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4 Jul 2008
Love / Brit working in Poland - asking this Polish lady if she's in a relationship? [114]


Good for you dude, glad things are moving again. Its weird reading your update, i feel im living as you in an alternative reality! (or England).

Not getting sparks really with the current girl, but found out the Czech girl i....

oh wait, this gets really complicated and i promised not to hi-jack, suffice to say life is better but my head is no clearer!

So yeah, good luck fella, i eagerly await the next chapter in the 'Adventures or Wildrovers Overflowing Passion'!
14 Apr 2008
Language / Imperative, prefix, reflexive verbs, imperfect form in Polish - 6 questions [14]

It's not the Polish thats confusing me, its the English words describing Polish sad..!

I'm with ya there, i was doing fine until i hit all these explanations. Now i have to go back and study English again, which I am mostly learning on here... from Polish people!

Oh the irony...

Hey, Whats Polish for Irony? do you have irony in your Coooouuuuntry?
14 Apr 2008
Feedback / The "Poland Polls" feature has been released [18]

If only this was here a week ago....

'Best PF member' would have been soo much easier.

Nice one Mr Admin....

Admin is a bit impersonal isnt it? can i calll you Bob?
14 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / How to dial a mobile number in the UK [26]

Hmm, try dialling: 00 then 0048 (or +48 if you are using a mobile) then the number, also try dropping the first '5' in that number.

Another option is to dial 0 then wait and listen for another tone, then 048 and the number

Or call the operator and ask them to do it!
14 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / How to dial a mobile number in the UK [26]

im in the UK and im try to dail a PL number thats in the UK


Help im in the uk and i need to dial a polish mobile number ie. 50926XXXX,
This mobile/number is in the uk definitely with roaming.

Wait, you are dialling Poland? or you are dialling someone Polish in the UK?
Do you mean a Polish mobile phone, being used by someone in the UK?
10 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / Life in the UK for some Poles (sad article) [124]

Of course it is. That doesn't mean we all can't discuss it like civilised folk.

I hope for nothing less.

(edited for the greater good)
10 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / Life in the UK for some Poles (sad article) [124]

This is a very harsh subject that will mean a lot to anybody ever affected by abortion issues. Please consider that it isnt always as straight forward as you may expect. Thank you.

@ polishcanuck:
I'm not that good with Polish yet i'm afraid, is there an English version of that site? or a translation somewhere i could read perhaps?
9 Apr 2008
Life / How much is a bag of chips in Poland? [28]

I just had some chips, with a bread roll and pickled onion.

Or do you mean crisps as we call em?

I got some of those too, McCoys flame Grilled Steak!!!
9 Apr 2008
Language / Dokonany/Niedokonany - Perfective/Imperfective [46]

"Hello Mr head, let me introduce you to Mr wall"

"Ah hello Mr wall, shall we get on with it?"

"Yes, lets"

8 Apr 2008
Language / Dokonany/Niedokonany - Perfective/Imperfective [46]

Fuck is a pretty unimaginative word and is inherently kind of aggressive. This makes it hard to do very much with it

Hey, are you insulting our F-word?!?! Go przypierdolić yourself!!!

We dont have these fancy prefixes that you guys do, we just add other words. I know it sounds like a crazy concept but it works for us!
8 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

AAG you are trying just a little too hard now... down girl...

I guess its just a matter of respect, curses were originally banned because of religion, not taking the Lords name in vain, not inviting Satan into your home, etc. (hence = swear)

but other words fell into this category over time, even replacing them. 'Damn' and 'Hell' are not filtered out when used in such a manner any more.

I agree that it is silly now, like a child might feel rebellious for saying 'shit' but if we didnt class it as a bad word then it wouldnt matter would it?

To be honest i dont know who decides these things, perhaps we should ask them to reduce these words to a normal classification, it would save a lot of hassle.

But these words are used in anger a lot, and suggest (as their original intention i would say) a complete lack of respect for whoever they are used against or about.

This is dying down a little now, and they can be used to indicate urgency even with those you have respect for:
"pass me the phone!"
"just pass me the fucking phone!!!"

i cannot believe so much conversation has happened over one word,

Fuck is more than just four letters huh?
8 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

Where is this path again? sounds like its worth it to me!!


Fu*k has transcended beyond just a vulgar word for 'sexual intercourse'. In fact, i've heard the word 'Kurwa' used almost as much in Polish conversation (or maybe i'm just hanging around the wrong kind of girls!) and in as many different contexts.

If i hurt myself, i may exclaim - "Fu*k!"
And in similar situation have heard my Polish friends exclaim "Kurwa!"

It does not mean i desire sexual gratification to ease the pain (though it would be nice!) and it does not mean they require the services of a prostitute either. (unless there is some other odd Polish tradition i dont know of? ;)

Oh and i chose that moment to **** out the words as it was by far the most offensive use i had given, particularly adding the 'A' word to it also, i know we are adults(!) here but i didnt want to cause offense.

Why is it people always want to learn all the swear words from a foreign language first? i just saw a Czech girl i know on the bus and she said:

"So how is the Polish going? what naughty words have you learned?"

i dont really know any?! have i been learning wrong?
8 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

Yeah i see now, if you are not some place it will offend, i recommend checking that video link again on the previous page.

Us English have an incredible way of adapting and evolving our language beyond all recognition, and new words are regularly being added to our Dictionary because of it.

One of the more noted examples and one of the first to break certain rules about being a real word, is the word 'Yuppie' and is formed of the phrase "Young entrepreneur" or "young urban pioneer". This caused a lot of trouble a few years back as many high scholars didnt want it added to our language, but now it is a word in its own right.

