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Ancient Polish History thread

McCoy 27 | 1,269  
14 Dec 2008 /  #121
Polish Medieval Project

HatefulBunch397 - | 658  
15 Dec 2008 /  #122
Now this is something Poland should be proud of: It's Kings. A string of good hearted, descent rulers back in the days of Kingdomhood. A fine example the rest of the world would be wise to follow, eh?
Prince 15 | 590  
20 Jan 2009 /  #123
Battle of Cedynia - First documented Polish battle in history

The Battle at Cedynia (also Cidini, Cydyna, Ceden, Cedin, Zehden) occurred on 24 June 972 during the rule of Duke Mieszko I, the first Christian ruler of the Polans (later Poland). There was a war raging over the western border of the young country, because Mieszko wanted to capture the lightly defended and economically important estuary of the Oder River, in order to secure influence in Pommerania. This led to a conflict with Margrave Hodo of the Nordmark (Northern March) and the Saxon March, who was also ruler of the neighbouring marchy of Lusatia (an antecedent of Brandenburg) and responsible for gathering tribute of the tribes which were Mieszko's point of interest. In the course of division of the East March, the power in the area was exercised by unchecked warlords. Margrave Hodo wanted to extend his territory and influence, and finally gathered his forces. He received support from another man, Count Sigfried and decided to attack. He was sure of victory, and his raid was a private conflict which was against the agreements made by the German emperor, who needed to secure his power in Italy. However, against his expectations, the battle was won by Mieszko.

Battle of Plowce 1331

2400 - 2500 Germans Killed

1800 - 1700 Poles Killed

Poles vs Mongols

Poland vs Ukraine

September 27, 1605, the Polish-Lithuanian and Swedish forces met near the small town of Kircholm (now Salaspils in Latvia, some 18 km. South East of Riga). The forces of Charles IX of Sweden were numerically superior and were composed of 11,000 infantry (8500 pikeman, 2500 musketeer), 2,500 cavalry and 11 cannons. The Swedish army included a few thousand German and Dutch mercenaries and even a few hundred Scots. Jan Karol Chodkiewicz was composed of roughly 1,300 infantry (1040 pikeman and 260 musketeer), 2,600 cavalry and only 5 cannons.The fighting lasted barely 20 to 30 minutes, yet the Swedish defeat was utter and complete. The army of Charles IX had lost at least half, perhaps as much as two-thirds, its original strength. The Polish-Lithuanian losses numbered only about 100 dead and 200 wounded

Poland-Lithuania vs Sweden (new clip on youtube)

Polich Charge Somossiera.

It wasn't Polish war but there was interesting episode.

125 Polish soldiers charged Spaniards with impressing result.

250 dead or wounded,
3,000 captured

In 2008 Spanish history hotheads invited Polish hotheads to repeat the battle. Spanish and Polish had great fun.

Somosierra 1808-2008

CARGA DE SOMOSIERRA (and old movie)

Crow 148 | 9,392  
22 Feb 2009 /  #124
want something ancient in connection with Polish past? See this...

A woman looks at the mummy of a man exposed 04 July 2007

A woman looks at the mummy of a man exposed 04 July 2007 at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. From 06 July to 01 October 2007, the museum presents the show "Under the Sign of the Golden Griffin. The Royal Tombs of the Scythians". The Scythians and the nomadic peoples related to them were the dominant historical force on the Eurasian steppes of the 8th to 3rd cent. BC. The exhibition presents the history of these horesemen and their culture, from their early ranges along the Yenisei River up to the very doorstep of Central Europe. A spotlight is turned on the far-ranging relationship already existing between Asia and Europe long before the famous Silk Road ever came into existence. ...

ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #125
Somehow I don't see any victories over Russian barbarians?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
23 Feb 2009 /  #126
That's because we only mention important enemies.
sjam 2 | 541  
23 Feb 2009 /  #127
Great novel about Polish Knights 1095 A.D. —1099 A.D. :-)

Angels In The Dust: A Novel Of The First Crusade (1947). Author: Zofia Kossak
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #128
What? Polish knights everywhere... Silly yarn about omnipresence of Poles. I have heard alot about Italian, French, German, English and even Norwegian knighthood in Palestine, moreover even Russian pilgrims were engaged in those events, but nothing about Poles. Though I think that Guy de Lousinan was Pole, for his unique ability to lose everything he had.
sjam 2 | 541  
23 Feb 2009 /  #129
Founded before the taking of Jerusalem in 1099 by the armies of the First Crusade—the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes (or Knights of Malta as they are sometimes known) began life as a Christian military force whose mission was to defend the land conquered by the Crusaders and Polish knights I believe were part of this order?

Zofia Kossak Szatkowska was considered as one of Poland's leading historical novelists (which were translated into 16 languages) and brought her critical acclaim. I am not sure but I believe she was a member of Knights of Malta so might have had some knowledge of the Crusades via this organisation.

