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19 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Why British murder Polish? [41]

Why so many Polish have been murdered in UK ?

Why they burn Polish houses ?

Why they hold Polish in foreced laubor camps ?

Why they vandalise Polish shops ?

Why they write anti Polish slogans on Polish houses ?

Why this process is strongly supported by UK's public media.

cos they dont like noimmigration
18 Jul 2008
Real Estate / Allotment in Poland (działka) [5]

Hi I'm interested in allotments
In Poland How are allotments obtained? Are they privately owned or state run? Are they passed down through the family? How important are they now? Did they start during the Communist era? How big are they? What do you normally grow (I'm guessing the obvious) anything unusual? Are they available for urban dwellers? How are they seen...A hobby, an essential, a luxury, old fashioned, an embarrassment?

I want to know a bit about the culture. For me food sourcing is fundamental to culture more than producing what a climate can support. For example Jewish food and culture seem to be intertwined but I don't want to start an argument about what is Jewish food!!

I would really appreciate any replies.
18 Jul 2008
Life / Antisemitism in Poland; is it safe for a Jew to live in Poland? [193]

I believe the reason would be more to do with the economic conditions in the country migrants choose to go to. Ireland has always been poor that is why the population fell by 50% in less than 100 years. What chance did any migrant have of makeing a living when the indigenous population couldn't.

Prominent Irish Jews
William Annyas, mayor of Youghal.
Leopold Bloom, fictional protagonist of Ulysses.
Robert Briscoe, member of the Irish Republican Army during the Anglo-Irish War and twice Lord Mayor of Dublin (1956 and 1961).
Ben Briscoe (son of Robert Briscoe), former Fianna Fáil T.D. and Lord Mayor of Dublin (1988).
Michelle Citron, feminist film, video and multimedia producer, scholar and author.
Daniel Day-Lewis (dual Irish and British citizen), actor.
Gerald Goldberg, Lord Mayor of Cork in 1977.
Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1919 to 1937, later of Palestine and Israel.
Chaim Herzog, sixth President of Israel.
Max Eager (son of George Eager), first Chief Rabbi of Ireland.
Sir Otto Jaffe, Lord Mayor of Belfast (1899 and 1904).
Immanuel Jakobovits, Chief Rabbi of Ireland between 1949 and 1958, later British Chief Rabbi.
Louis Lentin, director (documentary films, television, theatre).
David Marcus, author, editor, broadcaster and lifelong supporter of Irish-language fiction.
Yaakov Pearlman, Ireland's Chief Rabbi.
Alan Shatter, Fine Gael TD and former party spokesperson for justice.
Mervyn Taylor, former Labour Party T.D. and Irish Minister for Equality & Law Reform.
Gustav Wilhelm Wolff, founder of Harland and Wolff shipbuilders.
Max Nurok, Israeli Consul-General to Australia, subsequently Israel's first Ambassador to Australia. [3]
Mike Shallcross, prominent paralegal at D.C. law firm

This is a little off topic
18 Jul 2008
Life / Antisemitism in Poland; is it safe for a Jew to live in Poland? [193]

There was a pogrom in Limerick 1904:

Chaim_Herzog Ex President of Israel was Irish

Herzog was born at Clifton Park Avenue in Belfast, the son of notable Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, who was Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1919 to 1937 (and later, of Palestine and Israel).[1] The family home (from 1919) was at 33 Bloomfield Avenue in Dublin. Herzog studied at Wesley College, Dublin.

He immigrated to Palestine in 1935, and served in the Jewish paramilitary group Haganah during the Arab revolt of 1936-39. (

I am an American citizen living in Ireland and can confirm the incredible level of anti-semitism and terrorist-sympathizing that occurs here. The common viewpoint is that Israel (and to a lesser extent, America) are terrorists and palestinians are 'freedom fighters'. The Irish viewpoint vilifies every aspect of Israeli foreign policy and justifies 'palestinian' terror campaigns.

Posted by: Belfaster on October 14, 2003 09:26 AM.

The Jewish paramilitary group Haganah. They were considered terrorists by the British. One Mans terrorist etc....

There is very little antisemitism in Ireland but it does exist.
17 Jul 2008
Language / Sayings in English that seem odd in Polish? [22]

"A bee in a bottle" is a good description of an ineffective usually young rent-a-mouth.
"Rent-a-mouth" (that is an other one) someone with a half baked opinion on everything and a full baked opinion on nothing
10 Jul 2008
History / Operation Market Garden, what went wrong? [68]

The problem was one of manoeuvring for post war positioning. The British had always wanted to strike into the heart of Germany because of the rapid advance they had made after the breakout. Eisenhower had stopped the advance for obvious reasons (fuel supply etc). The British felt undermined by this and continued to argue for a quick crossing of the Rhine. Eisenhower allowed them to attempt it. He may have been supreme commander of the allies in the west but he was an American. The prize was the industrial heartland of Germany. Americans then as now tend to see the bigger picture and knew that the soviet forces were at that time unbeatable. America was preparing for a post war world. The Soviet Union won the war but the Americans won much more. The actual details of the battle are not that important. There is much more to be said here but as usual political intrigue lies at the heart of the debate

The film was too long and Ryan O'Neil was miscast
7 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / EU integration of Polish nationals in the UK vs no surrender [43]

Yeah I couldnt work that out!!

Have you tried phoning the number? Go into the police station and get them to phone. The only other numbers on the note would be a crime incident reference number.

