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Warsaw and nice cities in the neighborhood worth visit - travelling by train

3 Apr 2015 /  #1
Hi everyone, I would like to ask you if there are some nice cities worth visit around Warsaw. I will move by train so nothing farther than 2/2.30 hours of train. I am asking this because I do not have a lot of times, just a couple of days, and I would like to visit something else apart from Warsaw. I was thinking to Bialystok, it worth a visit?

Thank you for helping
Roger5 1 | 1432  
3 Apr 2015 /  #2
Białystok is definitely worth a visit, but they are upgrading the track so it would take longer to get there than you planned.
OP Fabio  
3 Apr 2015 /  #3
Thank you for the answer. What about small cities around Warsaw or if there is some spot worth visit along the track between Lodz and Warsaw? I am in Lodz, and some friends are coming to visit me, but 1-2 days will be enough to visit Lodz.
Roger5 1 | 1432  
3 Apr 2015 /  #4
Skierniewice is about halfway between £ódz and Warsaw, and looks like a pleasant little town, but if you are into military history, go further to Pruszków.
DominicB - | 2707  
3 Apr 2015 /  #5
There's nothing worth seeing in Skierniewice. At all. (I used to live there).

Try £owicz, with Arkady and Nieborów. Very, very pleasant and can take up a full day or more.

Otherwise, £ódzkie is by far the least interesting province of Poland as far as tourism is concerned. Astounding bereft of anything of touristic value.

You might also try Żyrardów, but only if you speak Polish and are into the history of planned industrial towns. If so, it's quite fascinating and can keep you occupied for a day. If not, there's nothing there for you.
kpc21 1 | 746  
4 Apr 2015 /  #6
£owicz is right between £ódź and Warsaw. About 1-1,5 hour by train between £ódź and £owicz and the same between £owicz and Warsaw.

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