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Area's of Warsaw worth a visit? (including outdoor camping)

12 Jul 2011 /  #1
Me and my partner are visiting Warsaw next month and I didn't know if anybody could recommend an area of the city worth visiting away from the main tourist spots.

Ideally somewhere with some nice restaurants and bars, she is Polish so language will not pose a problem!
12 Jul 2011 /  #2
Besides the regular touristy areas- just off plac trzech krzyzy (3 crosses) there is a street called Mokotowska. On that street there are a bunch of neat places, also Krucza, Piekna streets. The area is old Mokotow- it is nice to just walk around, if you peak into some of the courtyards of the old buildings you get a glimpse of life before war.
12 Jul 2011 /  #4
Hi Paul,

There are many places worth visiting in Warsaw, here are two that are worth seeing.
Zegrze lake, about 20 klm from Warsaw center, you can take a boat from the wisla river.

Wilanow Palace is worth visiting, there is a large lake to row a boat around, also there is a driving range if you enjoy golf.ów_Palace

Uprising Museum
14 Jul 2011 /  #5
Area's of Warsaw worth a visit?

You can always take a rest at this lovely room. It's located at the Holiday Inn in Warsaw.

14 Jul 2011 /  #6
You can always take a rest at this lovely room

Is it on the 13th floor?

Seriously, there are some nice restaurants in ul. Francuska in Saska Kepa, the Botanical Gardens at Powsin (and Konstancin nearby) are both worth seeing.
9 Oct 2011 /  #7
Merged: Boy scout camping/hiking in Warsaw area question

I am a youth leader at my church in Warsaw. We are starting a varsity scout team through the Boy Scouts of America so that our American boys can continue in the Scouting program. Does anyone have any recommendations of great places to hike or camp fairly close to Warsaw? Any other outdoors activities you'd recommend for this area?
9 Oct 2011 /  #8
Puszcza Kampinoska comes to mind.
9 Oct 2011 /  #9
Have you tried the Polish Scouts HQ /shop in central Warsaw? Im sure someone will be happy to help there . :)

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