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Poland - never again

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
8 Jun 2018  #451
Again, a person who is not fluent in the country he or she lived in and is not a citizen after over 3 decades is about as assimilated as the migrants who habe flooded europe. They also do not speak the language, are not citizens and regularly show contempt and hatred for the host population. Only difference is theyve been there far shorted than 30+ years. Hence one could even say Doug is less assimilated than the migrants tearing up germany, sweden, France, etc.

Do you have enough millions in assets to ask?

Generally, you must be intelligent and/or wealthy for me to respond, but I'll make an exception
Ironside 47 | 9,492    
8 Jun 2018  #452
he's well assimilated.

yeah sure, he is an acholic which explain a lot. Nevertheless he talks a lot of nonsense like post-commies,your crowd.
No wonder you're defending him.

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Dougpol1 27 | 2,561    
8 Jun 2018  #453
do not speak the language, are not citizens and regularly show contempt and hatred for the host population

I speak Polish to an A2 level. If you knew something about linguistics (of course you do, because like the mother in law, you are an expert in finance, economics, politics, building construction, etc,) then you would know that that is enough to get by perfectly well if you are prepared to negotiate in communication a little. After wrestling with the English language all day, and marking students' dissertations half the night, I always preferred doing whatever to getting down to some good old study of my own.

I have no interest in being a citizen anyway. There are no advantages as far as I am concerned. I do not have contempt for anybody in reality. Only a healthy dislike of nationalists, and tedious know-alls like yourself.

Generally it's a case of live and let live. but if I see a gang of union jack wearing skinheads, all frothing at the mouth, and chanting obscene inanities about foreigners, then I do tend to cross the street, yes. Same in small town Poland.

You seem to embrace yobberry, It showed itself in you imagining that you had identified my daughter (when you clearly had not - but the nasty inference was there ) and you well know it. Yob behaviour. Some of us detest it.

And Ironside, I've had a half bar in the house for the last ten months . Friends indulge themselves from time to time, but I've abstained since the start of the last school year because it's now cycling season. Yes, I am clearly severely alcoholic. But thanks for your concern!:)
dolnoslask 5 | 2,453    
8 Jun 2018  #454
Nice one But.....

Ah that proves you are probably significantly richer that the rest of us, you are now going to have to prove it with pictures of welfare cheques and the nest you live in

Do you know the price of half a pound of grain?.
mafketis 17 | 6,755    
8 Jun 2018  #455
No wonder you're defending him.

I wouldn't call it defending, and I often don't agree with him. But he doesn't say anything worse about Poland than you hear living in Poland ten times a day. As I said, it's only those on the margins who are insecure about their Polish identity are hyper-sensitive to criticism, justified or not

like post-commies,your crow

Of all the things to dislike PiS for, the use of 'post-communist' as a slur is up there toward the top, as it implies there's something bad about being after communism (and implies that the PRL was better than anything between 1990 and PiS winning an election. Terrible rhetoric.

And at Ieast I (and Doug) can be bothered to live in Poland instead of skulking around and fuming at the world from wherever you are in Western Europe.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
8 Jun 2018  #456
. But he doesn't say anything worse about Poland than you hear living in Poland ten times a day.

Bullsh1t. Poles do not call each other backward, stupid, senseless, criminal, scum, poor (amongst all the other things he's said - and numerous other people too like harry and delph but at least they were wise enough to stop repeating it) and most certainly they don't call their independence day celebrations a wankfest because they know their history and how extremely offensive that is considering how many Poles died to get the country back on the map after over 100 years.

And even IF they did say stuff like that - they're Poles, they're allowed to -it's their country. Just as one black man can call another a n1gger, but it is totally inappropriate for person of another race to do the same.

Like I asked Doug numerous times - let's have his neighbors and colleagues decide. He wanted PF to adjudicate but knows that this forum is split along political lines, an d furthermore there's very few actual Poles here... There's most foreigner expats in Poland than anyone else and they do not represent how a Polish person would take that. Therefore, we should have Doug's neighbors, students, etc read his posts and decide for themselves if its offensive or not. My guess is that those students won't return for any more lessons and his neighbors will stop being neighborly very quick... And if word gets around he'll probably get stomped by a young nationalist living in or around his commie block for the things he said about Poland's independence.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
8 Jun 2018  #457
Doug has even called for the BANNING of independence day in Poland... I mean that is just so ****** up...