Seven is written as in the rest of Europe. Either 7 or like 7 but with a bar across the upright as in mathematical notation. I think you got a person with bad big significance.
7 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / EU integration of Polish nationals in the UK vs no surrender [43]

The Orange order was encouraged by the British as a means to counter the United Irishmen who led the uprising of 1798 when Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter joined to fight for universal suffrage. They drew their inspiration from the French. This was a dangerous idea for the powers. The Republican movement has always been led (or represented) by Presbyterians. The established church (Anglican) with the Government behind it never liked the fact that Scottish migrants (Presbyterian) settled in Ireland. Many moved on to North America to fight against the British in the war of independence hence that close association.

The elevation of the Orange Order to "Top Dog" status has repercussions to this day. No Unionist politician can exist without being a member of that order. They are treated with respect despite their naked discriminatory utterances (Poles are catholic therefore we can employ them as opposed to native born Catholics) while others are ridiculed --Balaclava wearing terrorists etc-- for standing for simple minded ideals such as one man one vote, an end to discrimination, women’s rights etc. Remember there was only one party in Ireland who opposed the taking away of Irish nationality from people born in Ireland.

It is an emotive issue religion infects all aspects of life in Ireland to get a job one has to state ones religion. You cannot bypass this question because if you don’t have a religion you are asked to state how others would perceive you (i.e. Catholic or Protestant).

The Orange order have a different view of things they see themselves as defending their right to worship as they see fit. They don’t understand why people take offence at their marching through areas they are not wanted. Their attitude is "this is the UK if you don’t like it go away". In a way they are blinkered to humanity

No surrender to what? Democracy? Northern Ireland was created against the wished of the vast majority of Irish people. The Irish have never suggested that people who feel British should leave the country but simply continue to live as they always have.

A lot of the problem is the changing nature of wealth production in Ireland. The land owning class have been sidestepped by globalisation hence the change in the unionist voting pattern from the Ulster unionists (Traditional landed gentry) to the Democratic Unionists (Rural farmers/shopkeepers and urban estate agents/solicitors). The emergence of Sinn Fein is a direct result of the superior catholic birth rate and as they grew their ability to see what was done to their communities and who was to blame. 30,000 people vote for Gerry Adams can they all be wrong?

You seem to be having a hard time understanding the problems of Ireland and a hard time living here. Have you received the welcome pack for new immigrants yet? There is a lot of good info in it, advice centres, phone numbers, explanations of cultural differences, what to expect etc. It’s produced by Sinn Fein.

Personally my family don’t have a religion but I would be seen as a Catholic my wife as a Protestant and my children as Harries. None of us vote there is no point.

When asking questions about Ireland don’t give an opinion unless you trust the listener (all listeners) you can get in trouble very quickly and ask specific questions nothing too broad.
5 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / belfast seven [14]

Belfast 7 is the rich part of Belfast. I write a seven like this 7 and sometimes with a bar across the upright to distinguish it from a one. What part of Belfast are you in?
24 Jun 2008
Love / Soldier born in Poland / living in England. Fiance going away for ages. Complicated... [205]

Sean the reasons for an individual taking up a gun are many. I personally have never done that nor have I ever supported the British army and I have known individuals who have done both though not at the same time. The point is one of trust between a loving couple and the pressures that this decision brings to their relationship. For JustysiaS to post such a personal message speaks volumes. Do you not agree? So I suggest keeping to the point. I really don’t want to be curt....
24 Jun 2008
Love / Soldier born in Poland / living in England. Fiance going away for ages. Complicated... [205]

Hi J
My experience of the military is different, very brave men and women sacrificed themselves for the "cause" and their families are still trying to put the pieces together let alone understand the reasons for the sacrifice. I watched "This is England" last night...heroes are for others. Army life is not easy, just something to think about. Your fiancé will be 99% safe, statistically very little chance of harm, no danger of arrest.

Being apart is a risk. I am living with the consequences of taking such a decision. Needless to say it didn’t work out as I had hoped, but I don’t regret it for a second. You do have doubts and are selfish, the other side of the trusting, altruistic coin. A full gambit of emotions and feelings is what makes us human. So celebrate being rounded and never ever feel guilty.

Having read your previous posts I agree that you are indeed a strong willed person. I think the edited section lies at the root of the doubt. That is now private (Hope I didn't dream what I read earlier). I have no advice for you that go beyond more cliché.

If your man was going to New Zealand to play rugby would he accuse you of being selfish? He may, but would he be right?

Take care and think before you speak.
18 Jun 2008
Love / My polish g/f can be a nightmare,is it always like this [262]

Firstly take some time off sick about two weeks.
Go for a non-molestation (restraining) order ex party (without her knowing) if granted you have two weeks to get your **** together as she can't return to the house during that period. You will go to court for a full hearing (i.e. you vs. her) two weeks later. You need grounds (e.g. locking you out of the house, being violent either verbally or physically, etc) that happened within the last two weeks. If granted you have a hastle free year. This should cost about £500 (shop around solicitors are like ********* don’t forget to ask what are the chances of initial success etc). Peace of mind for less than £10.00 per week

You need to act fast she has already called the cops a minus point for you but not the end of the world.
Cancel all services and close joint accounts even if you have to pay the outstanding amounts. It may save you money in the long term. Spend the time looking for somewhere else to live. She has a child so once it gets to court you will be ******** the short term but not forever.

Calculate how much it will cost to walk away then do the maths and choose the cheaper option

Also investigate what JustysiaS says it may not work but it’s worth a try and could save you money.

You do need to get out It’s not a polish trait or a feminine trait it’s just her