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23 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / UK government refuses me to live in the UK!!! [22]

Just read a letter from the inland revenue refusing me to live in the UK!!!

I can send you a postcard from your (or shall I say previously known as yours) country. (lol)
A London by night picture maybe?

I find this new policy very sound and reasonable. It is harsh - I agree, but necessary. Can you imagine that there are certain areas in London, where people don't understand Polish? It's all because these bloody foreigners. Therefore a Polish Id required to enter UK is definitely a step in good direction.

Greetings from OUR island. :-D
20 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Its strange that there arent many Poles who live in the UK on this Forum [102]

Don't get so high, please. All I want to say - that it's always more comfortable to speak in mother tongue. If you feel more comfortable speaking in your second language - well... congratulations. :-)

Somebody asked a question: why there are so little Poles on this forum? I think I gave the answer.
And calm down, please. There is no British forum where British people would discuss British matters in Polish language, isn't it? Simply because this is a little ... unnatural if may I say. :-) It may be source of joy and wisdom (as PF sometimes) but it simply doesn't exist.

Personally I find other question more interesting. Why there is so many English-speakers without any connection with Poland, who wants to discuss a matters regarding our small and little-known country?
19 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Its strange that there arent many Poles who live in the UK on this Forum [102]

I am Polish, so I think it's my duty to answer the title question.
And the answer is simple - we prefer to participate in Polish language forums without any interference from the strangers.
If you would think for a second, you would understand - If you are an English-speaker, you would probably prefer to use forum in your own native language, don't you?

Polish people here - are just a gesture of goodwill. We even talk to each other in English on this forum as we consider it polite this way. Nonetheless - it's uncomfortable.

You asked - you've been answered.
19 Dec 2009

"Don't harm any animal you wouldn't intend to eat. If you did harm it - eat it" - that is a Polish way. Therefore an UK law that allow me to catch a carp but not consume it is barbaric.
18 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles working and living in the UK [25]

And for sure I will deserve any bit of it. :-)

On the other hand...
If I kick somebody ass in a very ruthless manner it is fair to presume that (according to karma law) he deserves every single kick.
18 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles working and living in the UK [25]

Yeah, it costed countless lives and that's why the Brits are being colonized nowadays as well. Karma at its best.

For me "Karma" means:
You can do the nasty thing to other people, because they certainly deserved it.
18 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles working and living in the UK [25]

Well: Greetings my fellow-immigrant! :-) I hope you agree that Britts who lives abroad are trying to avoid referring themselves with this oh-so-dirty word? That is really funny.
18 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles working and living in the UK [25]

Good immigrant is a ...... ehrm i'd better shut up. ;-)

By the way - Pole that living in the UK is "immigrant".
But Britts in Poland are "expats". Funny thing. :-)
16 Dec 2009
Love / Polish Girls rock my world [14]

This is obvious to any decent man that women are definitely more cultured than men.
Am I right?
8 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Why are we paying child benefit in Poland? [63]

With all due respect: Gliwice and London are not in the same league. And trams are hardly worldwide recognized symbol of this fine city. :-)

I am not afraid of mass immigration into Poland. For two reasons
-Our benefit system is perfectly simple. You just can't live on benefits in Poland! I have nothing but respect to people who work hard for their living. No matter where they came from.

-Our understanding of word "tolerance". It's simple like that: Welcome to OUR country. Show respect and respect will be given to you. In the UK is rather: Welcome! We would do anything in order to avoid offending you.

Just try to imagine some immigrant in Poland, who would feel offended by jasełka and "Merry Christmas" banners. I am sure that he would be offended few more times and then GTFO.
8 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Why are we paying child benefit in Poland? [63]

Britain and Poland seem to be experiencing a mutual numbness. Some people here wouldn't be out of place in a zombie movie.

Nope. In Poland - a City Mayor who would deliberately destroy symbols of the city (I mean old Routemaster) would be thrown out of his chair - literally. In Poland - any government who would admit it's policy of encouraging mass immigration in order to "lose social bonds a bit" would be beam out of political existence. In Poland - any council or whatever body that would spy on citizens in their own house, browse through rubbish-bins, or control the way you raise your own children - well... I just can't imagine this.

Majority of people in Poland still remember old People's Republic of Poland. We know where is "thin red line" lies.