I did a search on the word 'scum' - that's one that Doug like's to use a lot...

Calls Polish miners scum -

Calls Poles working for Amazon scum -

Calls present day Poland scum -

Calls Poland 100 years behind the rest of civilization, calls Catholic church criminals -

Calls Polish people, specifically Polonia scum -

Calls all PiS voters scum - just like Hillary using the word 'deplorable' and even the left and dems criticizing her for insulting millions of people because of how they democratically voice their opinion (which doug can't do, maybe that's why he's so bitter)

Calls all Poles scum for not contributing to the refugee crisis (which actually they are via various charities)

And this is just what I found on a few posts with dougpol using sentences with the word scum in it...

Yeah... Doug REALLY likes Polish people and the society... he's soooo well assimilated.... just like the muslim migrants who also hate their host country, don't speak the language and aren't citizens.

Calls November 11 a 'hooligan parade' and needs to be banned -

And calls Polish police (especially Katowice police for whatever reason) scum - but I have to agree as I generally dislike cops...

Oh and I believe yesterday it was that Doug said Poles don't have sense..

Right Doug, all of those things you said are only about PiS.... suuuure... well I think your neighbors, friends, students, etc should have a look at these and decide for themselves if it's offensive. Don't you agree this is the best way since they're a neutral unbiased party?
mafketis 17 | 6,755    
8 Jun 2018  #458
Poles do not call each other backward, stupid, senseless, criminal, scum, poor

They do that ALL THE TIME!!!!!! Haven't you ever heard Polish people talking before? Or could you understand?

I'm not saying Doug's right all the time (or any of the time) but his rhetoric is pretty normal for Poland, which if you were reallllyy Polish you'd realize.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,306    
8 Jun 2018  #459
Calls Polish miners scum

I think he is right there. And you have typically manipulated his message by omitting "policemen" in it.

On the refugee question, Dougpol demonstrated once again his galling sanctimonious hypocrisy.

For the rest, Doug's ranting is a typical ranting of a man under the influence of alcohol.

But hey, Dirk dear, why did you run away from the place of accident after hitting another car while driving under the influence of drugs? By reproaching Doug you sound like the pot calling the kettle black ...
Ironside 47 | 9,492    
8 Jun 2018  #460
But he doesn't say anything worse about Poland than you hear living in Poland ten times a day.

I think you are hanging with the wrong crowd. If you mean your crowd, rootless, soviet types who are ashamed of being Poles( they are not they are soviets but they don't know that). like this actor....what is his name? son of an actor.. Shtur and his pathetic quips - then you're right. Hell, they have their own newspaper their TV channel.

It is not about sensitive. It simply a fact that Dough too easily ***** and moan about stuff he has a very little clue about. I mean one can get frustrated with issues in Poland but it doesn't excuse most of the ignorant and offensive crap he has been spewing on this forum about polish people.

His acholic addiction is a sort of explanation for his behavior and words but by all means it is not an excuse.
I understand, Poland's reality can be harsh on a spoiled western European but he CHOOSE it, he voluntarily CHOOSE Poland as a place to live. He has been doing it for 30 years, so I think some smudge of loyalty or understanding or a sentiment for the place would be in order. Is that too much to ask?

If he absolutely hate the place he should be gone long ago and if he doesn't hate it or it is a convenient for him to be there he should have chosen his words wisely. Because what he says and the way he says it says more about him than about things he talks about.

Criticize what? The Independence March? PiS for being nationalistic? Mainers for getting their jobs secure by the union? Really? Criticize Poland for not bowing with the ridiculous German scheme of the forcible relocation of illegal immigrants from outside Europe? Calling poles scum because of it?

