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10 May 2008
Life / Dont generalise: negative posts I have read about Polish people [8]

I'm glad to hear your good experience! I'm going to Poland this summer :D

And yes I understand how you feel, I don't know why people get on this forum to bash Poles. I don't know what they think they are accomplishing or why they would waste their time like that. And I especially don't understand what anyone would have against Polish people. It doesn't make sense.
10 May 2008
Life / Nasty polish guys in Bialystok [36]

Nasty, nasty boys...don't ever change... oh you nasty boys

This thread is hilarious. Now I know to stay away from... jeans and black jacket wearing Poles? Nasty!
5 May 2008
Life / Cool Polish names [133]

Tranowsław Annihilatorzczewiczki

Wow I tried to say this out loud and had a hard time! lol!

Is Izador a Polish name?
4 May 2008
Life / How to deal with rude rich Polish people? [65]

This is very true of all rich Polish people. Most Poles are poor but they will always have the time to stick a knife in your back! The Polish race have never been very industrious and hard working and instead have always relied on the support of others. In our Christian society, the Anglo Saxon races believe that it is our own hard work and endevours that will lead to success whereas, in Poland, the Roman Catholics are made to believe that it does not matter what you do or say in life and nothing is really important as God will provide for you. The Poles are Europe's most scrounging race, jealous of wealth and success, they are always the first to embrace it when it comes their way.

WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM BUDDY?? Seriously what have Poles ever done to anyone? What are you Russian? I think you're the jealous one because you have to live in a corrupted sh*thole of a country. Why are you posting on POLISH forums if you hate Poles so much?

I think you hate how much you love us.
2 May 2008
Study / More and more foreign students in Poland [33]

Wow that's awesome that Polish schools are getting so much recognition. I would like to study music in Poland for graduate school, either vocal performance or just Polish music itself. Anyone have suggestions for the best akademia muzyczna?
1 May 2008
History / An Example of Falsifying Historical Facts and Degrading Poland [46]

1) Poles WERE hard done by
2) At least they're not vengeful about it like other countries are, they ARE trying to
get over it and progress, that's admirable

And yes, I do think Poland is an easy target for articles like this due to ignorance and stereotypes
30 Apr 2008
Travel / Finally moving to poland (Poznan)! [28]

Aaah I'm going to Poznan this summer! End of July to mid August. I would looove to hit up some of those music festivals, especially The Police! Is it free?
25 Apr 2008
Life / Is there a "Polish Soul" or only Russians can claim a slavic soul? [6]

I think Polish people have a slavic soul. I'm an american, but I can remember growing up and being distinctly drawn to slavic music and art without understanding what made it different from normal western culture. Polish culture has more western influence than Russian culture, but it is still slavic.