Zofia Kossak Szatkowska had an 'interesting' life. Although she was an outspoken anti-semite, Zofia Kossak Szatkowska was a co-founder of Polish “The Council to Aid Jews” (“┼╗egota”) in Warsaw for which she was posthumously awarded “The Righteous Amongst Nations” medal and plaque in Jerusalem. She survived imprisonment at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Pawiak Prison, where she was sentenced to death, she was freed in July 1944 due to Polish Underground after which she participated in the Warsaw Uprising.
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #130
Indeed? This is a fiction story from the begining. There is no primary sources pointing out polish activity during crusades. However, I could admit that few poles took part in first crusade especially. Nope, these poles scarcerly deserved the knight title, rather auxiliary. Most likely you can assert that alot of polish "knights" had taken part in crusade of destitutes before first crusade or in the children crusade.
sjam 2 | 541  
23 Feb 2009 /  #131
Indeed? This is a fiction from the begining.

Indeed that is why it is called a novel!

If only Zofia Kossak-Szatkowska were still around so you could put her straight with your obvious expertise on the crusades ;-)
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #132
Do you think that participation in crusade, especially in forth one, may cause a surge of pride?
southern 75 | 7,096  
23 Feb 2009 /  #133
may cause a surge of pride?

Only if you are Indiana Jones.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
23 Feb 2009 /  #134
Do you think that participation in crusade, especially in forth one, may cause a surge of pride?

No but pillaging Moscow can.
Twice :-)
Oh btw our army was about 5 times smaller, we still kicked ass :)
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #135
... pillage!!! This word divides polish approach from Russian one.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
23 Feb 2009 /  #136
Correct, we need ten times less soldiers and still are twice as effective at it :)
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #137
You are right, bandits and robers are very effective in pillage, but eventually you had paid for pillage.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
23 Feb 2009 /  #138
You mean when you allowed us to withdraw or when you attacked us with two other countries ? Because one on one we kicked your ass, always, even in 1920 :)
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #139
Ivan Susanin! Hearing this formidable name, you should tremble with horror, if you are Pole!
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #141
No doubt, you are not Pole afte that. He was common russian peasant who exterminated whole polish regiment, sent to find the place where new elected tsar Mikhail Romanov had found his refuge.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
23 Feb 2009 /  #142
Must've been related to Chuck Norris.
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #143
Nope. He just pointed them out a wrong way, they all found their death in morasses.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
23 Feb 2009 /  #144
So um ... Whats so special about that ? Happened all the time to everyone in hostile territories in hundreds of wars.

The point that Russia never managed to take on Poland alone stands :)
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
23 Feb 2009 /  #145
Well, may be you are right, neverthlerss we created the most magnificent empire, the world ever seen, and you lost everything. Our history forms singular piece of historic process, but yours will be just an appendix of russian.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
24 Feb 2009 /  #146
Well, may be you are right, neverthlerss we created the most magnificent empire[/quote]
Oh please, a single uprising ( 1830 ) shook up your entire magnificent empire, you've been pouring troops and shitting pants.

the world ever seen

Rome was greater, USA is greater, ancient Greece was greater, ancient Persia was greater, Rzeczpospolita was greater, 3rd Reich was greater, the list goes on and on and on.

You've created a backwards economically and socially retarded state that thrived on huge amounts of resources and manpower you were wasting left and right, any semi-competent nation would have ruled the world with what you've wasted.

but yours will be just an appendix of russian.

An appendix of kicking your asses with armies several times smaller and kicking your pride so hard up your asses you didnt get over it 400 years later and you had to ally yourself with Germans to have another go at us :)

Face it dude you were always a giant on clay legs and every single time you tried to have a war with Poland you failed miserable, it didnt matter how many armies, guns, cannons you always lost, even in 1939 you've let Germans do all the work.
ConstantineK 26 | 1,259  
24 Feb 2009 /  #147
It is rather strange, but neither Rome (by name at least), nor Greece, Persia, RP, Reich, or USA deserves the name 'empire'. You forgot to mention such odd empire as British or brief French (twice). The first was granted to queen Victory in order to flatter her vanity and the second two were created by maniacs.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
24 Feb 2009 /  #148
Yet all of them were greater and had greater achievements whether military, political or cultural, or all at the same time.

Not to look far, Poland that you claim to be a footnote in russian history not only occupied Moscow twice, defeated Russia in every single war where there havent been other sides, saved Europe under Vienna, saved Europe under Warsaw and created on of the most lasting cultures that influenced even Russia.

Then said footnote in history single handedly toppled communism and during its height your greatest nobles were kneeling against a single polish magnate, not even a particulary great one.

Russla has always been a colossus on clay legs, which Poland repeatedly proven to you by putting your pathetic little attempts at invasion down, hard, face it mate Russia was never great, just big :)
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601  
24 Feb 2009 /  #149
You guys should argue about who invented vodka.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346  
24 Feb 2009 /  #150
I'm willing to conceed Vodka as panslavic heritage, i can take away Constantins empire but taking vodka is simply not cool.

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