That is not a reasonable balanced behavior and his not some 20' old punk high on a testosterone. He is a 60 years old dude who should have some modicum of reason, decorum and sense. No wonder senior citizens are not respected at all nowadays with such a whacko jobs on the loose.

to dislike PiS for, the use of 'post-communist' as a slur

I don't think you can ascribe it to PiS. It has been around for a while as far as I know. I'm using it only for the benefit of the non-Poles on this forum in this way they would know what I'm getting at. You should know very well that Poland has been ruled to a large degree by the mixture of the commie military intelligence and all kind of opportunist, left overs from the commie times and former commie snitches until very recently. Don't you think that matters?

See, I criticize Poland too. I contrary to Dough know what I'm talking about. He just vent his frustration cause he didn't assimilate at all and he think he is better than Poles and that good old Blithely is some kind of paradise. A bloody English fool! lol!

I (and Doug) can be bothered to live in Poland instead of skulking around and fuming at the world from wherever you are in Western Europe.

First of all, I'm not fuming. I have a fiery temperament and hypocrisy, double standards, injustices, stupidity incurs my wrath. Otherwise I'm lovely and I'm great around children and animals.

Second of all, what does it matter where I'm? I'm not trash talking USA even thought I could to that easily, about judicial and federal institutions and double standards where millions of Mex criminal or illiterate, monolingual serfs are safe to stay and protected, where Somalian wild people with an average IQ of 90 are imported by the gov,while white Europeans well integrated, paying taxes are being targeted by the lazy PC scummy officials, and treated like **** and felons and kicked out. where is the justice in that?

Could talk about issues of the people I'm right now, about a nasty people (visible minority) inefficient institutions, crazy ass laws that sucks D or cadge free speech or freedom of information that would be unthinkable not even in the US but also in Poland. About Governments right or left that fully Embraced progressive ideology and in fact brainwashed people into it.

Hey, I'm not doing that because I understand the place their people, where they are coming from and I'm well integrated. It is not easy process as you should know.

In that sense Dough is far from it. He is just trash talk people cause he is a dick! That what the English are doing the best blame the others and scapegoat people. lol!

Also I have the right to express my opinion regardless.

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Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
8 Jun 2018  #461
I think he is right there. And you have typically manipulated his message by omitting "policemen" in it.

No I didn't fool.

why did you run away from the place of accident after hitting another car while driving under the influence of drugs?

Rofl what a nosy punk bringing up.sh1t from over a year ago.
And not that its any of your business sewing circle twat, but i i was never charged with hit and run and two that was dismissed long ago due to lack of evidence.

What does this have to do with doug? He asked to adjudicate so why not start with his neighbors students etc. They can decide if his rantings are against poles. He brought the idea up. We're talking about his hatred of polish people, lack of assimilation... not some sh1t you gathered while playing internet detective and sewing circle b1tch
Atch 17 | 2,698    
8 Jun 2018  #462
Actually I wrote I had the option to live at an apartment my grandparents own that sits empty while I find a place.

Actually you wrote

"I'd probably live with roommates or with my grandparents' in their guest house to save on rent."

Yes at the time I had an 80k a year salary job...

You had a forty grand a year basic salary and worked your arse off for the 20-30 commission and:

I typically always work a 2nd job or do odd jobs to make extra cash which in the US brings me an extra $8-10k a year now.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Very admirable in fact. A grafter, good on you. You don't need to tell lies. Why do you bother? We all know you and we know you're lying so what's the point?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
8 Jun 2018  #463
Oh Lord again? Look atch im not denying any of that not what i wrote esrlier. This is the last tkmr im explaining this... idk why you even care so much about this but whatever...

Way back when i first got on this forum I wrote about issues that my property had and delph offered to check it out. That property was appraised for 5.5 mln zs. It was given to me from my granny in exchange for sending her cash.

Second, my salaries were around 80k at my first job upon finishing college. I never denied that.. about 3 years after my first job as an account exec i snagged a sales management job as a territory manager, which is the same job delpg tries to get me fired from, and that new job brought my earnings up wuite a bit in terms of salary and commission. i stayed there only about 1.5 years till Feb 2017 when I quit because I wanted to do my mba and was sick of working for someone else and making them rich from my sales efforts. I've been focusing only on working for myself and focusing more and more on expanding our construction biz which was the best decision j made.

