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27 Oct 2009
History / Responsibility for Murder of Catholic Poles during WWII ? [172]

It seems to me many so called followers of all three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been responsible for heinous crimes against their fellow men and woman. They have all killed those of other religions as well as their fellow co-religionists. Sometimes in the name of God, other times because they were envious of their brothers and sisters.

I have no doubt if God exists , he, she or it is on none of their sides.
16 Sep 2009
Work / Do I Need To Speak Polish To Get Around for 5 Weeks in Krakow [23]

Just spent 9 days in Krakow and Warsaw with my adult sons. They learned three Polish words, Dziękuję (thank you), Proszę (please) and Żywiec (their favorite beer). No, it was four words, Bigos (sauerkraut stew), their favorite dish.
16 Sep 2009
Language / Learning Polish Quickly [12]

University of Pittsburgh has an excellent website for first year polish.

Also, if you want to spend $300 to $500, you could buy a Rosetta Stone program, but check your public library first. Ebay and Craig's List might have a used one cheap
5 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Migrant workers face rental block [59]

A lawyer sued a landlord because he refused to rent to lawyers.

The lawyer lost in court. It's ok to discriminate because of profession, at least against lawyers.
22 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

Hey, thearcher. Not knowing where you, I'm presuming Ireland since he wants you to go to the UK, You have three options.

1 - Abort, but you're running out of time. A few friends who have had abortions in the long run regret doing so. It is very traumatic for the mother.

2- Adoption. Also traumatic for some. Less for others. I have cousins who have done so. One so regreted it (in my opinion) with in five years, she had three more children. Another cousin feels it was the best thing she did for the child and herself. (She finished college, married six years later, raised a family.

3- Become a single mother. Your family may well surprise you and be very supportive. Give them a chance.
18 Apr 2009
Language / The best way for me to learn Polish [89]

Tell your girlfriend to only speak Polish to you. (And don't pretend to not understand when she wants to do something you don't).

Total immersion at home will lead to fluency. One problem could be use of the familiar forms of address, but you can switch forms every other week.
11 Apr 2009
Love / Boyfriend wants to move us to Poland but I don't speak Polish. [32]

If you're under 10 years old, any language is easy. Your mind absorbs it; you're not afraid of making a fool of yourself as you speak. Over 20, they're all hard.

Sweet_g: You must learn the language or you're asking for big trouble. First, you'll be terribly isolated. Second, you'll have a hard time getting a job. Third, you're totally dependent upon your boyfriend.
31 Mar 2009
Law / Bailing out the Polish Zloty.... [11]

So, how is this affecting prices? The price of Polish vodka, beer, etc. Bus fares? A meal in a restaurant?
28 Dec 2008
Life / NANNY STATE in POLANd vs RABBLE? [25]

Sorry, disagree with you on this. People break the law because they are selfish, corrupt and want to live better by not paying the taxes. They also think they can get away with it.
5 Dec 2008
USA, Canada / US auto bailout [49]

I for one will never buy an American made car again.

I think that's a mistake. US manufacturers are making good quality cars.

Frankly, I think GM, Ford, and Chrysler need to tell the UAW we need a big wage cut to get ourselves competition with the foreign makers in the US. Bailout loans will simply delay it. Would you rather have jobs at $33 an hour or no job at $50 an hour. I know what I'd do.

A major, major cost to the big three is retirees health insurance. It adds something like $2000 to the cost of every vehicle coming off the line. They don't have that cost in Canada.

If the big three go into chapter XI bankruptcy, there are huge unfunded pension liabilities the US government will have to pickup. And the workers won't get their full pensions.
4 Dec 2008
USA, Canada / US auto bailout [49]

There is not a significant difference between US cars and those of foreign manufacturers. I have owned Ford, Oldsmobile, Buick, Renault, MG, VW and Nissan, and with the exception of the Renault (first class junker) and the MG (very, very tempermental, but lots of fun), I have had good luck with them all.

In the past, I got rid of cars around 75,000 miles (120,700 km), but now wait until they have 150,000 miles (241,000 km). All cars today are significantly better then they were 30 years ago which is why I drive them twice as long as I did before.

Plain and simple, the US big three's problem are those of management.

lol.. you're on a roll man.. sure..

You may laugh, PLK123, but management signed those contracts.

The big three management were responsible for the Japanese to have the small truck market to themselves for 10 years and more before they introduced their own small trucks to the US market.

When I had small kids and wanted to get a full-sized US made station wagon with a wiper on the back window, it wasn't available as an option. You could get it on the small sized station sized wagons US manufacturers were making to compete with the Japanese cars. (Stupid management decision.)

It takes guts to be a good successful manager. You have to be willing to fight the market, the workers, the competition to make your company a winner. But most of all, it takes good decisions which has been lacking in the past.
3 Dec 2008
USA, Canada / US auto bailout [49]

The laziest bunch of workers,,,, they want to be paid big bucks and hardly work at all.

