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16 Jun 2009
Life / Thunderstorms in Poland [44]

love love love thunderstorms! i'm in Poland right now and my first couple of nights here there were thunderstorms. so cool!

I am afraid you haven`t lived through a real thunderstorm...... Go outside when it lasts :):):)
12 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

It seems that for a native speaker Polish death camp may have two meanings:
1. The camp set in Poland.
2. The camp set in Poland and run by Polish people.

You probably connoted the first meaning.

However, there is a danger that someone may also associate death camps with Polish perpetrators.
11 Jun 2009
Life / Why do a lot of Polish people stare and why is good personal hygeine shunned? [108]

If I drive through poznan people always pull up along side and stare at me
People also stare in suprermarkets,

It is normal. If you are black, you are a rarity in POland. I also stare when I see a black person, and I tell my kids to stare too.

One of my friends here laughs at me and tells me that he only showers every 3 days

3 days? It is very often. I take a shower every 2 weeks because I am green and save the planet`s water. Do you know that Poland will have a serious problem with water soon?

At the moment there are no general water scarcity problems in Poland. Irrigation practices are not wide-spread. However, in some areas during low flow periods subsurface irrigation causes water shortage problems. The intensification of irrigated agriculture linked to the EU Common Agricultural Policy instruments may cause water quantity problems in the future.
11 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Your opinions are relevant and hold water. Keep up good job. :):):)

I can observe the same process taking place in Poland, especially among the youth. They are not interested in history at all, they just want to have good jobs, a lot of cash, nice houses and on top of that, fun in life.

I received a great shock in as far as 1990s when I visited a befriended teacher in his school and the school radio broadcast a short programme about Katyń. I looked at those students and was surprised that instead of standing to attention and listening carefully, they continued talking and laughing.

The process can`t be stopped and in 20 years` time it will look here like in the West. People`s historic memory will amount to zero. It is already happening, the date of 04.06.1989 (collapse of communism) means nothing not only to students but to 30 year olds as well.

History issues, especially those painful ones from the war, are still exploited by certain politicians who use old people`s memory to get votes and power.

And by guys fascinated with history, like me.

Within 4 posts you appear to have nailed so many important issues, and are trying to pass your knowledge onto others.

I can`t agree with you. GermanMan talks about things which are true. It is really surprising you don`t see it. :):):):)

I need to make only one remark to what GermanMan says.

Conclusion: Ignorance is one common state in the EU.

Yes, not only in EU but also in US and worldwide. But ignorance may be harmful to Poland. Every month the Polish diplomats have to intervene at newspapers, magazines or TV stations all over the world to make their editors apologise for the nasty expression : Polish death camps.

It is obvious that Poles mustn`t stop denouncing such absurdities, you realise why.

A Spanish magazine wrote that the film Pianist is set in "Nazi Poland."

After the Polish embassy protested, they changed the description into a Nazi-occupied Poland.

Another scandal. An Irish paper, describing a visit of Irish youth to Auschwitz, used the term Polish concentration camps.

They apologised and corrected the report.

Again libel about Polish gas chambers. Culprits: Daily Telegraph and Sun, both from Britain.

and many many more.

Read this article which explains the Polish stance on the issue:

CNN made to apologize for offending Poles
Polish Radio

£ukasz Kamiñski, historian of the Institute of National Remembrance says that repeating such untrue and harmful statements can build a false image that it was Poles and not Germans, who were responsible for mass murders in World War Two concentration camps: 'Time passes and the level of public knowledge of World War Two decreases. The more we hear about "Polish death camps" the less we will think about what it really means - if it means they were built in Poland, or by Poles. We must defend the historic truth on this matter with determination. '

As you can see, it seems we are going to deal with historical issues and world`s ignorance for many years from now because Poles can`t leave it like this for obvious reasons.
10 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

I blame mainly so called leftist intellectuals who to the large extend control media outlets in Poland. Those people are as they would say 'ashamed' of status quo in this country and they are responsible for starting all this craziness with "what Europe think?".

Not only leftist guys. When TV belonged to PiS, the atmosphere was the same. Anything special happened in Poland and the evening news presented opinions of important Western Europeans on Polish affairs. The question: What Europe think? mattered a lot. It was really ridiculous.

I must say it has stopped or been reduced substantially recently. It looks like Poles are slowly getting rid of their complexes. :):):):)

The return of Poland to Europe started not in 1989, but in 1988. Krzysztof Kieśłowski won the first award for his film Short Film about Killing. During the ceremony he said the following:

Wim Wenders: I met Krzysztof for the very first time in my life in 1988. I had never seen him, I must admit, only knew one film, SHORT FILM ABOUT KILLING. And that became the very first film that won the very first European Film Award. It was the first time we did it and he went on stage and the first line I heard him say was, 'I hope Poland is actually part of Europe'. And that left a deep impression on me because all of a sudden that award had a different necessity than before. It was not just an award, out of a sudden it was important and necessary.