People make and lose millions everyday let alone in 3 4 years. A Chinese guy who know owns the largest btc mining service is a billionaire and yet 5 years ago he was broke. And on the topic of btc last year late spring early summer I was talking with johnny about btc a lot and said I owned 5 when they were around 2k a piece.

I've been into investing since college when i got my first taste as a commodity broker. That's when j realized how helpful it is having your money work for you and to have numerous streams of revenue. Of course i started small, lost some money here and there but eventually found my groove and it snowballed more and more.
johnny reb 15 | 3,110    
8 Jun 2018  #464
i started small, lost some money here and there

LOL - I remember when I first started and would lose $2-3k in a day and would just be sick about it.
Now today the way the market has been some days up $10 thousand, some days down $10 thousand and never even flinch anymore.
Takes money to make money and like you said Dirk, once it starts snowballing you are playing with someone else's money and it isn't quite so brutal when you take a major hit by the end of the week.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
8 Jun 2018  #465
Absolutely. **** I would freak out when I'd lost a few hundred as I was trading with like $5k at first. After a while though you get more comfortable and you don't panic. Still though I look at charts - especially for crypt pretty much nonstop during the day.

someone else's money and it isn't quite so brutal when you take a major hit by the end of the week

Absolutely. At the same time though when they make a great return you're envious that it isn't your money lol. I became a broker simply because a friend moved out to florida to take such a job. He told me he was making a bunch of money off being a commodity broker and how easy it was. I never thought i'd go into sales or investments at the time but it was the height of the recession, I was barely making ends meet as I was in college and waiting tables, so I said **** it... took some time off of school and moved out to florida. I was the youngest dude there still wet behind the ears but I wanted to make money and the drive was enough. The other brokers would make 100 calls a day, so I'd make 200-300. I wasn't making nearly as much as the other guys but it introduced me into the whole world of investing and also sales which is what I ended up doing after I graduated. It did end up paying for the rest of my tuition though so to me it was mission accomplished as the whole reason i went there was to make enough money to pay that off. Plus my boss there gave me some life long lessons and sound advice. It was a great time to be a commodity broker though - height of the recession under Obama, dow tanking, people moving their money out of stocks, but commodities especially gold, silver and oil are going way up
Atch 17 | 2,698    
9 Jun 2018  #466
it snowballed more and more.

Until it became the giant lie that it is today :))
mafketis 17 | 6,755    
9 Jun 2018  #467
I'm sure he believes it... Did you ever see the movie "The Grifters"?
Anette Bening's character is remembering the business men she used to con:
"They were making money when everybody was making money. They think that means they're smart"
People who brag about making money when times are good remind me of that....
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
9 Jun 2018  #468
I repeat, when I got on here and discussed the issue with my property in pl that was like 3 4 years ago. It was appraised for 5.5 mlm zs so even back then my assets we4e over 1 mln just from that property alone and nothing else.
Dougpol1 27 | 2,561    
9 Jun 2018  #469

So what Kamil? The wife has a so called "appraised " 3 million in property "assets." I'm surprised you haven't heard the news. Several people got trampled to death in the stampede to view. It'll be the same story with you, unless your Wroclaw property is on Gestapo island, in which case it'll never sell, unless the prospective purchaser enjoys being flooded periodically.

Nothing to brag about I would have said.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
9 Jun 2018  #470
in which case it'll never sell

Except I have already receieved numerous offers. One guy wants to go into business together and open a cement plant right on it. I've actually got more good offers on that place even though its not even listed than my house due to a large inventory in the area. I can sell anytime I want to but am keeping it for a rainy day.

And its far from the odra and even during the worst floods it was spared.

The wife has a so called "appraised " 3 million in property "assets."

Then why don't you live there or sell it and buy a decent place instead of living in a pos commie block?
Dougpol1 27 | 2,561    
9 Jun 2018  #471
a decent place

I am in a decent place, if you can call a wind-swept seaside town that. OK to retire to if you're Polish I suppose. Otherwise tedious without beer. Now off to the shops as this bloody government has forced me to join totally unnecessary Saturday night queues.

PS appraisals mean very little in the scheme of things, unless, as your property, there are actually potential buyers interested. The price goes down by degrees every 4 months until there is some sort of interest. How do you interpret into Polish "dangle a carrot..."?
dolnoslask 5 | 2,453    
9 Jun 2018  #472
The price goes down by degrees every 4 months until there is some sort of interest.