I would suspect you've never worked in a factory let alone on an auto assembly line. The workers are not lazy and work hard.

The agreement to pay laid off workers was freely agreed to the big three management years ago when the big three were "Kings of the hill."

At this stage the UAW will have agree to termination of the job pay for laid off workers, wage cuts and other considerations or the big three will go into bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will cancel all labor agreements, contracts, etc. Will be somewhat like the airlines, TWA, for example. I doubt the union will want that.
2 Dec 2008
Life / Poles are very polite nation! [47]

All you are assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......And yes Poland is very polite nation!!

Not a very polite comment to your fellow forum members.
20 Nov 2008
News / EU Hypocrisy Regarding Polish Shipyards [30]

The EU is not alone. The US is undergoing a similiar industrial catharsis. Some of our industries are not competive with the world market. Toyota, Honda, etc. have an hourly wage cost of $45 to $50 an hour compare to GM, Ford and Chrysler's $75/hour. Yet, GM and Ford both have competitive plants in the EU. GM is doing well in China.

During WW II, the US could build ships. They built liberty ships faster than the Germans and Japanese could sink them. Those businesses no longer exist.

Sixty, seventy years ago St. Louis was known as a major shoe and clothing manufacturing area and small towns within 100 mile radius had a factory producing shoes and clothing. Not any more!

Keep it up consumers and governments. Eventually everything will be made in China and no one will have jobs to buy it.
12 Sep 2008

Maybe Americans aren't aware of this arrangement [Americans can come to our country and have sex and every thing with our girls but we can even go to US... !]. Has it been publicised sufficiently?

Please don't publicize this! I'm planning a trip with my adult sons to Poland next spring and if our wives hear of this, they won't want us to go.
3 Jun 2008
News / What do Polish friends think of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? [226]

Quite simple - There is a percentage of people of people who will approve of GW no matter what he does, just as there is a percentage of people who will disapprove.

The US is sorely divided on some issues that seen by many as black or white, e.g. abortion, homsexuals in the military and homosexual marriage. Nothing else matters to them.

Perhaps 1/4 of the people are 100% either for or against all abortion. The other 50% are the swing people. If Bush were suddenly reverse his stand on abortion, he might lose another 10%

I personally cannot understand his strength with our military. He and most of his cabinet were draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. Yea, Bush was in the Texas Air National Guard during that war. It was rich guys' sons playing at pilot. Chaney asked for and received six deferments because he had "more important things to do" than to serve his country in the military.

John McCain is one of the few Rupublicans I can respect on this.

Colin Powell lost my respect when he played lapdog to Chaney and Bush.

Before anyone decides to flame me, I am not a Democrat nor am I a Republican. I am a curmudgeon who belongs to no party except his conscience and splits his ticket carefully.
3 Jun 2008
News / What do Polish friends think of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? [226]

It appears Obama appears to be on the verge of sewing up the Democratic nomination.

Latest Gallup poll which needs to be taken with a block of salt shows Obama leading McCain 47 to 44 percent. A month ago, McCain was ahead of Obama 47 to 45 percent. The poll found that 58 percent of Americans have a positive image of Obama, 56 view McCain favorably and 54 have a good opinion of Clinton.

But President George W. Bush's approval rating was just 28 percent.
3 Jun 2008

Black Guys have more passion for life and they are more cheerful!!

It depends upon the guy. I know black guys who are mean, depressed individuals as well as some who are the nicest people in the world.

Black guys smoke more cannabis

And white guys in the US use more cocaine because they have the cash to buy it.

Crystal meth is the worst:

  • After & Before
3 Jun 2008
News / Polish teachers on Strike. [62]

to provide for my family I have to teach in 3 different places

Thanks for your comments on the Polish school system.

May I ask what you teach? Subject(s), grade levels?

How is it you are working in three places? Are you a full-time teacher at one school, and then moonlighting at two other places? Or, part-time at three schools?

My wife teaches at a middle school, grades 6-8 where they have a part-time physical education teacher who works mornings at middle school and afternoons at an elementary school down the road.
2 Jun 2008
USA, Canada / Gas prices in America [127]

There is no way that I would shoot one of them.

There's no way you got that snow in Punta Gorda, FL. or have you moved?
1 Jun 2008
News / Polish teachers on Strike. [62]

any monkey can be taught to teach a foreign language

Some language teacher must have thrown an irate skunk in your knickers.
30 May 2008
News / Polish teachers on Strike. [62]

What's the education system in Poland like?

Who runs the school system for grades K-12? National government, local school board or ?

Who pays the expenses of running the school? Are there separate taxes for education?

Are there national standards, cirricula and tests?
29 May 2008
USA, Canada / Gas prices in America [127]

You're paying some $10/gal vs $4.30/gal now in the US, but you're paying a great deal more in taxes than in the US.