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Dont generalise: negative posts I have read about Polish people

justtosay 1 | -  
9 May 2008 /  #1

After reading many comments about how the polsih people were not friendly really made me feel as if I had to register on here just to say my views.

Somebody said "they are not nice to you unless you can give them something, but they are not nice to strangers"

This is simply not true. As in every place im sure different people do exist so there are good and bad people, however you cannot generalise this.

I am an irish female and at 19 and travelled around Poland on my own last year. Every person that I met was extremely nice and tried their best to help me even though we didnt undertand too much about what the other was saying. I met people in trians who were extremely nice and I always recieved a smile when I walked into cabin.

Furthermore, I rented out a room which was owned by a family who were extremely generous and accomodating and had even let me use thier internet and phone to get in touch with my family back home as they wanted me to get in contact with them to let them know I was okay. They even let me keep one of thier house phones in my room incase my parents called back.

I even had to approach a man in the street, handing them a phone and ask them to ring a taxi as I could not speak the Polish language. He was probably a bit shocked, but extremely helpful.

Therefore, in my experience, Polish people are extremely friendly and try to help out where possible. I would go back any day.

The weather is amazing as is the beauty of the scenery and the Polish women.

Anybody reading threads like these hoping to find out if they should travel to Poland and in fact anywhere, dont take what they are saying to be true of all people or places. Just as it seems quite amusing to me how some poeple generalise about people where I am from in Ireland and I have to laugh at how shocked they are to hear that we are not like that.

I hope everybody has an open mind about different countries and people who live their as they may find that they will have a better experience without any preconceived notions.
plk123 8 | 4,142  
9 May 2008 /  #2
Polanglik 11 | 303  
10 May 2008 /  #3
Hi ...

Glad you enjoyed your time in Poland ........ and I enjoyed reading your post :o)
LondonChick 31 | 1,133  
10 May 2008 /  #4
Hi - and welcome.

Don't worry too much about the negative posts. They are posted by a small minority, usually by people who come across as twats.

Most of us here are very positive about Poland and Polish people :)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506  
10 May 2008 /  #5
dont listen too much to the negative posts, but equally, dont believe everything positive you read either. there are people who post here that hate the poles and all they stand for. and there are people who look at poland through rose tinted glasses. and remember that visiting a country on holiday doesnt show you what the country is really like. you have to live in a country to see it for what it really is... with the good and the bad
Wayman123 - | 15  
10 May 2008 /  #6
Second that im english myself and have recently come back from kraków '

most polite people i have ever met very nice people and a lovely country.
frilly_lilly - | 2  
10 May 2008 /  #7
There are friendly and unfriendly people in every country and every town in the world. I am in Poland from Canada and I must say the Polish are a lot like Canadians; there are nice people and there are nasty people. In general, though, I think people are probably nicer and more caring in the small villages than in bigger towns. And yes, I've come across Polish people who are very cold and unfriendly.
Kaylyn - | 14  
10 May 2008 /  #8
I'm glad to hear your good experience! I'm going to Poland this summer :D

And yes I understand how you feel, I don't know why people get on this forum to bash Poles. I don't know what they think they are accomplishing or why they would waste their time like that. And I especially don't understand what anyone would have against Polish people. It doesn't make sense.

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