I Just love people who's buckets are always half empty,

Did you not hear the kids idea about a cement plant,, that's what registered with me, I guess your brain went into lets find lots of reasons for him to fail.

He has a great Idea, Given research is carried out on local zoning planning and current planning applications over a 15km radius and a potential for build over at least ten years.

land is on a flood plain near the river could flood .... great.

Concrete blending silos are on stilts , at least the height of any mixer truck, so apart from a temporary close of business he wont't be put out of business.

Cabins pumping equipment etc would need to be raised above the possible flood plain height.

Apart from the dry mix ingredients his main cost will be water, but being close to the river he can apply for a licence to extract the water, by tanker if needs be, thus negating the need and huge cost of having a dedicated large bore pipe from the nearest high pressure water main.

If he is also downstream or of the local water processing plant he would still be in business when there are water restrictions.

Don't forget his competitors are on land with a short term lease because once the building is over there is no business.

Given the water and his land ownership edge his product would be cheaper than the competition (Due diligence is required to prove this).

If I wasn't retired I would PM him and put up the capital costs for all the equipment and trucks with profit on a 50/50 basis ( subject to survey and diligence)

He aint dumb,

Dumb asses end up driving the concrete mixers.

Need a good paying drivers job Doug?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
9 Jun 2018  #473
dry mix ingredients his main cost

That's the beauty of it - the geological samples show the rubble is rich in silica, limestone, gravel, etc. But its just one idea. For now I don't have the capital to take on such an expensive project especially in Poland while trying to manage a remodeling business in the US and starting a new classifieds ad venture with another dude.

Around the winter time though I will take a trip out there and meet with some investors and developers and then decide what to do with it. For now it can sit there I'm not worried about it. The property taxes are a little over a grand so I'm not concerned. If only it were the same in Illinois = /
dolnoslask 5 | 2,453    
9 Jun 2018  #474
For now I don't have the capital to take on such an expensive project especially in Poland

Fair enough but It won't cost you the earth to do the due diligence, look into the water extraction and produce a business plan, If the numbers stack up you will get the investor. Dont forget the 1% for Dolno.s advise, oh on second thoughts give it to Doug, he can't dig himself out of his own negativity.
Dougpol1 27 | 2,561    
9 Jun 2018  #475
people who's buckets are always half empty,

I was referring to her indoors's Dabrowa G estate actually, and not sneering at Dirk. Why would I? And it's all about location as we all know. The family house 120 miles from London on the East coast line was snapped up first point of sale, but who wants ruined old property on the peripheries of a Polish mining town (shut down) that was archaic when it was built, and after 40 years of misappropriation and neglect by the commies is well past its' sell by date?

That's why I was "amused" at the Polish way of measuring the land area, and saying "it's in such and such a place, the prices per square metre of developed land are x amount - so (3.25 million zlotys) that's generally how much it is worth".

As you've all been saying , that is clearly wrong. If we believe Jean Jacques Rousseau, it's actually worth nothing. Or rather, what someone is prepared to pay for it. I don't see how - in this instance - that makes me a glass half empty case.

wisząca marchewka

Thanks Johnny, but I heard some phrase which has the same context, different words....
dolnoslask 5 | 2,453    
9 Jun 2018  #476
- that makes me a glass half empty case.

I don't know doug it just seems allot of the time you seem negative in your posts, not often you post about the nice things that you see on a day to day basis (there must be surely).

Lots of things you say would be fine if we were down the pub in blighty, things like stuff thatcher and the Tories down with the capitalists stuff the church down with remembrance day (well maybe not that, but that day is the same as Poland's independence day), we would probably spend the night chewing the cud and buying each other beers.

Thing is Doug Poland aint Britain and no one in Poland wants to follow Britain's lead or demise or whatever you want to call it, you can't change it or our mentality surely you must have figured that.

