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Good R&B/Rap Bar before going to good trance/techno club in krakow..???

ciscosupastar 2 | 16  
12 Jan 2008 /  #1
I'm looking for a good R&B club to go to in Krakow to begin the night and later on..... I would like to proceed to a Trance/Techno Club..... suggestions on both?

Also i read on this forum about Skinheads in Krakow Clubs??? ......I'm 27 y/o African American so I'll pass on those clubs...... (i like life). Also I'm not going to be acting like a one man drunk stag party. Just looking for a good time..... I'm an American that can party with class..... or at least make an ongoing effort to lol. (yeah we are a dying breed right?)

Also can you jump queue at the door with the bouncer/door girl on higher payment.....? I'm asking cause b4 I assume that you can jump queue (aka part the velvet rope) ..... Instead of appearing rude and discourteous and (sic) American.

(because we all know what assume makes out of u and me.....)

also i would like to party with poles not tourists but truthfully I think that w/ the skinhead ordeal that could create a contradiction...... I not going to contradict security for adventure hmmmmm...... who am i kidding? any suggestions?

also last time i was in Poland was 93 and 94.....and i was 13 and 14 ...... it was a different era in time I think?
12 Jan 2008 /  #2
you are not going to be bored in Krakow.... check out those places:

maybe you would like Faust, CieĊ„, Frantic... have fun!!! :)
OP ciscosupastar 2 | 16  
13 Jan 2008 /  #3
thx for the link..... which one do you recommend?

they all seem like great clubs.... what is the difference in atmosphere.... oh whatever i'll go to all of them. thx.


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