If English people say anything about anything the PC police arrest us for racism

Well... It's yours choice. You have to choose between PC and patriotism.
(funny thing: In Polish language "partiotyzm" is definitely a virtue. In English this word sounds somehow... dirty)
As for us (Poles) and PC - majority of Poles hold PC in contempt. As a nation (of course - there are exceptions) we value honesty more than politeness.
8 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Why are we paying child benefit in Poland? [63]

There will be 8000000 in the UK. But not like me, I'm afraid.

Damn. I am outsider, but sometimes I feel really sorry for this country.
I can still see and feel sometimes the remains of it's greatness. I try to understand what was happen. For me it seems that there are people on the tops of the power who hate everything what is English or British (remember Ken Livingstone?)

What I totally fail to understand is this bloody numbness of Brits. If someone would be so kind end explain it to me in straight, simple words...
8 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Why are we paying child benefit in Poland? [63]

It may sounds funny (you know... I'm Polish :-)) but I really think that benefit and social security system in the UK just sucks. It's illogical, mad, lunatic. Personally I think that system that require from me (immigrant) just one single year of legal work in order to gain all privileges is deeply unfair (well... at list if you compare this with situation of somebody, who paid for 20-or-so years). But it's even worse. As a immigrant from EU country - I have a duty to work for full 12 months before I am entitled to ask for any favor. There are people (a lot of them!) from all over the world (Carraibean, Middle and Far East or Africa) who don't need to do anything! Even if they wish to pay taxes (even...), they can't, because they are forbidden to do any work. All they have to do is just claim asylum.

I really, really don't understand this. Why British government wants to destroy this country? Why people are so quiet?

And once more: No Pole ever asked for it.
If you spot banknotes on the pavement, wouldn't you pick it up? Everybody would.
But who and for what reason gives money away? That's the question.
7 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Why are we paying child benefit in Poland? [63]

I just want to say this:
No Pole ever asked for this.

Citizens of the UK elected certain kind of people to power.
This "certain people" made a law that allows to payment of child benefit to be made to someone who never put a foot on this shore. For what reason the did it? Nobody knows. But still: no Pole ever asked for it.

And now is the right time for a serious question:
Why should we (mean Poles) to decline this generous gift? Why should we care for well-being of UK more than citizens of this country? Obviously, you don't give a damn about "politics and stuff".

Don't blame us. It would be rude to decline this offer.
Blame yourself.

And next time - vote. Choose better.
4 Jul 2009
Life / Racist violence in Poland [172]

although he did mention an African guy who happened to walk past some football fans by mistake and was beaten so badly he was in hospital for 7 months

Pah... I had exactly the same... But I don't call it a "racist incident". I call it:"I was on the wrong place and on the wrong time".
24 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / What do Polish people think of Ireland and the Irish? [50]

Jameson Wiskey
Irish Cream (for my girlfriend of course)
Emerald Island
People that I am unable to understand no matter how much I try.
But on the other side - I can speak a quite good english-irish slang if I prepared.
Process of preparation usually involves 6 cans of beer.
Music. Irish folk. (screaming, jumping + flute)
They can punch you in the face. Pretty hard but not aggressive. (just for fun)
They talk what they think. That's why for most of the time they choose to remain silent.

Well... I like them. Irish are merry people
24 Jan 2009
Law / Linux, Unix, and Open Source in Poland [119]

Open source software if Free only if your own time is totally worthless.
And I know what I am talking about.
[haven't seen a Window for a last few years]
21 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Extradition to Poland [11]

przestępstwa pospolite


By the way - they ( I mean British police forces) should be happy to take this opportunity and get rid of these little polish thefts or hooligans. They can do that or they would have to deal with this problem here - in the UK. Why the heck UK shall be a safe shelter for polish trouble-makers?

And other thing: "Trivial crime" is something like ASBO, right? Today we have got another case of young lad being stabbed in London. Probably people who did it were proud members of ASBO-as-a-badge-of-honor club.
20 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Extradition to Poland [11]

Yeah, it's stupid.

There is no such thing like "trivial crime". Crime is a crime - at least in Poland. And every crime have to be punished.
8 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / All That Manners Business [I'm Polish, moved to UK as an au pair.] [87]

some english guy: Are U all right?
Me: Than you for asking. I really appreciate that. You know... sometimes it's so hard... life seems completely pointless ... dark ... hopeless... All that makes me think about dying, you know.. Actually - I feel sick... Thx again for asking.

The clash of civilizations.
30 Sep 2008
Life / 'The Pianist' - the movie. What's your opinion? Polanski [59]

Gosh... I started it, so let me explain myself.

