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23 Dec 2009
Food / Looking for Cider around Poznan Area [16]

In the bar

I saw Strongbow in a bar in Poznan... but no matter how deprived i am... i can't drink the stuff... discusting
23 Dec 2009
Food / Looking for Cider around Poznan Area [16]


Postage is crazy! but its the only option as far as i know.... i have been cider hunting for months,

If you do find some, be sure to share the location!
10 Nov 2009
Life / LOGS FOR THE much for a trailer load....? [18]

SeanBM - Amazing haha

if i go upstairs i can look directly at the underside of the roof slates , no insulation there whatsoever nor do i have double glazing , just the old draughty windows

Ahhhh sounds like our house in the East of Poland... terrible in the winter but amazing in the summer.... Last time we had 1 ton of coal which lasts us a while (We are rarely there) which wasnt that expensive, We have a friend who bought a van load of scrap wood for 150zl and he cut it all up... everything from old window frames to broken Ikea furniture! He said it will last him a most of winter.
3 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Why do Poles come to England? [514]

when they work and pay taxes they should be entilted to the same benefits as the rest.

In all fairness the British didnt worry about all the industrial jobs before the "Credit Crunch" when all of a sudden there wasnt enough work to go around... All the Polish i knew worked very hard and paid lots of tax and NI......

It annoys me when fellow British people insault the Polish for "taking jobs" most of the people who moan about it rarely work an spent most their time claming loads of benifts them selfs.

Many British have spent most there life living off the system, free houses free car and plenty of tax payers money and have done nothing.... given nothing to the sysem apart from there 5 kids bleading there own kind.

With out the Polsh people, Britian may be evan more in the shiettttt
2 Nov 2009
Life / Buying Cigarettes in Poland, Gdansk. [21]

Marlboro at 9.95zł or Regal for 20-25zł?

Plus the biggist market is the Polish people who quite oftern buy L&M for 7.95zl. when i take cigarettes back i just take Malboro Lights or L&M as a cheaper option.....
1 Nov 2009
Life / Buying Cigarettes in Poland, Gdansk. [21]

Regal, Lamberts or Benson & Hedges

Maybe in the airport but i do not remember seeing them, you can get Malboro for about 10zl outside the airport, i took 1600 once and had no problems... although i wouldn't wanna get checked!
31 Oct 2009
Food / Smoked carp are of this world! [13]

You are joking, right?

Nope.... i think they think im strange as i stood looking at them for ages!
30 Oct 2009
Food / Smoked carp are of this world! [13]

OK does everyone have LIVE carp in there local Tesco at the moment????!!! i was seriously freeked out today! i will go take some photos tomorrow!
27 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Britain's bad teeth [77]

Most of the dentists in England are foreigners

Mine was Welsh.... maybe that was the problem
27 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Britain's bad teeth [77]

I had some dental work done in the UK a few months ago.... which i just had redone in Poland.... my fillings in the UK cost £45 each and didnt last a year.... here i had then done for 100zl each in a nice dentist!, i could have had it done cheaper if i didnt want anesthetic..... (stupid question to ask me)

I had a tooth for which all was left was the 2roots.. my dentist in the UK would not do anything with it as it was not causing problems and then when i did i would have to go to the dental hospital.... in Poland 1 injection and 20min later all sorted for a reasonable 80zl with no pain what so ever!

Genrally i think British denists just can't be bothed anymore... lazy, rubish and over-priced dental work!
15 Oct 2009
Food / Growing Wine Drinking in Poland [10]

1. Piotr Pawel

2. Every couple of weeks

3. 1 bottle every 2 weeks or so (In the UK we was drinking 4-6 bottles a week)

4. At home or good restrauant

5. I buy more vodka because it normal to drink vodka and hard to buy good wine

6. France i think, not because of knolage.. just because they presume

7. I genrally dont buy South Americn wines. although i buy the odd bottle of Chilean wine

8. Yes

9. I would expect a quality cocktail in a "expensve" bar, i buy nice wine to go with food but only in the UK

10.Reputation from other drinkers or recomendaion from a sommelier
8 Oct 2009
Study / Could I learn to speak welsh in these British schools in Poland? [18]

Most of your own people can even speak it.

