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Reliable, good value removers from UK to Poland

Keltiek 1 | 1  
5 Aug 2009 /  #1
Has anyone got any experience of moving some boxes and a little bit of furniture from the UK to Poland? I am looking to move to Poznan in September but don't want to take a car over. I don't have much stuff to move. I see some old posts about some individuals and companies in London who offer to move stuff and I have written to these people but so far they have not replied. Has anyone got recent experience of moving and of someone they can recommend? Thanks!
Rogalski 5 | 94  
7 Sep 2009 /  #2
Merged: Good price remover to Poland

After months trying to find a cheap "man-and-a-van" to take my stuff to Poland from the UK, and having been quoted between £500 and £1000 (!) for a few boxes, I gave up and went to a removals company, who have quoted me £310 (ex vat). That's considerably cheaper than trying to arrange it yourself. You also have the peace of mind that you are not going to be let down - one person I contacted initially agreed to do the job and then decided it wasn't worth his while. So do try if you are thinking of moving there. Haven't actually made the move myself but so far the company has acted really professionally. Will report back once I'm settled in Poland!
Wroclaw Boy  
7 Sep 2009 /  #3
Will report back once I'm settled in Poland!

That'll be handy
Rogalski 5 | 94  
2 Dec 2009 /  #4
All in all, a satisfactory service though a bit hair-raising. The company contracted out to DHL who did a double take when they came to pick up my 32 boxes (they were only expecting one 100 KG box, they told me - I'd like to see one driver load that in the van!) I was then told by the DHL driver (who was obviously having a bad day) that I'd have to pay extra at some point ... which never happened. DHL delivered my goods to Poland about a week later. There was some mix up on the time of arrival - I was told AFTER 10 am and yet they left a card at 9 am saying they had called. Everything arrived in one piece, apart from some large, rolled-up posters which had obviously come loose (and which I couldn't be bothered to trace). So I'd recommend the company - good value for money (and a lot cheaper than these 'man and a van' adverts you see) and you ARE able to trace your goods and get an accurate report on their stage of delivery. Do check the phone number you are given to contact once you are in Poland. I had to contact the company back in UK because no one answered the number they had given me - but once I had alerted them, they got back to me with the proper number quite quickly.

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