Short film about killing: the scene of execution of a young murderer. Quite disgusting, the times when Poland used death penalty.
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Come on, just look at the photos.

And here:

What else do you need???
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

yup... look at the sign in this pic

East Germans` nostalgia for totalitarian communism transformed into the idea of NPD, a neo fascist party.
According to the magazine, the party has taken hold in the eastern parts of the country after municipal polls in seven states. There will now be NPD politicians on councils in Leipzig, Dresden, Rostock, and Erfurt.

Haha... We are to big of a country to be neglected, like Lithuania for example, but cannot be counted on par with the big shots of EU, like Germany, France and GB.

It wholly depends on our own effort and energy.

When Jerzy Buzek becomes the head of the European Parliament (with French and German support) , I will be able to give you one more example of appreciation. But now it is still too early.... That is why, only a small article for the time being....

The Pole Jerzy Buzek and Italian Mario Mauro will fight it out to be the EPP candidate to head the European Parliament.
Buzek is a former Polish prime minister (1997-2001) and MEP since 2004. His name has been floated for over a year now. Only a few weeks ago it seemed he would be the obvious choice of the Christian Democrats (EPP), the largest political group in the Parliament. Two reasons for this: 1. he is a heavyweight politician and well respected parlamentarian; 2. there will be several big jobs to be handed out in the EU soon and most seem to agree at least one has to go to the new member states, which are approaching 5 years in the EU.

9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

It's only a question of time, my friend, and will happen eventually
as we are hard-working, resourceful and smart people.

Yes, I believe it too. Poles are much better and further in building an efficient capitalist economy than East Germans.
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Oh my God he said something logical instead of puting himself down

I must disappoint you, I am afraid. I am for the pipe and for Poland joining it!! :):):):)

Am I putting myself down???? :):):):)
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

See??? :)

Tak, teraz widzę. :):):)


We have lost nothing!
The Nord Stream is underway and I have heard NOTHING so far which will endanger the build...get used to it!

A few Western countries cooperate with Russia to build a gas pipe despite Poland`s and a few others` objections.
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]


During Berlin Wall Collapse Celebration in November a happening involving 1000 domino dice will take place. The first two dice will present Polish symbols: Solidarity, worker resembling Walęsa and the Pope.

Oh, I forgot about Poland and Ukraine chosen as organizers of Euro 2012.
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

I have a dilemma. How to consider this act? Is it appreciation or disregard?

Spaniards call Kaczynski evil
Spanish socialists claim that Poland's President Lech Kaczynski is one of the most evil politicians in the world and Poles are over-zealous Catholics.
Running up to the European Parliament elections, the Socialists' Party of Catalonia (PSC) has released a poster showing top right-wing politicians from Europe and the US . It depicts former president of France Jacques Chirac, former president of the US George Bush, former PM of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, PM of Italy Silvio Berlusconi and president of Poland Lech Kaczynski.
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

More examples of appreciation soon.

I said I would only post about appreciation. But it seems I need to post both sides.

1. Example of disregard (apparent)

Sarkozy has failed to invite Poland's head of state to this year's Normandy (D-Day) landing celebration despite Poland's participation in that offensive with Gen. Maczek's Mechanised unit.

I wouldn`t really view it as a national issue. Rather private animosities between leaders of two countries: Sarkozy is pissed off at Kaczyński because the latter didn`t sign the Lisbon Treaty while France was heading the EUnion last year. And it was Kaczyński who had negotiated the treaty together with Sarkozy and promised to sign it, but failed.

If I were Sarkozy, I also wouldn`t invite Kaczyński, a liar and conman! :):):):)

2. Example of disregard (real)

Video clip produced by the European Commission on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of Communism, does not show any pictures of the legendary Polish 'Solidarity' freedom movement, which cracked the Soviet dictatorship in Eastern Europe.

Instead, it focuses on the fall of Berlin wall, and briefly reviews events in other countries. Poland appears in the clip only for several seconds. We can see a piece of original TV footage, featuring Wojciech Jaruzelski proclaiming the martial law in 1981. The rest is footage from the re-enactment of historical events, staged in 1990s at the earliest, as the only banner captured on the tape is one with the logo of "Gazeta Polska" newspaper, established in 1993.


However, after a brawl following the release, with the involvement of Polish politicians and media, it was slightly corrected according to Polish expectations.
According to the Chair of the Polish Committee for European Integration, Mikolaj Dowgielewicz, this is like showing France's history with no mention of the French Revolution".

3. Appreciation:

EC to make changes to 1989 film
2009-05-18, 08:00
The European Commissioned has informed that they will be making changes to a short film that fails to record Poland's historic role in ending communism in 1989.

