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Is Gdansk worth a visit in Poland?

7 Feb 2011 /  #1
Hi to all.
We (wife & I) like to travel as much as possible, esp' to places we have never been to before.
Having never been to Poland and seeing that flights to Gdansk from the UK aren't too costly, I was wondering whether it was worth a long weekend at the end of Feb (Fri-Mon)

Is there anything to see, would the weather stop us getting about.
In truth we are quite happy just watching the world go by from a bar if we could tick off another country.
Any advice would be appreciated.

7 Feb 2011 /  #2
I am based in Warsaw and have visited all the larger cities in PL.If it is going to be a one timer to Poland just to " tick off another country" then visit Krakow, there is more than enough to do there, whatever the weather.
7 Feb 2011 /  #3
I was wondering whether it was worth a long weekend at the end of Feb (Fri-Mon)

Gdansk is very worth a visit. Try to stay in a hotel near the old town since the Tricity is very spread out. Krakow is great too, but personally I like Gdansk, especially in summer - I've spend a week or so there every summer for years. This time of year though, Krakow or Wroclaw might be a better bet.

There are some links and advice about Gdansk in this thread here
OP molyball  
7 Feb 2011 /  #4
Hi, we would love to go to Krakow, but flights are either very expensive or don't start till later in the year.
Sorry I didn't mean it as 'Tick Off' and move on.
Many countries that we have ticked off we have returned to again and again.
Egypt 8 times and not Sharm either, India 3 times , Venice x 5 etc
Perhaps Poland will be the same. Gdansk and the end of Feb is just the first opportunity that we have.

Thanks, Molyball
7 Feb 2011 /  #5
I was wondering whether it was worth a long weekend at the end of Feb

if anything at all, Gdansk is the most beautiful town in Poland, you won't be disappointed. We loved it.
8 Feb 2011 /  #6
Perhaps Poland will be the same. Gdansk and the end of Feb is just the first opportunity that we have.

There is plenty to do there and it is very much worth a visit here is a link to Gdansk life

Good luck - enjoy
OP molyball  
8 Feb 2011 /  #7
Thanks for all your replies, I think I will most likely book it tomorrow - my bed calls now.
No one mentioned weather though, is that likely to be an issue.

Goodnight for now.

8 Feb 2011 /  #8
No one mentioned weather though, is that likely to be an issue.

I was there in the Summer but knowing Poland, yes it might be an issue.
8 Feb 2011 /  #9
It is much better in summer and not very nice at this time of year.
8 Feb 2011 /  #10
No one mentioned weather though, is that likely to be an issue.

It will indeed be an issue in February. I'd wait until at least the middle of March; it'd be better to put the trip off until early April frankly.

As for hotels, the Radisson Blue in the Old Town is by far the best hotel in Gdansk. The Sheraton in Sopot is nice but not as good as the Radisson and more expensive. The new Hilton is supposed to be rather nice but I've not stayed there myself.
OP molyball  
8 Feb 2011 /  #11
Thanks for that - we have some more time coming up in May, so may defer trip till then.

8 Feb 2011 /  #12
Early May is one of the best times to visit Poland: it's warm but not too hot and the days are about the right length too (in summer it gets light stupidly early here).
OP molyball  
9 Feb 2011 /  #13
I know some will say its the wrong time but after consultation with she who is some times obeyed we have booked flights (Ryan Air) and Hotel (Radisson Blu) for 25-28 feb.

Yes I appreciate that the weather might not be very warm but as long as there are a few bars and restaurants I'm sure we will survive.

Let you know when we get back and how we got on - it may turn in to one of those places we go back to again and again.

9 Feb 2011 /  #14
flights (Ryan Air) and Hotel (Radisson Blu) for 25-28 feb.

Well, you have absolutely nailed the hotel, even if you've got the airline and dates all wrong. It's worth upgrading to a business room (or a junior suite), the business room costs an extra 100zl a night but gets you both breakfast (which costs about that and is excellent, just get there at least an hour before the end as they won't give you any more sparkling wine after the end of breakfast).