You must know by now how stubborn we are.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,077    
9 Jun 2018  #477
Lol sounds good man. When I go to pl over the winter ill look into it more. I'll prepare a nice portfolio with info on the land like the size, per meter value, soil samples, pictures, maybe a swot analysis, list the businesses in the area, etc. Right now with the summer we have a bunch of deck, outdoor painting, tuckponting etc jobs. I'd love to find more workers or subs but its really hard to find good people that are skilled and can be left alone without ******* something up. And if they are they charge a lot basically coming out to around $40 plus an hour.

Plus I want to focus more on that classifieds business while the opportunity is ripe.

who wants ruined old property on the peripheries of a Polish mining town (shut down) that was archaic when it was built

You'd be surprised. The yuppies and hipsters here shell out a almost million to live in a decrepit Victorian that has a ton of problems from leaky pipes to leaking roofs to black mold and everything in between. They don't bat an eye at spending 100k 200k to restore it. These houses were built when people still used candles and many of them still have candle holders on the walls - which the yuppies insist be left alone. Quite a few times I've gathered interesting things including a 1973 Saab sonnett iii that i bought for $900.

Like the saying goes one man's trash is another man's treasure. I'm not concerned about selling it for now. Im treating it as a rainy day asset or something I can sell to buy a condo in skytower which I really like or something that I can potentially turn into a stream of revenue. Once winter comes ill have a better idea of whats the best purpose for it to serve.

The house I was born in is in a dzielnica called zlotniki in wroclaw. When my parents bought it I doubt they spent more than 10k if even that on it waaay back in the 70s or early 80s. They sold it around 2008 2009 or so for something like 350k usd and that too was unmaintained and its design was just as it had been in the 70s.

Its doesnt matter whether a property looks pretty or not. What matters is if the buyer feels like they're getting a good deal on it. And more often than not the determinant of that is the property's location, size, zoning, opportunities etc.
Atch 17 | 2,698    
10 Jun 2018  #478
that new job brought my earnings up wuite a bit in terms of salary and commission.

Really? And yet that's not what you said at the time. In fact you said..........

The job I have now I have a significantly higher base salary than my last job but overall my earnings are a bit lower since the commission structure isn't as good.

And your parents' house...........

They sold it around 2008 2009 or so for something like 350k usd

Really? And yet.............

my parents sold the home around 2007 2008 for I believe 150k.

The yuppies and hipsters here

America - very different to Poland. But in any case the land in Wrocław is a different matter to a Victorian townhouse.

@ Dolno, once again I am really surprised at you - are you being deliberately idiotic? Have you any idea of the costs involved in establishing a cement plant? Not to mention the existing competition from major foreign companies who are spending tens of millions of euros in upgrades alone, to their existing facilities. The whole thing is more of Adrian's pie in the sky nonsense and hot air.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,453    
10 Jun 2018  #479
Have you any idea of the costs involved in establishing a cement plant?

Will you stop it.

1 we will have 3 of these at 10000 pond each

2. 3 of these silos at 26500 79500 pound

3 water tanker with pumping equipment 19500 pound

apart from some porto cabins an local power hookup thats the main part of of the capex uk prices. total 129000 punds

lets have a budget of 79000 pounds for legals licences and startup the Whole lot is 200,000 pound up and running.

Shall we dissect the margins or leave it to some other time.

all the above cheaper at polski prices

The whole thing is more of Adrian's pie in the sky nonsense and hot air.

honestly Atch stop with the stewing just cos u don't like adrians posts and some math based on three year old posts does not add up in your head.

With the members here we could setup PF concrete inc 40 members investing 5000 pound each, gives us the 200,000 pund we need.

But hey the hard part is to find 40 here who are not risk averse and have a positive attitude.

are you being deliberately idiotic?

thats not nice to say is it, I thought you were a nice lady.
Chemikiem 5 | 1,468    
10 Jun 2018  #480
who are not risk averse

It's not a question of that Dolno. If you take the time to read Adrians posts you will see that quite a lot doesn't add up. He has the work ethic which is a good thing, but he doesn't always tell the truth as Atch has caught him out doing. I for one, even if I was willing to take a risk, would not invest my money with someone who has been caught out lying. Even if it is just to brag.That's just common sense to me. What you do with your money is up to you of course.

Now you can shoot me down in flames too ;)

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