Every story may be told one way or another. It depends on the story-teller. If you want - you can tell the story of the "Three little Pigs" as a story of global warming for instance. ( You don't believe? ---- Three pigs as a symbol of humanity - greedy, self-centered and The Wolf - powers of nature which finally blow civilization away) It is the writer's, director 's or story-teller's choice how to tell the story.

As I said above, I think "The Pianist" should be boycotted in Poland. Because Mr. Polański chose to spit on our face. And we shouldn't pretend it's raining.

Be honest - after watching this film ( if you are Polish) aren't you ashamed to be Polish? Don't you feel the urge to explain to everybody the realities of Warsaw under german occupation? Don't you want to explain, to correct? Aren't you sorry? Because I am. That was a the master-plan of mr. Polański. That is the role he had chosen for you.

And once more: Szpilman was a Polish citizen. He survived occupation in Warsaw (this is a Polish city) helped by other Polish people. After the war he remained in Poland until his death. He was a Polish patriot. If somebody thinks that Poland and Polish people are only "not necessary background" to this story well - this person may accept a movie about the Eskimos without the snow. Of course somebody might tell the story about Eskimo on Greenland and don't even mention about ice and snow. He may tell a story "about individual" and leave all "background" untold. This would leave the viewer under the impression of Eskimos living in warm, mild Green-land. There is a good name for it. Propaganda.

"The Pianist" is anti-Polish propaganda and that is why it should be boycotted in Poland.

27 Sep 2008
History / Only two countries in Europe did not accept XVIIIc partitions of Poland.. [54]

Well... There may be some political reasons why Turkey did it. I do not care about it.
I am grateful.
Turkey and Poland were arch-enemy for how many years? About 400 if I remember it correctly. We (Polish) was weell... we call it "przedmurze" of the christianity and there is no word in english to describe it. Maybe a "stronghold" at most? You (Turkish) were a wave of the muslim intruders. And we have fought. A lot. With no mercy. During these years we been become half-Turkish to some point. Our weapons, clothes, language become Turkish-like. Even now there is a lot of words in Polish of Turkish origin.

Anyway... what I want to say: There is no mutual sympathy between us. There is mutual ( i believe) respect. If that is true that Turkey never recognized partitions of Poland - well I am finding this veeery touching. I think this is a highest degree of respect you can find - between enemies.

If any Turkish is reading this - I want to say: We are remember you. In our language. In our childish bedtime stories. We are remember you and we are respect you. You were great warriors.
25 Sep 2008
UK, Ireland / "Angry swan eater" - The British media view of Polish immigrants? [63]

How can I get more than you? What do you mean by this? I think this is a myth. Urban legend - no more.
(Disclaimer: I don't look for fight. Just asking a question)

Now that poland is in the EU, you will be taking your share of third world asylum seekers, enjoy ;).

I am not afraid of this scenario. You know why? In Poland when you get fired from your job an if you've been working for at least 1 year before this happen - you are entitled to 6 months of very poor benefits. By poor I mean - "You will not die from starvation but forget about car, holidays, and self-esteem" stuff. And after 6 months? Nobody care! You are adult man, right? If you just can't cope with you life - don't expect government will do it for you.

There is no way in Poland to have a comfortable life on taxpayer's expense.

And in the UK? All you have to do is claim to be asylum seeker to get at least 2 years of holiday paid by The Queen.

No. I am not afraid a wave of asylum seekers in Poland. To make long story short:
In Poland in order to survive you have to work. In the UK you just have to be. Which country do they choose? How do you think?
25 Sep 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish people are happy with the UK health care system [27]

I'm sorry if our health service isn't good enough for you, what would you suggest we do to improve it ?

Come down, please... First of all - I pay for the NHS. With every bloody payslip.
And about improvement - I mean - how much it cost to keep a hospital clean?
25 Sep 2008
UK, Ireland / "Angry swan eater" - The British media view of Polish immigrants? [63]

So, after a couple of years worth of paying National Insurance and income tax, you want the same entitlement as someone who has been paying in for the best part of 20 years ?

Make it clear - no Pole ever asked for it. We're all come here expecting hard job for good money.
Personally - I think this is unfair. Even stupid. Wait... there is a word for it ... ludicrous. Yep - that is the word.
I came to the UK in 2004. For fun, for adventure, for money at last. I was astonished when I find out that after 1 year of legal employment in the UK I am entitled for everything what the British social security system has got to offer.

If you want to blame somebody - blame Tony Blair.