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26 Aug 2009
Life / The Warsaw experience [8]

That was quite humorous Jay. If you're staying 3 days a week for quite some time why not appraoch some hotels like the Marriott. They normally do deals do secure regular income. Their wardrobes don't fall down!!
7 Oct 2008
Travel / Traditional Polish Restaurants / Cuisine in Warsaw [11]

There is a few in the Old Town but they are tourist rip-offs, but the food is good.

I would recommend Podhale, which is at the end of ul.Podwale. That street runs down the side of the Old Town with the Old Town on your right. the restaurant has the sign of a cartoon pig on the outside. You will need to book though as it is always busy.

Another excellent one is Grand Kredens on Jerozolimskie.

Not Polish, but Balkan, I would highly recommend Banja Luka on Pulawska ( 10 min taxi from the centre). The food is meat based and the platters are out of this world. So is the fish and all starters. I guarantee you will go back again. The price is also very reasonable.

7 Oct 2008
Life / Good Cinemas in central area of Warsaw [10]

The Palace of Culture is central. Another good one is the shopping mall called Mokotow. The have a reasonable diner outside the entrance to the cinema on the top floor.
7 Feb 2008
Love / Polish men with Scottish Girlfriends [66]

my boyfriend seems to think that it's ok to get so drunk that he can't walk every weekend...

For gawds sake lyndsey your Scottish !! I'm sure your Polish guy is no different to your previous Scottish boyfriends. The guy isn't doing anything that Scot's guys don't do at weekends, in terms of getting drunk.

As far as the b@stard bit goes, I won't comment since that is down to you to deal with.
23 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles working in the UK should be getting more money from your employer! [62]

labour pushed those minimum wage policies after workers and the union fought for them moron

Listen bawbag, your opening statement about parents and forefathers fighting for something, whatever it might be, is, in the main a reference to World War II. When I challenged you, you said the the statement refers to workers and unions who fought for it. That makes a little bit more sense, but only a bit.

You have a friend in LennyD on this string but why don't both of you get realistic because making statements that the Brit's don't want Polish people here is untrue.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture and consider why the UK was one of only 3 member states who did not block trade or people from any of the new 10 member states. You need to work that out for yourself though,. but some day I might come back and explain.
22 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles working in the UK should be getting more money from your employer! [62]

Your parents and forefathers didn't fight for mimum wages ya bawbag.

It was introduced by the Labour Government 2 elections ago.

However, your forefathers, like mine, did fight many years ago, and that was to retain democracy. Democracy allows Polish nationals to come here and work, and so do I.
11 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / We welcome Polish people to Britain! [224]

Oh yes we do LennyD. And if you were not interested in Polish people you would never have thought to search for a site like this.
23 Jul 2007
Life / Magdalena Name day [9]


Thanks for this but now you have really gone and confused, not that it is difficult to do so :)

Can a person choose any of those 3 dates, or does some other kind of criteria kick-in to whittle it down to a single date?
23 Jul 2007
Life / Magdalena Name day [9]

Can anyone tell me the name day for Magdalena? I know there is a book to check this but I don't have one. Thanks :)
17 Jul 2007
Love / California "Free Love" in Poland... [34]

Well Philio, where can we find this wonderful woman you are engaged to. While you are trying your very best during your visit in Poland, us guys on the PF will go round and receive some of that free love your wonderful woman is into. I mean, I assume she will be willing given what you say about your circle?
12 Jul 2007
Love / Foreigner's opinion about polish ladies [304]

- they do not communicate their feelings as they are guarded which can lead to misunderstandings;

- because of the above they can appear quite cold and ruthless at times;

I can relate to that Jambo. However, when the relationship develops that soon goes away. Well, it did in my relationship. Good luck after the house removal!

By the way, do you think you should have taken the £8m for Gordon?
20 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Great Britain vs England, Ireland, Scottland, Wales [37]

I'm Scottish, and when abroad I refer to myself as Scottish. No reasons for other territorials not to do the same.

However, we are only strong when we combine as a United Kingdom, and to split into 4 separate nations would make us weak. The recent waffle about Scotland breaking away was raised by the SNP during the recent Scottish Parliament elections, who now have power in the Scottish Parliament.

However, the SNP lost the plot when asked how they would defend the country. They had no answer for that. It is one thing to have ideology, another to put into practise. As a Scot, I would vote against independance.
20 Jun 2007
News / Why do Poland block the European Constitution? [68]

I see no reason to have a European Constitution. Member States have already given more than enough decision making areas to Brussels, too much in fact.

Some areas remain sacrosant such as defence, taxes, education and so on.

As for Polands stance, well done to them, they will lose considerable voting power if the proposed constitution is agreed. However, Germany will not, and it is they who are attempting to revive the constitution when other countries have already voted against it.
10 May 2007
Love / Polish attitude towards sex [194]

does it actually work? the biting.

Whoa, gawd that sounds painfull. Swallowing won't get you pregnant, otherwise, use a condom.