Fact.... i lived in Cardiff for 6 years! only on rugby when the welshys from the west come down you would hear any Welsh...

But to anser your question.. i very much dought that a british school would teach Welsh.. Cardiff Uni had courses in Welsh... well they used to.
5 Oct 2009
Work / Is 8000zl Brutto per Month a good salary in Wroclaw??? [39]


Great place......

Ok in the northen part of england it is a lot cheaper than the south, thats genrally because people think up north is a crap hole...

Ok i lived in Cardiff for many years and the cheapist place i lived in was a 2bed student style Ikea ridden flat for £550 and it was a 20/30walk to town... i moved to the centre of Cardiff and paid £600 for a 1 bed flat which was about 30m but was really nice so:

600 Rent
120 Council Tax
60 Gas + Elec

So so great anymore.. in PL i live in the middle of town and pay 700zl plus 100zl Gas/elec/water and have 2 bed flat which is 60m

Hummmmmm which one is better value for money...
4 Oct 2009
Travel / Activities in Wrocław [11]

Just off Rynek, Guiness bar, 5zl for a Zywiec! Bargin oww plus the yellow topped Guiness!! Don't drink the Guiness!!!!!
25 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / Petrol costs, Ford Transit travelling Poznan to Wales and then returning [26]

Hey, i just had some stuff delivered from UK by:

Delpi recommended him.. really cheap, good service, he moved our 42in TV plus a box full of stuff for £35.. although if u know someone who speaks Polish, get them to call him as his english isnt great (Thats what he said anyhow)

Will probably work out cheaper than driving a van here your self!
25 Sep 2009

O2 online pay as you go. i think if you top up £10 a month you get 300 or 500 free text's which also you get O2 treats so when you top up you can win free stuff! i have this and use it in Poland with no problems... were ever ive been in the world ive always had great signal
25 Sep 2009
Life / Expats in Poland: Are you going to live in Poland long or short term? [65]

I plan on basing my self here perminantly... i am happy here.. i love the lifestyle..

OK as all countrys there are some good and bad points.. but thats the same in all countrys. since i moved from the UK i havnt wanted to go back and dont see i will. i have great friends all over Poland and have made some great friends at work and even with some of my students!

I came with a few thousend... spent most of it... earn ok money but give a great life style!

Shame the languge is so tuff.. all i can say is "po prozse jeden lech, dzienquear" Well thats how it sounds to me anyway!

25 Sep 2009
Food / Popular drink shots in Poland? [28]

I dont know if the US govt would them import Cuban Rum here?

Oh! i was under the impression you could buy Havana Club in America.... maybe not as ive never been to America! i dont know! lol.

I would love to be somewere hot now... Oh f you see it you should try "Brugal" its from the Domican Republic is also good :)
25 Sep 2009
Food / Popular drink shots in Poland? [28]

I think your American because you use oz's which is 28ml as were in the UK we use 25ml's as 1 shot.

To be honest i spent 4 years writing cocktail menus and manageing cocktal bars so i get really funny with alcohol based things! lol

The best drink of all time, according to me is:

I nearly agree! although i would make a rum runner:
37.5ml Havana rum
12.5ml Creme de Mure
25ml Creme de banane
half a lime juiced
50ml pineapple juice
12.5ml grenadine (sunk)

OK to be honest the best of all time is just a simple Cuba Libra
50ml Havana 7yr
half a lime juiced
topped with coke

Im drinking Havana Club - from Cuba rite now!
24 Sep 2009
Work / The Callan Teaching Method...... in Poland [11]

25 errors in a piece of text no longer than 3 sentenses

Well when a teacher dictates a peice of text to you, then you check it at home..pointless you genrally don't know why you made the mistake which is why you did it! but yes if you want to speak in the long form... Mr Callan is your man