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31 Jul 2008
Life / Smokers in Poland..... price rise. [47]

As an example L&M Lights have just gone up from 6.50 to 8.05 zloty.

I'm glad I just decided to give it up :)

Will Poland add what we call a special "sin tax" to smoking and alcohol products (to help pay for the care people require after overusing these over their lifetime),

taxes are about 70% of cigarette's prize .

Maybe some of this texes go to national health service? We're talking about serious money, so how can you say that smokers cost whole society?
31 Jul 2008
Life / Smokers in Poland..... price rise. [47]

revenue from tax off smokers is about 1billion a year...a quarter of that is spent on smoking related health do the maths..

My calculator say, that there is still 3/4 left :p These taxes are bigger only because of EU directives to level tabaco prices, not because of health problems related to smoking costs increase.

personally I think we should put a big tax on fast food because fatties cost the health service even more!

Agree!!! And get a tax discount when joining the gym ;)

To finish - a wee quote from Hancock:
And you people should sue McDonnalds, cos they f**ked you up :)
1 Aug 2008
Life / Polish Shelf Toilets [32]

Which is common in Poland I heard

they're delicious, that's why :) and all you need is just one key with this type of toilet