America is BULLSHIT. but lets get back on topic.

How will us POLES stop Foreigners from stealing away our Polish culture and turning us into another Russian speaking satellite FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER?
23 Dec 2008
News / POLES the BLACKS of EUROPE? [104]

Poles are not the Blacks of Europe. Thats kind of insulting for you to say that.

sorry. no offense meant. what I am simply trying to imply is.. matter of fact just let me drop this subject. lol

Poles are in no way simillar to blacks. and just so everyone knows , I'm not talking about color. I'm talking about the context of the culture. "white" as in the white cast stereotype of white people and "black " as in black culture. Skin color is nothing in mymind.

I read faces for a hobby. You can tell a criminal from the way he moves and looks.
And thats what I really look at not skin.
2 Dec 2008
Life / God parents (chrzestni) in Poland [8]

I have a lousy chszesni (in Polish: God parents). My aunt is one of them and she is the most selfish lousiest good looking woman on earth. Its no wonder her husband has lately started to cheat on her.

She has never called. My uncle hasn't spoken 2 me since I was 5.

Isn't there some kind of way I can get back at them for this?

My uncle no because he lives in Poland but my aunt lives an hr. away from me ?

How do I get under her skin and make her life a living hell for making good money and never even calling to say hello ?

Thanks !!!
1 Dec 2008
News / US dollar still falling... Change in Poland? [37]

Yeah I know....the problem is my health....I am in bad shape and day to day I don't know if I am even going to be able to function...kind of makes working difficult. I need to just go back to the US...but right now even that has huge obstacles.

Before it was cheaper to stay here and get better doctors for lower its more expensive here. I also had a support system here in my fiancee and her family....but she took all that with her when she left me in this condition.

God bless you buddy which means good luck cuz everyone knows I don't believe in god.>:D
1 Dec 2008
News / POLES the BLACKS of EUROPE? [104]

Hi everyone, New on this forum and I'm a resident of U.S.A. since age 9.

I see lots of blacks since I live in Brooklyn and I'm talking about the poor, ghetto hip-hop culture.

I was wondering if anyone believes there is a connection between blacks and how they are in the usa in financial terms and how Pols live in Europe ?

and culture wise ?