The microbrewery about 200 metres from the Radisson is essential drinking and the food ain't too bad either. The best food in the city is at Filharmonia (about a ten minute walk from the hotel). Make sure you also get some baked potatoes at Bar Pod Ryba. Goldwasser restaurant is right outside the hotel but isn't worth eating at, same with Latający Holender (although it's OK for a drink).
OP molyball  
9 Feb 2011 /  #15
Hi Harry,
Airline no choice and gone up £2.00 since yesterday grrgh.
Date - some of our best holidays have been out of season.
Snowed in in Jordan.
130ish deg in Egypt (a bit warm) 40 miles from road and ran out of water, only had beer left.
But all great hols.


Just re-read your post
We have breakfast inc in our hotel deal.
- what is this sparkling wine at brekkers.

9 Feb 2011 /  #16
At least at the weekend (the only time I've stay there), there's free sparkling wine with breakfast. It's a cracking hotel, try to get a room with a view of the main square.
9 Feb 2011 /  #17
I live in Gdansk. You'll love this city, and your hotel, although rather expensive, is in a perfect location to explore the Old Town. PM me me if you want some more info, and tell me what you want to do while you're here. I'm always happy to help visitors to my city. And there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. :)
25 May 2011 /  #18
Yes, i think so.
I am studying here for three years. I like here very much.
Tri-city are very beautiful,specially in summer holiday:)
30 Aug 2012 /  #19
Hi Scottie

Going to visit Gdansk in September just to have a 5 day break, do you know any B&B's near the old town that might be nice?


Chris London
30 Aug 2012 /  #20
Check out Not many B&B's here, but a good hotel in the Old Town is Wolne Miasto. Much cheaper than the Radisson but very nice. Besides, how much are you going to spend in your room when you're not sleeping? PM me for my mobile number..
30 Aug 2012 /  #21
In my opinion, Gdańsk is the BEST city to visit in Poland!

The very stunning, ancient Amber capital of the world!
31 Aug 2012 /  #22
Anything else from popular cliches?
31 Aug 2012 /  #23
Definitely Gdansk is worth a visit. Check Kolobrzeg and Torun too.
28 Feb 2013 /  #24
Going to be visitng Poland....gonna come from Berlin to Poznan by bus then go up to Gndask then Warsaw then Krakow.....any other areas of suggestion? I love history...
1 Mar 2013 /  #25
Going from Poznań to Gdańsk drop by in Toruń. Going from Gdańsk to Warsaw drop by in Malbork.
If you are going back to Berlin from Krakow, then drop by in Wrocław.

There is plenty of other smaller things along that path.
8 Mar 2014 /  #26
Yes, certainly!
Poland has many historical and modern attractions.
It is a land that demonstrates the coming together of the old and new!
I have made an attempt to highlight some points such as the main attractions, places where you can eat, the airport, and the local transortation in Poland's major city Gdansk. I hope it can be of great help to anyone wanting to visit Westerplatte and St. Mary's Church are highly recommended. You can also get a glimpse over some of teh main images of Gdansk in my work:

I am planning to write another article on Warsaw. It has rich history. What intrigues me most is that Poland was in the middle of the WWII. It was where the war started!
8 Mar 2014 /  #27

If you've ever seen or visited the Hansa Cities of Northern Germany, I think you'll find Gdańsk rather similar. I'm speaking principally of the architecture. Having never been myself either, but from photographs etc. this is just my impression.
3 Feb 2016 /  #28
Gdańsk is definitely worth a visit. There should be snow during the winter. In the cental part there are lots of shops you can visit. You can also go on beautiful boat trips with a pirate like atmosphere. I definitely recommend.
1 Dec 2016 /  #29
That's right. Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and has such an amazing atmosphere. At the same time we can find there place as lokated by River Moltawa, restaurant Szafarnia 10. There you can eat delicious fish, seafood and even delicious cold soup with cucumbers, and listen to good music during concerts.
1 Dec 2016 /  #30
Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland

Yup and someday I will relocate there for sure ;)

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