More recently we have the young slang phrase "innit" (prn= "In-it"), which translated into old, proper english would be:
"is it not" and is used as a statement as well as a question:

"This is not the right place"


"this food is rather delicious!"

And it wont be long before it reaches the Oxford English Dictionary. (It amuses me actually, the Polish i know have trouble pronouncing it, probably because it is similar to your word for "different" = "Inna" which is a rare example of a double letter word in the Polish language it seems, and i believe you accentuate both N's separately, not as one like we do) so it sounds like "inininit" (he he).

Anyway, i digress. the word Fuck has evolved far beyond its original meaning here, i would say its because it is seen as a very extreme expression and a word that once got attention for its vulgar connotations (and yes, connotation and association are different for me too) so it has become forced into otherwise unrelated expressions and subjects in place of, perhaps, less extreme and quieter words:

"My head really hurts" = "my head hurts like FUCK"

"what on Earth is going on here?" = "what the fuck is going on here!"

"i'm going out" / "oh no you are not!" = "like fuck you are!"

to adapt the sentance we were discussing and to add sexual implication, i guess you could say it like this:

"If you shit on my path, i will f**k your a*** so hard you will cry!"

however, the context it was used in was more of a substitute for:
"I would really rather prefer it if you did not do that on my path, thank you, or I may have to resort to physical violence"

As you can see, using a vulgar expression like 'fuck' saves you a lot of writing/speaking, grabs attention and stops you sounding like some kind of posh, patronising head-teacher.

Hope that helps a little. I must admit my only qualification for teaching English is i speak it.... roughly.... innit...
8 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

Okies, before i continue i just want to say i'm actually glad this is going further as it will help me learn, so thank you both for your persistance:

However i'm still not seeing your problem, at first it seemed to be with this sentance:

"Za sranie przy ścieżce przypierdolę łopatą!" which I would casually translate as "I'll fucking give you a whack if you shit on the path!"

To which you said:

I'm not sure if you right way translate above.
"Przypierdolę" has nothing to do will fucking i'm sure.

Your reason is:

For the sake of meanings the both words could do the same job. But each one do that job in slightly different way (for the sake of sexual related connotations). One is spicy (wypier...) and the other not at all (przypier...)

Yet the translation given has no sexual connotations:

I'll fucking give you a whack if you shit on the path!"

Like you said:

It means only hard punch without any respect but not fucking any way.

Perhaps the context in which this announcement was made implied this lack of respect, maybe its translation has been 'Englishified' for the better understanding of the non-Polish members on here. I dunno.

But i cant help but feel everyone is arguing the same point here. Perhaps some responses were a little harsh but on both sides i think, sorry if anything i said seemed combative.

Cant we just have a big group hug and move on now? :-)
7 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / UKPL TV on sky digital [5]

Ooh i mis-read that last post and just sat here watching ten minutes of some dodgy 70's courtroom program thinking:
"it doesnt sound very Polish?!?"


Hopefully catch it later
7 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

Having read Jova's posts in English and yours i have to say that if i needed something translated, i'd ask Her.

No offence, i'm sure you know what you're talking about and this is just a silly mis-understanding but Jova made an excellent response to the original poster which, while heavy in detail was still easy to follow and made perfect sense.

By contrast i have struggled to understand any of your posts. If i was to attempt to post in Polish i'm sure you would struggle even more so, i'm not mocking you, just pointing out my own opinion here.

I just dont see why this all bothers you so, we are talking about translations of words across language and culture, Jova must be doing something right because even you were fooled by her English:

(i've assumed you are not native polish speaker)

7 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / UKPL TV on sky digital [5]

Thank you! damn i just missed it. I have the full Sky pack and never watch TV, only had time to see two footy matches in the last 3 months.

Dunno why i bother, maybe now i'll have a reason if it helps with my Polish studies!
7 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

Ok how about this: have you guys seen The Smurfs?

the way they used 'Smurf' for every other word, its kinda like that in English but using the word 'Fuck'.
See Jova's link above, funny though it is, it really is rather accurate.

I cannot say if it is the same in general in Polish but the description offered by Jova seemed to make sense to me, are you arguing the real, proper dictionary use of the word/s? because our dictionary most definitely doesnt include many of the fuck meanings we use.

What is your understanding of the English language anyhow? there are a few little slip-ups in your post but otherwise you seem perfectly able to communicate, do you ever get to watch any UK TV?
6 Apr 2008
Feedback / Another photo query. [14]

If you re-upload your pictures they should be fine, mine are.

Paint or photoshop should be fine for trimming or converting your pics, but you can also try this specific avatar creating website:

I did mine with this as Paint was being a bi-atch due to my avatars resolution.
6 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

I'd say it isnt what you would usually hear at a camping site or anywhere else public for that matter:

"I'll fucking give you a whack if you shit on the path!"

Not the politest way of saying it, is it?

i'd have laughed too, unless you actually think it killed her? Jova's reply was impressive enough, but to type all that while dead too!?!?

Jova gets my vote for PF Member-of-the-Month!!
6 Apr 2008
Language / Difference between Polish Imperf. and Perf. forms "pierdolic" [58]

(poor reply removed, i'm high on anti-flu drugs right now, sorry)

Seriously, I like to think I'm an intelligent guy but I must have been off the day we learned all those pretty little names, never really thought about it until recently while reading through 'Learn Polish in 4 Weeks'.

Oh i get it, just a thought tis all, Thanks for editing the cat thing, i was gonna ask. Literary translations are still not my strong point!