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17 Sep 2009
USA, Canada / Polish people in Las Vegas? NV / Nevada [44]

Ther are lots of Poles in Vegas......Summerlin is not 3 hours away more like 20 minutes...give or take based on traffic. :P
10 Sep 2009
News / how to use SMS to send message to cell phone in poland [30]

SMS and cell phone calls are the same no matter where you are. (you just choose to write in your language of choice but to send the technology is the same) International calls are 011 for overseas operator 48 for country code (Poland in this case) and your cell number after. It should be a total of 14 digits

Popems....have you tried Skype. You call using a computer to computer and it is free. If you have a webcam can see each other. Can't get better than that.
10 Sep 2009
Life / Coffee Grinder in Poznan and Warsaw [9]

Did you know that your blender can grind coffee beans also.. (providing you own a blender) Just an option that is also available if all else isn't.

Related: Where can I buy a small coffee grinder in Warsaw?

Which store in Warsaw might have a coffee grinder or something to grind coffee. It must be small because I want to bring it in my luggage and it can be a manual grinder, I don't need to grind very fast.

Saturn (in Arkadia or Zloty Tarasy). Or any large grocery store like tesco, real or auchan has them. I saw a manual coffee mill at the Merkury (small department store) in Żoliborz on Słowackiego Street.
10 Sep 2009
USA, Canada / How to find a job in the USA [39]

Your best bet is careerbuuilders or monstor dot com. Unless there is a particular company you wish to work for then go directly to that site and leave your application/resume. If youa re looking for an internship then wouldn't you be checking with your college.
23 Apr 2009

try writing them in Polish and then do a Google search but click on should get more hits and possibly some clipart sites to boot
28 Feb 2009
Life / The Polish Moustache [35]

my mum always said the same about women

That's why you should never trust the bearded lady :D
23 Feb 2009
Australia / Looking for Polish friends in Sydney!!! [20]

not a good idea to leave your emails on line. better to use PM's...just a heads up. Be preepared for tons of spam etc
23 Feb 2009
USA, Canada / Question for all on Helena Modjeska book from the United States [3]

I think unless they are history buffs pertaining to the theater in the 1800's there might not be much interest. Maybe more for her son with the archetectural field. He was a great engineer who helped to build many of or famous bridges standing.
23 Feb 2009
USA, Canada / Can you order Oscypek in the US? [25]

Just make sure it's the real thing. I understand there are many out there made to look like the original but are fake.
9 Feb 2009

Judging by the way you write your posts I can see why you date blacks. I suggest you try concentrating on some proper English and spelling and you may hit a home run.

PS ...I think this is a forum where we spell out full words. It 's not your cell phone.
2 Feb 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

Now that he has the job he figures he doesn't need to be dressed for sucess any longer. Pretty soon you 'll be watching him from the Oval Office with his PJ's on.


All the time baby !!!!!!!!
14 Jan 2009
Genealogy / Why would someone lie about their age? [26]

But I'm not too sure Polish people ever did that though?

Did Grandpa tell you that also. What makes you think Poles are any different than any other human on this planet. It all started with Eve.
13 Jan 2009
Travel / Best place to get polish currency and Bielsko-Biala? [13]

You'll like the city. Really nice. When you get there check out Restauracja Nowy Swiat . Realy nice restaurant. My cousin recently moved there.

As far as conversion. You always get better rates when in the countires you are visisting.
I use my atm card and have never had a problem.
14 Dec 2008
Food / Krokiety Recipe [16]

Krokiety z barszczem? recipe

The link in the first post will get you what you want for the recipe for Krokiety and then if you need a recipe for borscht then look tha tup seperately. All you recipe titile is saying in English is Krokiety with soup (being borscht) I doubt you would find a recipe as Krokiety z barszczem unless you found a thread where someone else was wording the same if you Googled it.
10 Dec 2008

•:*¨`*:• ღ A kiss on the hand can be quite continental but Daimonds are a girls best friends ღ •:*¨`*:•
18 Nov 2008
News / Online polish phone book ,does it exist? [27]

I stand corrected. It does...found my cousin and aunt's #'s. But now that many are on cell's there still is no phonebooks for those #'s.
15 Nov 2008
Travel / Visiting Warsaw: [Travel Video] Days One, Two and Three (Now Complete) [30]

Have you been to Canada?

I'm a New Yorker and so go to Niagara Falls and Toronto quite often. But I see your on the West Coast...nice there too. Will look for the rest of your trip. You guys look like you had fun. I had a friend who's job sent them to Calgary and they loved it there.
14 Nov 2008
Travel / Visiting Warsaw: [Travel Video] Days One, Two and Three (Now Complete) [30]

Vimeo link was not available to me but the travelistic was. Nice job guys. I would have liked to see more than just the old square but was still nice and well put together and liked the music you chose also. Want to read more about Warsaw check out Ian's blog (Scatt) at 20 east (wordpress). What do you guys do in Canada and what city....(I'm guessing Toronto)