Following an official complaint from Poland an EC spokesman said that the film makers never had the intention to neglect Poland's historic role in bringing communism to its knees.,EC_to_make_changes_to_1989_film,id,377928.htm
9 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

What did eastern Europe ever do for the EU???

Quite a lot. We threw off communism so it was possible for Germans to unite. It is true that currently there are still too many Homo Sovieticus Germans in ex-East Germany and they slow down the country, but in 30 years` time they will die out and Germany will be great again. :):):):):):)

Besides, don`t complain about German spendings on Eastern Europe. If we still had the Cold War, you would spend much more.

Poland acts in what it considers to be its own self-interest and it is accused of being an American lackey. Germany and the rest of Europe are supposedly on a higher road!!

Yes, gratitude is considerd sth obsolete in politics and diplomacy. Unfortunately. For decades Americans protected Western Europe against the Red threat. Without American military umbrella Germany and France would have been invaded and conquered after a week by Soviet tanks.

Poles have always realised this truth about American importance in Europe and that is why they offered support to Americans in Iraq.
7 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Poles have an inferiority complex connected with their presence and position in Europe. For centuries we have been the worse part of Europe, looked down on by other Europeans from more developed and better organized countries.

Reading posts in the forum I constantly come across contradicting voices of members. Some claim Poland is ignored by Europe, others maintain it is already or going to be an important player soon.

My opinion: Poland was ignored, Westerners had a tendency to deal with Poland like with a spoiled child - ignoring its demands or independent thinking and expecting it will remain silent and happily accept what is offered to it.

Mr Chirac famously said in 2003 after Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic backed the US position "They missed a good opportunity to shut up," adding "These countries have been not very well behaved and rather reckless of the danger of aligning themselves too rapidly with the American position."Poland has not forgotten Mr Chirac's "unfortunate" remarks, Mr Kaczynski indicated.

But this attitude is slowly disappearing. Westerners don`t avoid discussion, try to hear Poland`s voice and incorporate it into various European projects.

Examples. Today`s elections sparked a project of 4 TV studios set up in only 4 European capitals: Berlin, Dublin, Rome and Warsaw. It is made by Europarltv.

Europarltv is the official online platform for webcasting from the European Parliament. The service includes live streaming of parliamentary sessions and committee meetings, archived content, debate programmes and educational videos. It was launched 17 September 2008.
Don't miss our live coverage of the election night, starting today at 7pm CET! Find out about the results as they become official from 10pm CET by clicking on the "results" icon. Learn more about what is at stake in these elections with our videos under "related content".

Warsaw calling: the situation in Poland
Live from Warsaw: guests interviewed in Warsaw...

More examples of appreciation soon.

PS. The Warsaw connection doesn`t work. :):):):):):) What is going on?
7 Jun 2009
News / Searching for keys in Polish-Russian relations [75]

we should support democratic changes on Ukraine with every penny we have since we have all the same mutual interests and no colliding ones.

Your reasoning is very correct and I fully agree with it.
4 Jun 2009
Food / What do the Poles think of salt and vinegar crisps? [32]

I find that most hate them with a passion!

Exactly. They are too salty and too sour. When I once offered them to my students, they were really shocked that Brits eat sth like that.
3 Jun 2009
History / Poland remembers its bloodless revolution of 1989 [9]

Poles are in much better mental condition. :-)

Physical condition is also much better than 1989.

Since 1989 the average life span has increased from 66 (males)/75 (females) years to 69/78

Infant mortality rate has decreased from 19 to 6.

These indexes show the progress that Poland achieved for 20 years of turbulent transformation.
31 May 2009

So our effort was bigger than French :)

Not only this.

Poles had never fought against allies while the French did. E.g., the British had to destroy the French fleet which didn`t want to fight against Germans after France`s fall. Later on the French resisted Americans and Brits in nothern Africa in 1943, they were really serious with their defence there.

Today the French prefer to forget it, they also try to erase the memory of their cooperation with Nazi Germany (Vichy government) and they think that de Gaulle wiped all French faults from WW2.

They are pathetic but they do not realise this. :):):):)
29 May 2009
History / Poland and Ukraine [240]

Polish Prime Minister: Ukraine, Croatia and Turkey should join EU
Warsaw. May 27 (Interfax) - Poland wants Ukraine to join the European Union and considers Georgia a strategic partner of NATO and the EU, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Wednesday.

Tusk said at a meeting in Warsaw with European journalists that Poland supports Ukraine, Croatia and Turkey in their desire to join the EU and that this is an immutable position on the part of Poland's government.

Tusk also said Poland had been a resolute supporter of Georgia's bid to join NATO though, he said, his country has not welcomed all statements by Georgian politicians.