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Why Poles choose to die instead going home?

derek trotter 10 | 203  
23 Dec 2009 /  #1
I can't understand this, what is wrong with our own nation/people. Why only Poles have this fate, live in tents in very harsh conditions? What is fcuking wrong with us?

Five homeless Polish men are currently living in tents in Newry.

The tents , on a patch of waste ground near the city center , are surrounded by rubbish and human faeces .

It is understood the men have problems with alcohol addiction and have refused offers of help , Including one from the Polish government to bring them home .

BrutalButcher - | 389  
23 Dec 2009 /  #2
You are quite naive if you think that only Poles are suffering the cold season. I am sure other peoples are living in those sub-humane conditions.

As to why Poles choose to die....Not all times it's easy to buy a ticket to go back home. What if they don't have a home in Poland?

Seriously, don't be so limited. Use your imagination and common sense before posting such questions.
OP derek trotter 10 | 203  
23 Dec 2009 /  #3
who else choose to live in tent during winter? Alpinists?
I know they are addicted to alcohol but why not seeking for help?
time means 5 | 1,309  
23 Dec 2009 /  #4
Sadly you will find homeless people in most towns and cities across the world.

As for going home maybe they have no home or family in Poland.
OP derek trotter 10 | 203  
23 Dec 2009 /  #5
Do you hear about Romanian Gypsies, Nigerian or other Africans, Asians, Arabs who live such conditions in UK or Ireland. There must be something about it.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601  
23 Dec 2009 /  #6
There will always be a certain segment of the population outside the mainstream of society.
Many of these people are also mentally ill to one degree or another; some are druggies.

Give these people $100,000 and within 2 years many of them will be on the street again; some within months.

They reflect the human condition, such as it is.
enkidu 7 | 623  
23 Dec 2009 /  #7
Harsh!? Harsh is a -20 C and heavy snowfall in Poland.
Weather here (UK) is rather mild. Perfect for camping.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,648  
23 Dec 2009 /  #8
Why only Poles have this fate, live in tents in very harsh conditions?

Poles aren't the only ones. There can be several explanations. In this case, the shelter was closed, so, these people might have not had any options in Thetford. Maybe they thought they could tough it out for a few days of cold weather. Maybe depression is a factor, and they don't care what happens. Maybe they wanted to stay because they like the UK.
ShortHairThug - | 1,101  
23 Dec 2009 /  #9
Well there goes the theory that Poles live on benefits. LOL
OP derek trotter 10 | 203  
23 Dec 2009 /  #10
at least somebody is aware what is going on to everybody in such conditions nice gesture
BrutalButcher - | 389  
23 Dec 2009 /  #11
derek trotter

Those kids are mentally ill. The younger one dressed up like H1tler because he wanted to know how it feels to be a leader and the oldest one now wants to know what it feels to be homeless. What is next?
Mister H 11 | 761  
24 Dec 2009 /  #12
It's a sad situation for sure, but from reading the BBC article it seems that these guys don't want to be helped.

What it is they actually do want or what they expect isn't clear at all.

They've been offered a ride home it seems, so they should cut their losses at take it.

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